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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Way of All Socialist Flesh - Total Chaos in the “socialist paradise” of Venezuela

Obama (socialist) visited Venezuela and kissed its then President Hugo Chavez's (dead socialist) ugly patoot. Obama got a socialist lecture and a book (The Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano) from Chavez. 
Obama opened his veins in contrition.
How fast things change. Chavez died just before he killed off his country and left the chaotic remains to Maduro (socialist) and his vultures.
Socialist Nicaragua and Socialist leaning Bolivia are still backing Venezuela, but not letting in any of its starving refugees.
could it really be the Spanish Language that makes Latin Americans wrong headed? Possibly. m/r

Evan Maguire  June 23, 2017

While most eyes are on Syria, Russia and even China in the realm of international conflicts and crises, a crisis is brewing to our south. Since the death of Hugo Chavez in 2013, the “socialist paradise” of Venezuela hasn’t been much of a paradise, not that it was before. Political rights have all but vanished, oil production is declining, people are starving, and drug trafficking has increased. An individual with ties to the opposition that I heard speak at an event this spring described it as a “Narco-State”.
There isn’t much going right in Venezuela at the moment, and the past two months have been particularly bleak. In April, protests kicked off, as Venezuelans tired of Maduro’s terrible rule demanded an election. In response to these protests, the Venezuelan national guard and other security forces have used brutal tactics. At least 70 protesters have been killed since April, and hundreds of others have been injured and thousands have been arrested.

Venezuela’s neighbors have noticed these human rights abuses. At an Organization of American States summit in Cancun, Mexico on Wednesday, a vote to rebuke Venezuela failed to pass. While 20 countries voted to condemn the actions of Maduro’s regime, this was three short of the required 23 for a two-thirds majority. The United States and Mexico led the push against Maduro, while leftist Bolivia and Nicaragua backed Venezuela, several Caribbean countries abstained from voting. While many top diplomats from other countries were present, Secretary Tillerson canceled last minute, likely damaging US credibility. With this defeat, concerned countries will have difficulty acting as a regional bloc.

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