"Fascism and communism both promise "social welfare," "social justice," and "fairness" to justify authoritarian means and extensive arbitrary and discretionary governmental powers." - F. A. Hayek"

"Life is a Bungling process and in no way educational." in James M. Cain

Jean Giraudoux who first said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Sir Winston Churchill

"summum ius summa iniuria" ("More laws, more injustice.") Cicero

As Christopher Hitchens once put it, “The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.”

"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Law is where you buy it." Raymond Chandler

"Why did God make so many damn fools and Democrats?" Clarence Day

"If I feel like feeding squirrels to the nuts, this is the place for it." - Cluny Brown

"Oh, pshaw! When yu' can't have what you choose, yu' just choose what you have." Owen Wister "The Virginian"

Oscar Wilde said about the death scene in Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” ~ Jonathon Swift

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Little Thing About Senate Treaty Ratification in the Constitution that Obama Fails to Understand!

Republicans warn world that Obama U.N. plan could be undone - Yahoo News Canada

Let's See What Transpires

Articles: Hillary Agonistes

3-31-15 By J.R. Dunn

Hillary is not going to run for president. Oh, she may put her name up. But run, as in the sense of actually campaigning, that’s another story altogether.

There’s a line from the first Godfather that’s always stuck in my mind. Sollozzo (Al Lettieri), the family’s deadly enemy who has just taken an almost fatal crack at Don Corleone, bends forward and near-whispers, “Could I have gotten to him ten years ago?”
That line has been running through my mind the past several weeks as the e-mail saga has unfolded: Could anybody have gotten to Hillary ten years ago?

The answer, of course, is “no.” Nobody could have gotten to her. Nobody ever has. Hillary -- far more than Bill -- has endured assaults that would have put anybody else in American life in the gutter for good -- if not in a fed pen. She has been as untouchable as any Godfather. Consider the roll call: Whitewater, the Rose law firm, the miracle of the cattle futures, Vince Foster, Benghazi. They stand as towering monoliths of pure corruption on the horizon of the American political landscape, fading into the mist down the past forty years and more. Incidents that would have destroyed anyone else’s political career have scarcely even been broached in public; you can bring them up and have no one in hearing distance have any idea of what you’re talking about -- e.g. her Watergate firing. So rich is the tapestry of Hillary’s corruption that vast crimes appear as mere detail, overwhelmed by the overall gaudiness.

And Hillary has not only endured, she has prevailed. A vast number of Gruberite Americans would trot out tomorrow to cast their votes for her secure in the knowledge that they were doing the best thing possible for the ol’ USA.

Apart from naked support by a corrupt media and pure ideology -- the millions of female neurotics who see her as the rightful heir of Susan B. Anthony and company -- she has gotten away with this through a combination of gall and fear.  

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/03/hillary_agonistes.html#ixzz3W0mUkjGC

You Expected Some Good From All This Mess? Illegal Alien Police Officers?

Illegal Alien Police Officers? | FrontPage Magazine

Posted By Michael Cutler On March 27, 2015 In Daily Mailer,FrontPage 
As I read the USA Today March 21, 2015 news report, “Police departments hiring immigrants as officers” I realized that my late father was, once again, correct. He used to say, “Nothing is so good it could not be better or so bad it could not get worse.” Hard as it is to imagine, things have gotten worse — much, much worse.
Here is an excerpt from the USA Today article:
At a time when 25,000 non-U.S. citizens are serving in the U.S. military, some feel it’s time for more police and sheriff departments to do the same. That’s why the Nashville Police Department is joining other departments to push the state legislature to change a law that bars non-citizens from becoming law enforcement officers.
Department spokesman Don Aaron said they want immigrants who have been honorably discharged from the military to be eligible for service.
“Persons who have given of themselves in the service to this country potentially have much to offer Tennesseans,” he said. “We feel that … would benefit both the country and this city.”
Current rules vary across departments.
Some, like the Chicago and Hawaii police departments, allow any immigrant with a work authorization from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to become an officer. That means people in the country on temporary visas or are applying for green cards can join.
Colorado State Patrol Sgt. Justin Mullins said the department usually struggles to fill trooper positions in less populous corners of the state, including patrol sectors high up in the mountains. He said immigrants from Canada, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Central America who are willing to live in those remote places have helped the agency fill those vacancies.
“People that want to live there and build a family there and work there is a little more difficult to find,” Mullins said. “People moving from out of state, or out of the country, if they’re willing to work in these areas, then that’s great for us.”
Other agencies, like the Cincinnati Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, require that officers at least have a pending citizenship application on file with the federal government. And others, like the Burlington, Vt., and Boulder, Colo., police departments, require that officers be legal permanent residents, or green-card holders.
The notion that it is acceptable to hire non-citizens, and in some jurisdictions, aliens who aren’t even lawful immigrants as police officers, defies logic and reasonableness. However, this lunacy should not really come as a surprise. After all, the presumptive next Attorney General has some distressing ideas about immigration that came to light during her confirmation hearing as noted in a Yahoo/AP news report, “Attorney General nominee defends Obama immigration changes,”
I included an excerpt of that report in my February 2, 2015 article for FrontPage Magazine, “Loretta Lynch: Same as the Old Boss – The Attorney General nominee’s disturbing views on U.S. immigration law.”
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Citizens get 3rd Degree by Border Patrol, that is Unless they're Illegal Aliens

Citizens defy Border Patrol by staying silent with video cameras - Houston Chronicle

Hey, He's Just Like Obama: Anti-Semitic

Trevor Noah and His Anti-Semitic Tweets | PJ Tatler

Does Jon Stewart’s Replacement, Trevor Noah, Have a Jewish Problem?
Posted By David Steinberg On March 30, 2015 In Politics
Yesterday, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency appeared to be the first media outlet to notice a disturbing tweet from Comedy Central’s new hire Trevor Noah, who is pegged to replace Jon Stewart as host of the Daily Show:
South Africans know how to recycle like israel knows how to be peaceful.

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) June 2, 2010
Late this evening, author and former Conservative MP Louise Mensch found several more:
Behind every successful Rap Billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man. #BeatsByDreidel

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) May 7, 2012
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Tell Obama to Stick It Where The Climate and Sun Won't Shine!

U.S. To Pledge Up To 28% Emission Cut As Part Of Global Climate Treaty - America's Newsroom - YouTube

 Mar 31, 2015
U.S. To Pledge Up To 28% Emission Cut As Part Of Global Climate Treaty - Stuart Varney - America's Newsroom

Time to End This BS! - Time To Deport Them!

U.S. signed agreement with Mexico to teach immigrants to unionize | WashingtonExaminer.com


The federal government has signed agreements with three foreign countries — Mexico, Ecuador and the Philippines — to establish outreach programs to teach immigrants their rights to engage in labor organizing in the U.S.

The agreements do not distinguish between those who entered legally or illegally. They are part of a broader effort by the National Labor Relations Board to get immigrants involved in union activism.
The five-member board is the agency that enforces the National Labor Relations Act, the main federal law covering unions. In 2013, Lafe Solomon, the board's then-acting general counsel, signed a "memorandum of understanding" with Mexico's U.S. ambassador. The current general counsel, Richard Griffin, signed additional agreements with the ambassadors of Ecuador and the Philippines last year.
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Prosecute and Convict This Lying Bitch!!

▶ Clinton Lawyer: Server Wiped Clean - Napalitano Says Hillary Could Have Taught Nixon A Lesson - YouTube

Mar 30, 2015
Clinton Lawyer: Server Wiped Clean - Napalitano Says Hillary Could Have Taught Nixon A Lesson - The Kelly File

Actually, She Looks Like An Old, Dull-Witted, Spinster "Squaw"

Elizabeth Warren Gives Presidential Podium a Test Run | The Weekly Standard

The International Climate Scam is On! Kerry Sets Obama's Agenda to Regulate, Tax and Control Everything!

Kerry Warns US Ambassador They Will Be Dealing With ‘Climate Refugees’ « CBS DC

The Foremost Qualification: "I Wasn't A Community Organizer Before I Was Elected"

Cruz Grilled on Inexperience: "I Wasn't A Community Organizer Before I Was Elected" | Video | RealClearPolitics

History Lesson for the History Channel

▶ History Lesson for the History Channel - YouTube

from  Jan 9, 2012
The History Channel seems a bit confused.
**CGPGrey T-Shirts for sale!**: http://goo.gl/1Wlnd
Grey's blog: http://www.cgpgrey.com/blog/

Why Not Ask Elizabeth Warren? Is 'Squaw' an Offensive Word?

She is simultaneously a "Squaw" and Offensive! m/r

Blog: Is 'Squaw' an Offensive Word?

The New York Times had a front page article describing how American Indians (sorry, if I called them "Native Americans" I could be naming any of the 90% of Americans like me who were born here), want all towns with the word "Squaw" in them to be renamed. States like Oregon are trying to comply, but Indians are coming up with all sorts of unpronouncable names to replace them:

Officials protested that some of the name changes proposed by Native Americans -- like Sáykiptatpa and Nikéemex -- were too hard to pronounce, prompting the tribes to create an interactive pronunciation guide.
“Seriously, can you pronounce them?” asked Mr. Britton, the county commissioner. “It’s a safety issue. Someone making a 911 call has to say the location, and the dispatcher has to understand and repeat it to the sheriff.”

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/03/is_squaw_an_offensive_word.html#ixzz3VrBFapNk

Harry Reid MAY Have Gotten What He Deserved

"Harry Reid ... is one of the worst politicians of our era.
Blog: Calling BS on Harry Reid's story about his injuries

It is an emperor has no clothes moment. The partisan mainstream media has failed to show the slightest curiosity about an improbably story peddled by one of the central figures of the last six years of politics. John Hinderaker of Powerline has been asking the questions about Harry Reid’s injuries and retirement from the Senate that a reasonably curious media should have been asking, but hasn’t because Reid is a Democrat.

I noted the injuries that Reid suffered on New Year’s Day, in Las Vegas: multiple broken bones around his right eye, damage to the right eye, severe facial bruising, broken ribs, and a concussion. Was all of this really the result of losing his balance because an elastic exercise band broke? That seems unlikely, to say the least.
Anyone who saw Reid would say that he looked like he had been beaten up by a guy with a hard left, maybe using brass knuckles:

Face it, Reid has a very questionable past, having enriched himself with deals on land that became very profitable following federal government decisions. Reid cultivated an image as a mob-fighter, once acting out on videotape he knew was rolling a show of outrage over an offered bribe. But as Kevin Williamson notes at NRO:
Reid’s political incubator: mobbed-up unions fighting mobbed-up gambling interests, both sides quick to resort to violence but too blisteringly incompetent to manage very much of it effectively.
When a guy shows up at a Las Vegas emergency room on New Year’s Day with severe facial injuries and broken ribs, and gives as an explanation the functional equivalent of “I walked into a doorknob,” it isn’t hard to guess that he ran afoul of mobsters. Yet the national press has studiously averted its eyes from Reid’s condition, and has refused to investigate the cause of his injuries. To my knowledge, every Washington reporter has at least pretended to believe Reid’s story, and none, as far as I can tell, has inquired further.
The people back home in Nevada aren’t really buying Reid’s story, 

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Obama is Something Out of South Park

In Bed with the Devils!

Judge Jeanine: Why Is Obama Dancing With The Devil? - YouTube

Mar 29, 2015
Time to break off engagement with Iran.
Fox News: Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro

What do you expect from a place where everyone rides Girl's Bikes, even the girls.

Google controls what we buy, the news we read — and Obama’s policies | New York Post

Oh Great, Just What We Need, More Lefty News

HBO Enters The News Business - YouTube

Mar 28, 2015
Horizon Media Senior Vice President Brad Adgate discusses HBO's new daily newscast.
Fox Business: Risk & Rewards with Deirdre Bolton

“Senator Kennedy was passionate, principled, progressive and also pragmatic,” NOT TO MENTION PERVERTED, PANDERER, PHILANDERER AND MURDERER!

Can't we just leave this unholy ghost, who ruined the lives of millions, with the devil? m/r

U.S. Honors Sen. Who Met With Communists, Rented Brothel, Let Mistress Drown - Judicial Watch

MARCH 25, 2015
A veteran senator who let his mistress drown in a car he recklessly drove into a pond, rented a brothel for an entire night in Chile and sought meetings with communists is being honored by the Obama administration this month.

Mary Jo Kopechne is still very DEAD!
Ted Kennedy received his posthumous accolades from the Department of Labor (DOL) with an induction into the agency’s “Hall of Honor.” The recognition is meant to showcase the life-changing contributions that a unique group of people have made on the American way of work, according to the agency. A special panel comprised of the Solicitor of Labor, the Assistant Secretary for Policy and the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management decides who gets honored. Selecting the former Massachusetts senator was an “absolute no-brainer,” according to DOL Secretary Thomas Perez because Kennedy “had a profound impact on so many people.”

More importantly the lawmaker, who died in 2009 from brain cancer, changed the lives of millions of people he never met, the DOL chief said during Kennedy’s induction ceremony this month. They include the workers who needed a raise, the children who needed a first-class education, the seniors seeking retirement with dignity, the immigrants striving for the American Dream, the LGBT Americans seeding equality, the men and women with disabilities demanding their civil rights and so many more. “Senator Kennedy was passionate, principled, progressive and also pragmatic,” Perez said, adding that he “was a man of deep conviction.”

The praise continued as Perez credited the deceased senator with helping truck drivers and teachers get higher wages and pensions via notoriously corrupt labor unions. “Because no one understood better how the labor movement and the power of worker voice have sustained the middle class for generations in America,” ...

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In Case You Didn't Notice, America Comes Last With This Administration

Iranian Defector: 'U.S. Negotiating Team Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf' | The Weekly Standard

Daniel Halper    March 28, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Harry of the Horse Poop

And no one in the media mentions he's a Mormon, yet it was never forgotten about with Romney. Curious. m/r

Git Along, L'il Harry :: SteynOnline

by Mark Steyn  Topical Take  March 27, 2015

The news that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will not contest the next election and has decided to ride that lonesome trail into the sunset of lobbying and consulting naturally reminded me of the great man's finest hour - his stirring defense of the federally subsidized cowboy poetry program. Here's what I had to say about it in my column of more or less exactly four years ago - March 2011 - oh, and do stay tuned for my own non-federally subsidized efforts at cowboy poetry right at the end:

How mean-spirited are House Republicans? So mean-spirited that they would end federally funded cowboy poetry! On Tuesday, Harry Reid, the Majority Leader, took to the Senate floor to thunder that this town ain't big enough for both him and the Mean-Spirited Kid (John Boehner).
"The mean-spirited bill, HR 1 ... eliminates the National Endowment of the Humanities, National Endowment of the Arts," said Senator Reid. "These programs create jobs. The National Endowment of the Humanities is the reason we have in northern Nevada every January a cowboy poetry festival. Had that program not been around, the tens of thousands of people who come there every year would not exist." [Would these people be eliminated by Harry's Cowpoke Hit Posse?]

"Tens of thousands" would "not exist"? There can't be that many cowboy poets, can there? Oh, c'mon, don't be naïve. Where there are taxpayer-funded cowboy poets, there must surely be cowboy poetry festival administrators, and a Bureau of Cowboy Poetry Festival Licensing, and cowboy poetry festival administration grant-writers, and a Department of Cowboy Poetry Festival Administration Grant Application Processing, and Professors of Cowboy Poetry Festival Educational Workshop Management at dozens of American colleges credentialing thousands of cowboy poetry festival workshop co-coordinating majors every year. It all adds up. In Western railroad halts where the Last Chance Saloon shuttered in 1893, dusty one-horse towns are now glittering one-grant towns, where elderly hoochie-koochie dancers are being retrained to lead rewarding lives as inspectors from the Agency of Cowboy-Poetry Festival Handicapped-Access Compliance. Used to be a man could ride the range for days on end under lonesome skies with nuthin' on the horizon 'cept a withered mesquite and a clump of sagebrush, but now all you see are clouds of dust and all you hear's the mighty roar of thundering hooves as every gnarled ol' wrangler in the territory races for the last hitching post outside creative-writing class.

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Everything He Said is Still Relevant, Especially Now! The Gipper Then and Now

It all applies today. 
If we lose America, there is no place left to go. m/r

Mark Steyn and Rob Long--The Gipper Then and Now - YouTube

Jun 25, 2010
Reviewing clips of Ronald Reagan's speeches, Long and Steyn reflect on Reagan's relevance to issues confronting America today. Speaking of Reagan's "The Last Stand on Earth" address, Steyn remarks on "how easily you can pick up the argument [made in 1964 about the threat of Soviet communism] and drop it right down into the current circumstances [the threat of Islamic extremism]."

They further review Reagan's positions on socialized medicine, the Constitution (and what Steyn terms "the persistence of the monarchical urge"), and government spending. Finally Long and Steyn challenge Newt Gingrich's assertion that "it is time to let Ronald Reagan go. Not from our reverent memory of course, but as our touchstone, as our icon, as our hallmark, and our reference point."

Barack Hussein OBOMBma

Worst of the Worst!

WESLEY PRUDEN: Obama reveals Israel’s nuclear program - Washington Times
 - The Washington Times - Thursday, March 26, 2015
President Obama says Rudy Giuliani was wrong. He does, too, love America. That’s good enough for me. He says he’s a Christian, despite his constant love bombs for Islam, and if that’s good enough for God it’s good enough for me, too. Conversations between believers and the Almighty are confidential, and have yet to be cracked by the National Security Agency (but we can be sure they’re working on it).
The president loves our allies, too. He sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to London, whence it came, only because it was cluttering up the Oval Office and getting rid of it had nothing to do with memories of snubs and affronts his Kenyan father passed down to him (though Churchill was an unrepentant colonialist). The president dearly loves Old Blighty.
Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/mar/26/wesley-pruden-obama-reveals-israels-nuclear-progra/#ixzz3Vg0xYsdV 

HOW TO RUIN AMERICA: Gutierrez Releases Illegal Alien Toolkit

Make it Mexico by filling it with Illegal Mexicans. However some Mexicans, like Gutierrez, don't help at all! m/r 

Gutierrez Releases Immigrant Toolkit To Protect from Deportation - Breitbart

Obama is the Enemy of US

Is everything Obama has done ruinous for the Citizens of the US? 
YES! m/r

SEAN PARNELL: Obamacare flying machine begins a death spiral - Washington Times

- - Thursday, March 26, 2015

Premiums are rising rapidly and the young and healthy are bailing out

The Supreme Court decision in King v. Burwell, the case challenging the Obama administration’s decision to award tax credits for health insurance sold through federally established exchanges, could turn on the question of whether a ruling that ends the tax credits on federal exchanges might cause something known as a “death spiral” in health insurance markets.
The good news is the answer is probably no, but the bad news is that’s only because the death spiral has probably already started.
A death spiral generally occurs when insurers are forced to raise premiums sharply to pay promised benefits. Higher premiums cause many of the healthiest policyholders, who already pay far more in premiums than they receive in benefits, to drop coverage.
When healthy policyholders drop coverage, it leaves the insurer with little choice but to raise premiums again because they now have a risk pool that is less healthy than before. But another premium increase means many of the healthy people who remained now drop their policies, too, and this continues until the only people willing to pay the now-very-high premiums are those with serious medical conditions.
Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/mar/26/susan-parnell-the-obamacare-death-spiral-may-have-/#ixzz3VfGqcKTB 

Not A Joke: Barbara Walters Hails 'View' For 'Vewy Sewious Powiticaw Discwussion'

What a  bunch of Dumb-Sh**s! m/r

Not A Joke: Barbara Walters Hails 'View' For 'Serious Political Discussion' - YouTube

-don't bother-

These Senators Should Be An Embarrassment to All Democrats as they are to US

Just as is Obama! m/r

Chuck Schumer in line to succeed Harry Reid - Manu Raju and Burgess Everett - POLITICO

Friday, March 27, 2015

Call her the Bitch-of-Benghazi; that about covers it!

Saying Hillary Cant Be Described by Certain Words Because Shes Female Is Whats Sexist

Off the Plantation, Unacceptable Honesty and Not "Authentic African-American" Misbehavior

No Truthful, Honest Humans Allowed. m/r

Blacks Get Pilloried for Speaking Truth about Ferguson

by DEROY MURDOCK March 25, 2015

 The Left slams the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart. 

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart stopped toeing the liberal policy line for just a moment. That was long enough for the Left to denounce this black man as a race traitor. 

“Sellout,” carping online critics called him. “House Negro,” snarled others. 

Capehart’s crime? In a March 16 op-ed headlined ‘“Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie,” he explained that he wrongly advanced the narrative that exploded after the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old cigar thief, at the hands of former Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson. Capehart cited the Department of Justice’s final report on Ferguson. DOJ says that eyewitnesses that day 

all establish that Brown was moving toward Wilson when Wilson shot him. Although some witnesses state that Brown held his hands up at shoulder level with his palms facing outward for a brief moment, these same witnesses describe Brown then dropping his hands and “charging” at Wilson. 

For this, Capehart got slammed on Facebook and elsewhere online. As he explained, some “said I did it because I wanted ‘white people to like me’ or that I ‘did it for the money.’ No, I didn’t. I did it because it was the right thing to do.”

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/415955/blacks-get-pilloried-speaking-truth-about-ferguson-deroy-murdock?target=author&tid=63283

Put a Stake Through This Corrupt SOB's Heart So He Won't Come Back!

Harry Reid Says He Won’t Seek Re-Election - NYTimes.com

The Chronic Community Agitator

Obama is nothing more than a petty race pimp! m/r

Zimmerman unloads righteously on Obama

 By Jack Cashill On 03/25/2015  In Commentary,Opinion


In an unvarnished 13-minute interview with his attorney, George Zimmerman summed up his legal adventures with a clarity that has been totally lacking in the media.

Zimmerman was able to do the interview only because the Department of Justice finally cleared him of civil rights charges in the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

This clearance came three indefensible years after the shooting and nearly two years after a Florida state jury acquitted him of murder.

Before the shooting, it should be noted, the “white Hispanic” Zimmerman was an Obama supporter and a civil rights activist. He is certainly no longer the former. As to the latter, it is his own civil rights that he is working to protect.

When his attorney asked who it is he blamed for “the highest level of unfairness” in his case, Zimmerman replied, “By far, the president of  the United States – Barack Hussein Obama.” The media bristled at the mention of Obama’s middle name.

Given the president’s authority, Zimmerman assumed he would do “his absolute [best] to not inflame racial tensions in America.” That is not what happened.

Instead, four weeks after the shooting, Obama used his bully pulpit to weigh in on behalf of Martin and his family.

As Zimmerman suggested, the appropriate step for Obama would have been to defend the Sanford Police Department and to demand an end to the media lynching of George Zimmerman.

As an African-American, Obama had more latitude to do this than a white politician would have. He chose not to. Said Obama for the ages: “But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon – if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

Said Zimmerman of those remarks, “To me that was clearly a dereliction of duty pitting Americans against each other solely based on race.”

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Underhanded and Double Dealing Against US

U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together | Washington Free Beacon

Thursday, March 26, 2015

How Treacherous Can Obama Get!

He is systematically dismantling Israel's and our defenses. m/r

US Declassifies Document on Israel's Nuclear Power - News from America - News - Arutz Sheva

No Know News is Good News?

The "the proud recipient of the Walter Cronkite journalism award."

Dos that mean, like Cronkite, Muir is a dull, boring lefty who deliberately distorts or omits news to fit his leftwing agenda? m/r

Does David Muir Actually Know What’s in the News? | FrontPage Magazine

By Ann Coulter On March 26, 2015  In FrontPage 

When “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams crashed and burned over all the tall tales he had told, there must have been mirth in the hallways at ABC.
In the highly competitive world of TV news, finding the right anchor is crucial to a network’s brand. After running through a few pretenders, ABC had finally filled the iconic Peter Jennings’ seat on “World News Tonight” just months earlier with David Muir. ABC was perfectly poised to snatch the top spot from NBC.
During his first six months as “World News” anchor, the newly minted Muir had beaten Williams only a half-dozen times. But after Williams’ fall from grace, ABC sailed to the most-watched evening news program.
ABC executives could go for long lunches and look forward to cashing their bonus checks. Muir is young, dashing — one of People magazine’s 2014 “Sexiest Men Alive”! — and the proud recipient of the Walter Cronkite journalism award.
The vanquished Brian Williams had told most of his fictions off air. The only thing ABC execs had to worry about with Muir was that the new guy would tell fairy tales ON AIR, which is so much less important.
Last week, Muir began the news with a story about the retraining of New York City police officers under Commissioner Bill Bratton. To fulfill the new policy of not inconveniencing criminals, cops are being taught to subdue violent suspects without harming them, requiring the officers to learn a series of Bolshoi ballet moves.

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Obama should Be Embarrassed and Charged with Aid and Comfort to the Enemy!

▶ Army Charging Sergeant At Center Of Of "Taliban Five" Swap With Desertion - Cavuto - YouTube

Mar 25, 2015
Army Charging Sergeant At Center Of Of "Taliban Five" Swap With Desertion - Cavuto

How did this Traitor Creep Ever Rank Sgt.?

Obama showed his contempt for America here. m/r

Bowe Bergdahl, once-missing U.S. soldier, charged with desertion - The Washington Post

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Media Lies Help Obama & Holder Incite Riot, Then "Hands Up"

Nothing bit a long string of LIES to fill up an agenda of false Racism (except that of the Media and Obama's Administration). It's much easier to make up a story about phony racism from a racist press than to uncover true facts. m/r

When Will MSM Admit Its Role in Advancing the Racialist ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Lie? | PJ Media

 By Jack Dunphy On March 24, 2015 In Crime,Culture Bytes,Legal,Politics,Race Issues,TV,US News 
If I hadn’t been afraid of alarming the neighbors, I would have screamed out the window.
Last Thursday evening’s broadcast of CNN Tonight (transcript is here [1]) featured a discussion of recent events in the world of criminal justice, specifically the long-awaited release of two reports from the U.S. Department of Justice, the first [2] addressing the specifics of the Michael Brown shooting, the second [3] dealing with the general state of affairs in the Ferguson Police Department.  I looked forward to watching, as one of the announced guests was my friend, police officer-turned criminology professor David Klinger.  Perhaps, I told myself, Mr. Klinger will be allowed to shed some much needed light on the Brown shooting for the benefit of those at CNN — and at most other media outlets — who clung to the belief that Brown had his hands up and was trying to surrender when he was shot down in cold blood by a trigger-happy, racist cop.  The DOJ report made absolutely clear, after all, that the “hands up, don’t shoot” scenario relentlessly peddled in the media was a myth, and given all that has followed, an especially harmful one.
Whatever hope I had at the outset that this hour of television watching would be time well spent was dashed within seconds.  The program’s anchor, Don Lemon, opened with an announcement of the “breaking news” that the body of a black man had been found hanging from a tree in Port Gibson, Mississippi.  A horrific crime, the viewer was led to believe, but what were the details?

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Total Ignorance Is Their Only Strength

Where are the pompous directors from the Metropolitan Museum who protested about the looting after the fall of Baghdad in 2003?

Islam, like Pol Pot, needs a Year Zero of total ignorance for total obedience. The submission of the individual is essential for power. This applies to religion and the dictatorial religion like movements like Global Warming, which cuts off all discussion or the two sided coin of Commuinism-Fascim. m/r 

Why Do Islamist Love Bulldozing History So Much?

by DANIEL PIPES March 25, 2015 

A very old tradition has taken a newly destructive turn.

The recent bulldozing by the Islamic State of the ancient cities of Nimrud, Hatra, and Korsabad, three of the world’s greatest archaeological and cultural sites, is just this group’s latest round of assaults across the large area under its control. Since January 2014, the flamboyantly barbaric Islamic State, also known as ISIS, has blown up Shiite mosques, bulldozed churches, pulverized shrines, and plundered museums.

Worse, the ISIS record fits into an old and common pattern of destruction of historical artifacts by Muslims.

Some attacks target the works of other, rival religions, such as Orthodox churches in northern Cyprus (since 1974), the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan (in 2001), the Ghriba synagogue in Tunisia (2002), a historic Hindu temple in Malaysia (2006), and the Assyrian antiquities (“idols”) in Mosul (2015). On a personal level, a Saudi national smashed historic statues at theSenso-Ji Buddhist temple in Tokyo in 2014.

Nor is this danger over: Islamic leaders have bruited plans to destroy Persepolis in Iran, St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

In some cases, conquerors turn non-Islamic holy places into Islamic ones, thereby asserting the supremacy of Islam. This can be done by converting them into Islamic sanctities, such as the Kaaba in Mecca, the Cathedral of St. John in Damascus, and the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, or building on top of them, as with Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, India. 

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/415927/why-do-islamist-love-bulldozing-history-so-much-daniel-pipes

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And Another Obama Success Story!

Death to America! Death to the Jews! Death to Me! :: SteynOnline

by Mark Steyn  •  Mar 23, 2015

"Death to America!" It's not just for Americans anymore:
"Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon the Jews. Victory to Islam. Allahu Akbar," the worshipers recited en masse. Then a terrorist roaming among the mosque's patrons detonated himself...
Don't you hate it when you're raining down death-curses on people hither and yon, and then some guy blows youup? In this case, the pro-Houthi Shia victims were killed by a pro-ISIS Sunni terrorist. Some 140 dead, over 350 injured.
This was in Yemen, one of those Obama success stories he was bragging about only six months ago-

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Somebody had to be on the American's Side

Israel Spied on Iran Nuclear Talks With U.S. - WSJ

Ally’s snooping upset White House because information was used to lobby Congress to try to sink a deal

Soon after the U.S. and other major powers entered negotiations last year to curtail Iran’s nuclear program, senior White House officials learned Israel was spying on the closed-door talks.
The spying operation was part of a broader campaign by Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to penetrate the negotiations
and then help build a case against the emerging terms of the deal,
current and former U.S. officials said. In addition to eavesdropping, Israel acquired information from confidential U.S. briefings, informants and diplomatic contacts in Europe, the officials said.
The espionage didn’t upset the White House as much as Israel’s
sharing of inside information with U.S. lawmakers and others to drain
support from a high-stakes deal
intended to limit Iran’s nuclear program, current and former officials said.
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Monday, March 23, 2015

What Can You Trust?

"I'll Be Back."
Will You Be Murdered By a Robot? - The Daily Beast


Frightening but never fear-mongering, the information supplied by the authors of The Future of Violence posits a tomorrow full of techno-threats demanding discerning vigilance.

With a bit of technical knowledge and a good imagination, any malevolent person may soon be able to eradicate the human race. This is a mildly exaggerated version of a fundamental claim in The Future of Violence: Robots and Germs, Hackers and Drones—Confronting a New Age of Threat, an alarming and informative new book by Benjamin Wittes and Gabriela Blum.
By combining the elements of the subtitle in sinister ways, Wittes and Blum conjure a number of nightmarish scenarios: a drone hovers above a packed sports stadium and sprays invisible anthrax spores into air breathed by tens of thousands, a miniature robotic drone that looks exactly like a spider assassinates a businessman as he showers, a malign molecular biology graduate student modifies the smallpox virus to enhance its lethality and overcome vaccinations.
Of course with a bit of technical knowledge and a good imagination, any thoughtful person can already eradicate the human race in all manner of weirdly engrossing hypotheticals. In fact some people, like the philosophers at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, seem to make a nice living by contemplating scenarios of mass death. But Wittes and Blum are not professional prophets of doom. Wittes is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, and Blum teaches at Harvard Law School.
Their book doesn’t aim to convince us that terrifying but seemingly outlandish scenarios are in fact imminent. They start from the premise that the terrifying scenarios are not only possible, they’re almost certainly inevitable in some form. 
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Our Chance at Recovery - The Texas Reagan Announces for President

The Texas Reagan Announces for President | The American Spectator

With Obama-the-Liar, his "Truth" is Just Another Lie

The Real Price of Lies

by KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON March 22, 2015 

 There can be no free society without trust. 

‘Can I trust what the president says? That’s a yes-or-no question.” So inquired U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in response to having been lied to by the Obama administration. The administration wants to use a presidential decree to enact an amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants; half of the states have rallied behind Texas in arguing that this is unconstitutional, that the president is arrogating to himself a legislative power that is properly Congress’s. Lawyers for the Justice Department, led by Kathleen Hartnett, assured the court that no action on DAPA — Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents — would be taken until Judge Hanen had made a ruling on whether to issue an injunction against it. 

“Like an idiot, I believed that,” the judge says. 

The Obama administration, being what it is, ignored its promise to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas and began handing out reprieves as fast as it could, issuing more than 100,000 of them. When the annoyed judge demanded to know why the Department of Justice had lied to a federal court, Hartnett argued that the reprieves were being handed out under a different set of guidelines. The judge was not buying it. Among other things, the administration is offering three-year grants of immunity, which are not authorized by the earlier authority under which it purports to be operating.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/415750/real-price-lies-kevin-d-williamson

We Are Going to Laugh When HOT Coffee Gets Poured Down Their Pants

"Dana" Takes on Starbucks and #RaceTogether - YouTube

 Mar 18, 2015
Dana Loesch explores the new Starbucks campaign #RaceTogether.

See more: http://TheBlaze.com/TV.

Dull, Uninspiring, Pompous, Pleases Only Big Donors - The Hillary-Jeb Monster


Jeb Bush's Matt Drudge problem and why he ticks off so many conservatives | Tampa Bay Times

Deceit is Their First Principle of Honor

Obama, more than anyone, should understand this. Worst of all, maybe he does, and courts it. m/r

Iran and the Lessons of History by Myron Magnet, City Journal March 22, 2015

MYRON MAGNET  March 22, 2015

With the pending nuclear deal, Obama courts dishonor—and possibly war.

For all their differences, President Barack Obama uncannily resembles his Democratic predecessor, President Jimmy Carter, in his stiff-necked, self-righteous inability to listen to others or to learn from experience or history. Against ferocious opposition at home and abroad, he is about to repeat the grievous mistake of appeasing Iran that Carter made over three decades ago and do even more geopolitical damage than the hapless peanut farmer wreaked in 1979.
Recall the history. On February 1, 1979, two weeks after the cancer-ridden Shah of Iran left his country in the hands of a caretaker as he wandered the world in search of treatment, his fanatical opponent, Islamist cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, returned from his 14-year Parisian exile and within a week had engineered the overthrow of the shah’s feeble substitute and installed his own puppet regime. Not only did Iran’s Islamists hail the ayatollah’s return; Carter’s United Nations ambassador, the painfully naïve Andrew Young, lauding Islam as “a vibrant cultural force in today’s world,” prophesied that the ayatollah himself—with ferocious indignation flashing from his eyes and bristling from his beard under his sharia-chic turban—would prove “somewhat of a saint.” On February 15, the saintly imam began murdering Iran’s officer corps, and on April Fool’s Day, which he called “the first day of a government of God,” he declared his nation an Islamic republic. In mid-May, the U.S. Senate condemned Iran’s systematic slaughter of its officers, a rebuke Iran met by recalling its ambassador from Washington. By July, mullahs began publicly taking control of the government.
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Don't Trust Them All: Secret Side Deal Between Obama, Kerry & The Iatola - Iran Nuke Deal

This is all from Obama's pettiness and the whole world will suffer. m/r

▶ Leboutiller: Look For A Secret Side Deal Between Obama & The Iatola - Iran Nuke Deal - Fox Report - YouTube

Mar 22, 2015
Leboutiller: Look For A Secret Side Deal Between Obama & The Iatola - Iran Nuke Deal - Fox Report Political Insider

Sunday, March 22, 2015

More of Stupid and the Kiss of Death!

Counter-Terror Collapse - Sept 2014: President Obama Touts Success In Yemen - Fox & Friends
Mar 22, 2015
Counter-Terror Collapse - Sept 2014: President Obama Touts Success In Yemen - Fox & Friends

Is Obama and his Administration Just Plain Stupid, or What?

Or do they just think Americans are stupid and they can get away with this deceit? m/r

Khamenei calls 'Death to America' as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal | The Times of Israel

 March 21, 2015

Day after Obama urges Iran to seize ‘historic opportunity,’ supreme leader says US seeks to create insecurity

Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei called for “Death to America” on Saturday, a day after President Barack Obama appealed to Iran to seize a “historic opportunity” for a nuclear deal and a better future, and as US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed substantial progress toward an accord.

Khamenei told a crowd in Tehran that Iran would not capitulate to Western demands. When the crowd started shouting, “Death to America,” the ayatollah responded: “Of course yes, death to America, because America is the original source of this pressure.

“They insist on putting pressure on our dear people’s economy,” he said, referring to economic sanctions aimed at halting Iran’s nuclear program. “What is their goal? Their goal is to put the people against the system,” he said. “The politics of America is to create insecurity,” he added, referring both to US pressure on Iran and elsewhere in the region.

Khamenei’s comments contrasted with those of Iranian President Hassan Rohani, who said “achieving a deal is possible” by the March 31 target date for a preliminary accord.

Read more: Khamenei calls 'Death to America' as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/khamenei-calls-death-to-america-as-kerry-hails-progress-on-nuke-deal/#ixzz3V6isjGYn