"Fascism and communism both promise "social welfare," "social justice," and "fairness" to justify authoritarian means and extensive arbitrary and discretionary governmental powers." - F. A. Hayek"

"Life is a Bungling process and in no way educational." in James M. Cain

Jean Giraudoux who first said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Sir Winston Churchill

"summum ius summa iniuria" ("More laws, more injustice.") Cicero

As Christopher Hitchens once put it, “The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.”

"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Law is where you buy it." Raymond Chandler

"Why did God make so many damn fools and Democrats?" Clarence Day

"If I feel like feeding squirrels to the nuts, this is the place for it." - Cluny Brown

"Oh, pshaw! When yu' can't have what you choose, yu' just choose what you have." Owen Wister "The Virginian"

Oscar Wilde said about the death scene in Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” ~ Jonathon Swift

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Don't trust those who Say Fix it Instead of Repeal it! - Are Republicans Abandoning Opposition to Obamacare?

Republican old boys are weenies! m/r

Are Republicans Abandoning Opposition to Obamacare? - Hit & Run : Reason.com

Are Republicans backing off their staunch opposition to Obamacare? That's the question raised by a Washington Postreport today on the evolving way that GOP politicians and candidates are talking about the health law now that its coverage expansion has gone into effect. 
The Post's report follows a string of stories from GOP-watchers like the Post's Greg Sargent, who, for the last few weeks, have been suggesting that the Republican party is beginning to bend, at least a little, when it comes to the health law. This suggestion rests heavily, though not exclusively, on statements from Scott Brown, the former GOP Senator from Massachusetts who is running for Senate in New Hampshire, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who just won a GOP primary and is now set to face off against Democratic candidate Alison Grimes in November.
As Sargent has noted, Scott Brown's statements on the health law have not exactly beencrystal clear. At times, they are almost completely indecipherable. For example, here's what Brown said on radio station WMUR last month when asked about how he would approach health policy, since he thinks Obamacare is a disaster:
"I've always felt that people should either get some type of health care options, or pay for it with a nice competitive fee. That's all great.  I believe it in my heart. In terms of preexisting conditions, catastrophic coverage, covering kids — whatever we want to do, we can do it. As a matter of fact, in New Hampshire, I would encourage everybody to do a New Hampshire plan that works for New Hamphsire, that deals with individual freedoms, and doesn't have mandates put on by bureaucrats in Washington….a plan that is good for New Hampshire…can include the Medicaid expansion folks who need that care and coverage."

I don't know what that means. I doubt Scott Brown knows what it means. …
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Gun Control Won't Stop Most Any Gun Crime - Gun Control Won't Stop the Next Elliot Rodger

If you don't like guns, don't get one, the have a sign on your house and sticker on your cat saying that you refuse to keep and bear arms.  Butt Out of our lives! m/r

Gun Control Won't Stop the Next Elliot Rodger | The American Spectator

By  – 5.27.14

This time the shooter is 22-year-old Elliot Rodger. Like clockwork, the cry goes up blaming the National Rifle Association and calling for tougher gun laws. But this time there’s a problem for believers in gun control. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence gave an “A-” to California's gun control laws, passed as they were by one of the most liberal state governments in the country.
On December 9, 2013 — barely six months ago — the Los Angeles Times was pleased toreport the following, beginning with this headline: 
California has toughest gun control laws in country, study finds

SACRAMENTO — California has the toughest gun control laws in the nation, receiving an A- grade in a state-by-state analysis by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

In the year after a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, eight states, including California, passed “major gun reforms,” said Amanda Wilcox, the legislation and policy chair for the California Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

California chapters of the Brady Campaign supported 18 bills sent to Gov. Jerry Brown.

“A record 11 bills were signed into law, including measures to keep guns out of dangerous hands and closing loopholes in California’s law prohibiting large capacity magazines,” Wilcox said. “The research shows that strong gun laws can keep people safe from gun violence. We know that California’s strong gun laws are saving lives.”
Now comes young Mr. Rodger, who went on a shooting spree near the UC campus in Santa Barbara, killing seven, including himself, and wounding thirteen others. So what happened? Well, California’s strong gun laws most assuredly did not “keep people safe from gun violence.” …

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Now Obama uses this ruse as a tale to wag the dog - The Climate of Fear

The Climate of Fear :: SteynOnline

by Mark Steyn
May 30, 2014

When you get embroiled in as many time-consuming legal matters as I do, it's always fun to have something bigger at stake than a mere courtroom victory. I find, otherwise, it's all a bit of a bore. When the Canadian "human rights" commissions came after me and my friend Ezra Levant, we turned the tables and put the "human rights" system itself on trial. The eventual repeal by Parliament of the disgusting and indefensible "hate speech" law was personally far more satisfying than the not-guilty verdict the British Columbia "Human Rights" Tribunal graciously bestowed on me and Maclean's: By that stage, we had way bigger fish to fry.
In my current case, global warm-monger Michael E Mann is suing me for defamation for calling his famous climate-change "hockey stick" fraudulent. I maintain it is fraudulent, that it was fraudulently promoted by the IPCC and by Al Gore (as the great iconic all-you-need-to-know image of global warming), that Mann himself is fraudulent (falsely claiming on an industrial scale to be a Nobel Laureate) and that, indeed, even his court filings are fraudulent (falsely claiming to have been "exonerated" by the British Government and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and all kinds of other "Climategate" inquiries that have never ever investigated him). So I'd like to win that case in the DC Superior Court, not only because losing it would have me, as Charles P Pierce in Esquire gloats, "pricing steam-grates along Yonge Street in Toronto for possible future housing", but because it would also be the worst setback for free speech in America in the half-century since New York Times vs Sullivan.
But as important a goal for me is ending the climate of fear that Mann and his fellow ayatollahs of alarmism have imposed on a critical field of science and in the broader sphere of public policy. The ugly thuggery that the Warmanos use against anyone who steps out of line - most recently seen in the hockey-sticking of distinguished Swedish scientist Lennart Bengtsson - ought to appall any real man of science. So I'd like to end the protection racket of the Clime Syndicate and put them out of the intimidation business.
As you know, at the end of last year I parted company with my co-defendants National Review and our shared counsel because of my dissatisfaction with the way they were fighting (or, in fact, not fighting) the case. I spent some time and effort looking around for new lawyers, and I'm proud to say that I have Dan Kornstein, the man behind the single most important free-speech legislation this century, as my lead counsel on this case. We're mounting a big-picture First Amendment pushback against Michael Mann, a bullying enforcer whose only response to critics on at least three continents is to demand that they be silenced, banned or fired. …
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Why aren't these illegal aliens dropped off in Mexico?! Buses dropping off scores of immigrants in Arizona

Mexico just passes the Central American Illegal Aliens throughout to us. We need to dump all the illegal aliens back into Mexico and force the Mexicans to deal with their own population's problems! m/w

Buses dropping off scores of immigrants in Arizona - ABC15 Arizona

The Phony Distraction Used By A Scandal Ridden, Corrupt, Incompetent: Obama Says Climate Change Growing Threat to Health

The refuge of this scoundrel; When all else fails, distract and regulate. m/r

Obama Says Climate Change Growing Threat to Health - Bloomberg

  May 31, 2014

Obama said the curbs on carbon emissions to combat climate change that his administration plans to unveil next week will also help address a growing threat to the nation’s health.
“We don’t have to choose between the health of our economy and the health of our children,” he said in his weekly address, which was recorded yesterday at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington. “As president, and as a parent, I refuse to condemn our children to a planet that’s beyond fixing.”

The Environmental Protection Agency is scheduled to announce a plan to limit carbon emissions from U.S. power plants on June 2. The two-tired regulation will seek reductions in greenhouse gases of as much as 25 percent over 15 years, according to people familiar with the proposal. …
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Friday, May 30, 2014

Donald Payne Shows his Ignorance of Private Property - Propose EPA Water Rule - Government Land Grab

This is Fascism with Zealots and corrupt EPA Bureaucrats taking over very drop of water, including what is residue in a hoof print, to expand their extreme power. Big business and Farm Conglomerates have lobbyists and layers who can use these regulations to their advantage and to the disadvantage small businesses and farms.

Here, Juan Williams and Donald Payne (Democrat-Socialist) put the administration's and government interests above that of property rights and the people.

The EPA has been out of control since Nixon signed it into being. It needs to be disbanded. m/r

▶ Propose EPA Water Rule - Government Land Grab - Special Report All Star Panel - YouTube

May 29, 2014
Propose EPA Water Rule - Government Land Grab - Special Report All Star Panel
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Most of us call it BLAME! - Psaki: President Obama Doesn't Give Himself Credit

How incompetent can a president be? m/r

Call The Waaambulance! - Psaki: President Obama Doesn't Give Himself Credit - Fox & Friends - YouTube

May 30, 2014
200% Credit? - Reporter Mocks Call For Presidential Praise
Call The Waaambulance! - Psaki: President Obama Doesn't Give Himself Credit - Fox & Friends
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This is disturbing on many levels - Woman issued citation by authorities for Facebook comment - chicagotribune.com

At first., this 'citation and fine' may be amusing, because the 'evidence' was gleaned from a social media page.
But in a real sense this is the mean small minds showing the mean, insignificant and underhand thought process 'government workings' at all levels. Government bureaucrats nearly have to be threatened with legal action to get them to actual serve the public, but when it comes to devious, underhanded, small minded ways to harass, charge,site and fine the populous, the mean cretins of government, in all levels, go out of their way to screw the public! m/r

Woman issued citation by authorities for Facebook comment - chicagotribune.com

Christine Adamski said she was surprised last week when she received a citation in the mail for a comment she made on Facebook, but she also knew immediately she wasn’t going to pay it.
Adamski, 25, opened the $50 ticket from the Will County Forest Preserve District last week and read the letter alleging she had used a dog park without a proper permit.
The citation arrived at her Bolingbrook home with a letter explaining the ticket, an application for a dog park permit as well as a copy of her social media post “admitting her guilt.”
“I laughed,” Adamski said Thursday. “I was like, this is totally untrue. Obviously I’m not going to pay this.”
Adamski said she received a call from Lt. Tracey Phillips of the Will County Forest Preserve District Police Thursday informing her that the ticket has been rescinded.
She said she’s happy about the end result but wishes the forest preserve protection officer who issued the ticket would have re-read her statement and had more than a Facebook post to go on.
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The Hard Choices she made was which lie to tell - Rewriting History

Her other hard choices involved her unhygienic post-hippie lifestyle. She will always be the mendacious Bitch of Benghazi! m/r

Rewriting History | The Weekly Standard

JUN 9, 2014, VOL. 19, NO. 37 • BY JOEL WINTON

The real Hillary record on Iran sanctions

Hillary Clinton will shortly release a memoir, Hard Choices, chronicling her tenure as secretary of state. If what she has to say in its pages resembles what she had to say from the stage at the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC) annual Global Forum on May 14—where she claimed undue credit for implementing sanctions against Iran—it’s worth setting the record straight now.
In reality, the Obama administration, and Clinton’s State Department in particular, opposed, dragged their feet on, and sought to water down every piece of sanctions legislation introduced by bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate. With that history now being rewritten, let’s review the actual record.
President Obama took office believing that personal diplomacy without “preconditions” would convince Iran’s leaders to relinquish their nuclear ambitions. As Clinton later explained in an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley, “We believed that the effort of seeking engagement would actually strengthen our hand.”
Others were unconvinced. In April 2009 Congress signaled its skepticism of this “carrots and carrots” approach by introducing several sticks in the form of sanctions bills—of which the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act of 2009 (IRPSA) was the most notable.
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Night of the Long Knives- Blaming the NRA for Schizophrenic murder: by Knifings and Car Included - Don’t Stigmatize Murderers!

It is not about guns, it is about brainwashed fools and diabolical totalitarians after a gun free zone nation under their absolute control.

If you have ever had to deal with dangerous schizophrenics, then you understand the need to keep a gun handy for your own protection.  The government will not protect you. It will just investigate how you died. m/r

Don’t Stigmatize Murderers! | FrontPage Magazine

By Ann Coulter On May 30, 2014 

Mass murder at a sunny college campus in a beach town would normally be considered “newsy,” but Elliot Rodger’s massacre at the University of California-Santa Barbara last Friday is getting surprisingly little press.
This is not a good case for liberals: The killer was an immigrant, a person of color, and the majority of his casualties resulted from attacks with a car or knife. It makes as much sense to rant about the NRA as to blame the Auto Club of America or the National Knife Collectors Association.
Rather, what we have is yet another mass murder committed by a schizophrenic — just like those of Seung-Hui Cho, Jared Loughner, James Holmes and Adam Lanza.
Yes, they all used guns. Also, they were all males. They were all college-aged. They all had hair. Those are not distinctive characteristics.
When the last five mass murderers share something that only 1 percent of the population has, I think we’ve found the relevant common denominator.
Rodger had been seeing therapists since he was 8 years old. Just last year, his psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy, prescribed him Risperidone, an anti-psychotic. But after looking up what Risperidone was for — schizophrenia — Rodger decided “it was the absolute wrong thing for me to take” and never did.
See, that’s the thing about schizophrenics — they don’t think they’re sick. They think the lava lamp that’s talking to them is sick.
Rodger’s “manifesto” reads like Nikolai Gogol’s “Diary of a Madman” — generally recognized as the first description of schizophrenia, except it’s a little repetitive and not well-written, no matter what that “tech guru” says.
I’m one of the few who have read all 141 pages. 

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Inbred, Hillbilly looking Joe Scarborough Fibs to Megyn Kelly

Lib RINO a liar? What a shock that a token lefty Republican from MSNBC has no understanding of truth and facts. m/r

Joe Scarborough Fibs to Megyn Kelly | The American Spectator

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tacky, Tacky, Tacky - 9/11 Museum Yanks Commemorative Cheese Platter After Outrage

This memorial has been tasteless! m/r

9/11 Museum Yanks Commemorative Cheese Platter After Outrage - ABC News

Marx and Engel Lite - A Cartoon Manifesto

A Cartoon Manifesto | National Review Online


Capital may be stalling. But watch out for Capital.
The first Capital is, of course, the anti-wealth bestseller, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by the French professor Thomas Piketty. As much projectile as book, Capital was hurtling forward, seemingly unstoppably, until journalists and scholars began to discover flaws in its data. Still, around the time many pundits expect Capital to wipe out — i.e., within a couple of weeks — a second Capital will be entering the intellectual marketplace. This one is Haymarket Books’ new illustrated edition of Das Kapital, by Karl Marx. In other words, Piketty can rest easy: Marx’s Capital Illustrated will continue his class war even if he himself flags. Haymarket Books confirms as much when it describes this volume as “economics for the 99 percent.”
Serious cartoon books like Marx’s Capital Illustrated have been around for a while. For years now teachers have relied on a cartoon version of A People’s History of American Empire, the 1980 book by the progressive historian Howard Zinn. Lately, however, such cartoon books have been proliferating wildly, becoming so numerous that they now can claim to their own category, the oddly named genre of the “graphic novel.”

Counterintuitive as it may sound, these graphic novels not only feature nonfiction but also lend themselves enviably to difficult nonfiction topics. …

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The Anti-Gun Cretin Surrounded by Money and Gun-toating guards - Bloomberg’s Bogus Gun-Control Numbers

More lies from the left. 

Bloomberg’s Bogus Gun-Control Numbers | National Review Online


The notion that gun violence disproportionately harms women does not hold up. 

When did Park Rangers become the Jerks the are? Inflicting Pain for Political Gain

Today they are the PC police in uniforms with straw hats. They became enviro-Nazis, liars and left wing hacks who are absolutely incompetent at conserving anything properly. m/r

Inflicting Pain for Political Gain | National Review Online

MAY 28, 2014  By 

The Interior Department tries to conceal how it kept Mount Rushmore closed during the shutdown.

In the early days of last October’s government shutdown, South Dakota governor Dennis Daugaard, a Republican, wanted to use state and private funds to keep Mount Rushmore open — an offer the Department of the Interior quickly rebuffed, even as its high-ranking staff circulated accounts of the shutdown’s harmful effects on would-be visitors and private-sector park workers.
Evidently the Department of the Interior didn’t want the media to know it had so bluntly turned down the governor’s detailed proposal, which was accompanied by a logistical addendum that outlined how Daugaard would keep Mount Rushmore equipped with security, parking, concessions, gift shops, and lighting.

National Review Online submitted a request for Department of Interior records on October 22. The department ignored the 20-day response deadline established in the Freedom of Information Act and did not provide the public records until late in the afternoon on the Friday before Memorial Day, 113 working days late.
When we finally did receive the documents, they were heavily redacted. …
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Is it secretive (as are other secret societies) to hide its being less relevant every year - Bilderberg the world's most secretive conference

Bilderberg at 60: inside the world's most secretive conference | World news | theguardian.com

Who would go even if entry was Free? - Tickets to Hillary Speech On Sale, 66% Off

Tickets to Hillary Speech On Sale, 66% Off | The Weekly Standard

Obama at West Point: Egotist, Leaderless, Rudderless, Pointless

Krauthammer: Obama's West Point speech 'literally pointless' - YouTube

May 28, 2014
Charles Krauthammer called Obama's West Point foreign policy address "literally pointless, while NPR's Mara Liasson called it "familiar."

Cantor flies around in a glider to take him where the campaign winds blow

Any given day will get any given answer from Canter. He can hide behind a corkscrew. m/r

Cantor Campaign Primary Amnesty Boehner Obama Dave Brat | The Daily Caller

Neil Munro 5-28-14

The campaign manager for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor isn’t backing down from their new campaign-trail flyer lauding Cantor for fighting against President Barack Obama’s amnesty bill.
“He stopped the bill when it came out of the Senate,” Ray Allen, Cantor’s campaign manager, told The Daily Caller.
The defender-against-amnesty claim appeared in flyers sent to GOP primary voters near Richmond, Va., two weeks before the vote on June 10. “Conservative Republican Eric Cantor is stopping the Obama [and Sen. Harry] Reid plan to give illegal aliens amnesty,” says one of the flyers.
But his critics, including primary challenger and economist Dave Brat, are hitting back: Cantor’s claim has prompted hoots of contempt, some anger and some Bronx cheers from the many activists who have fought the massive push by progressives, media outlets and business groups to double the current inflow of 2 million immigrants and guest workers each year.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/05/28/cantor-claims-to-be-anti-amnesty-champion/#ixzz336u3fTMa

‘Icy Reception’ for Obama from West Pointers During Speech

from National Review
Wonder Why? He was leading with his behind. m/r

CNN Reporter: ‘Icy Reception’ for Obama from West Pointers During Speech | Mediaite

by Noah Rothman |  May 28th, 2014

Obama’s “philosophical” speech to the 2014 graduates of West Point about a new direction for America’s foreign policy was “not a great” speech for that audience, said CNN anchor Jim Clancyon Wednesday. He said that the president did not sound like a “commander-in-chief speaking to his troops” and got an “icy reception” as a result.
Clancy did not criticize the substance of President Obama’s speech outlining a shift in tactics, specifically as it relates to America’s approach to fighting terrorist groups. However, he did think that the defining of a new foreign policy doctrine was not something the attendees wanted to hear.
“It was a philosophical speech,” Clancy said. “It was not a commander-in-chief speaking to his troops. And you heard the reception. I mean, it was pretty icy.”
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Programed for Deceit - Obama’s Absurd West Point Speech

"There is such a comic opera feel to all this, it’s a shame that Gilbert and Sullivan aren’t around."
We emasculated the Army so successfully, that now we are the weenies of diversity…

Obama’s Absurd West Point Speech | FrontPage Magazine

By Robert Spencer On May 29, 2014 
Barack Obama gave the commencement address at the United States Military Academy at West Point on Wednesday, and piled absurdity upon absurdity.

“For the foreseeable future, the most direct threat to America, at home and abroad, remains terrorism,” he said, but steadfastly refrained throughout his speech from explaining the source of that terrorism threat, much less its ideological foundation or goal. This is, of course, the President who in October 2011 placed off-limits any investigation of the beliefs, motives and goals of jihad terrorists, overseeing the scrubbing of all counter-terror training materials of all mention of Islam and jihad in connection with terrorism.

Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole declared at that time that he had “recently directed all components of the Department of Justice to re-evaluate their training efforts in a range of areas, from community outreach to national security.” This “reevaluation” removed all references to Islam in connection with any examination of Islamic jihad terror activity.

At the same time, Dwight C. Holton, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, emphasized that training materials for the FBI would be purged of everything politically incorrect: “I want to be perfectly clear about this: training materials that portray Islam as a religion of violence or with a tendency towards violence are wrong, they are offensive, and they are contrary to everything that this president, this attorney general and Department of Justice stands for. They will not be tolerated.”

Holton said that he had spoken with Attorney General Eric Holder about FBI training materials that Holton claimed were “egregiously false,” and that Holder was “firmly committed to making sure that this is over….we’re going to fix it.” Holton said that this “fix” was particularly urgent because the rejected training materials posed “a significant threat to national security, because they play into the false narrative propagated by terrorists that the United States is at war with Islam.”

Cole declared: “We must never allow our sorrow and anger at the senseless attack of 9/11 to blind us to the great gift of our diversity.”

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Maybe Machines can replace some Lawyer-Politicians - Machines v. Lawyers

Technology will leapfrog the academic world in Education and the Professional World just as it has in industrial production and distribution. In some case it will be devastating, but legislation will not prevent or fix it. m/r

Machines v. Lawyers by John O. McGinnis, City Journal Spring 2014

As information technology advances, the legal profession faces a great disruption.

Law schools are in crisis, facing their most substantial decline in enrollment in decades, if not in the history of legal education. Applications have fallen over 40 percent since 2004. The legal workplace is troubled, too. Benjamin Barton, of the University of Tennessee College of Law, has shown that attorneys in “small law,” such as solo practitioners, have been hurting for a decade. Attorney job growth has been flat; partner incomes at large firms have recently recovered from the economic downturn, but the going rate for associates, even at the best firms, has stagnated since 2007.

Some observers, not implausibly, blame the recession for these developments. But the plight of legal education and of the attorney workplace is also a harbinger of a looming transformation in the legal profession. Law is, in effect, an information technology—a code that regulates social life. And as the machinery of information technology grows exponentially in power, the legal profession faces a great disruption not unlike that already experienced by journalism, which has seen employment drop by about a third and the market value of newspapers devastated. The effects on law will take longer to play themselves out, but they will likely be even greater because of the central role that lawyers play in public life.
The growing role of machine intelligence will create new competition in the legal profession and reduce the incomes of many lawyers. The job category that the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls “other legal services”—which includes the use of technology to help perform legal tasks—has already been surging, over 7 percent per year from 1999 to 2010. As a consequence, the law-school crisis will deepen, forcing some schools to close and others to reduce tuitions. While lawyers and law professors may mourn the loss of more lucrative professional opportunities, consumers of modest means will enjoy access to previously cost-prohibitive services.
A decline in the clout of law schools and lawyers could have potentially broader political effects. For the last half-century, many law professors and lawyers have pressed for more government intervention in the economy. This isn’t surprising. Lawyers in the modern regulatory state reap rewards from big government because their expertise is needed to understand and comply with (or exploit) complicated and ever-changing rules. In contrast, the entrepreneurs and innovators driving our computational revolution benefit more from a stable regulatory regime and limited government. As they replace lawyers in influence, they’re likely to shape a politics more friendly to markets and less so to regulation.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is everyone in college crazy?

Every sentence is a pathology, but no one will just call this killer crazy. They just call this half knife murder "another mass shooting" with every nutty cause an excuse. 

Try blaming the killer for once. m/r 

Mass Killings Have Become Rorschach Tests | National Review Online


The California shooting is a peculiar one for the white-privilege crowd to have latched onto. 

Mass shootings are described by the good denizens of the American press corps in quite the variety of ways. The favored sobriquet is “tragedy,” but there are others on offer too — among them “rampage,” “abomination,” “running amok,” and “killing spree.” Having watched over the weekend the various reactions to the horrific crime in California, I might proffer a new appellation. How about, “Rorschach test”?
Onto the despicable act of a disturbed young man, entire worldviews are today being projected and confirmed. Over at Salon, a teacher of “Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies” named Brittney Cooper asked a question that she thought most germane:
How many times must troubled young white men engage in these terroristic acts that make public space unsafe for everyone before we admit that white male privilege kills?
The shooter, Cooper claimed at various points in what is an impressively self-serving little essay, was a “young white guy” who fed off of “heterosexual white male entitlement”; “a young, clean-cut white man” who was distraught at his inability to “access all the markers of white male heterosexual middle-class privilege”; a representative of “troubled young white men” whose philosophy was rooted in “white supremacy” and who serves an exemplar of both “pathological white masculinity” and “middle-class, heterosexual, white male rage”; and someone who was not only marinated in “racism, white supremacy and patriarchy” but coddled by “systems of whiteness and patriarchy [that] continue to produce white men who think like this.” “As long as America refuses to deal with its white male privilege problem,” Cooper concluded rather predictably, “we will continue to have” mass shootings. …
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We are all undesirables now - Sleazy Eric Holder's Enemies: Anyone he doesn't like any day in particular

The dark ages for American Freedom and Individual Rights. This administration has got to be stopped! m/r

Eric Holder's Money Shot :: SteynOnline

by Mark Steyn  •  May 28, 2014

It's not just Obamacare. In many other areas of life, Americans now enjoy considerably less freedom of maneuver than Europeans do. If it doesn't seem like that, it's because we've come up with a more cunning form of statism. In France a third of a century back, Mitterrand nationalized the banks. That's what socialists do. And people would kick up a fuss if Washington tried anything like that. So instead we've wound up with a kind of third-party statism, in which the zombie husks of private industry are conscripted as the front men for de facto nationalization. Except for the check design and debit-card color, it doesn't make any difference whether you go to the First National Bank of Deadsville, the Deadsville Savings Bank, or the Deadsville Community Bank: The answers are all the same, because they're all just operating the federal guidelines. It's like going to the North Deadsville DMV and thinking you'll get a different answer from the South Deadsville DMV.
How much power the government now has over the banks has emerged in recent coverage of something called "Operation Choke Point. Glenn Reynolds:
A while back, some adult performers noticed that banks were terminating their accounts. The reason, it turned out, was a Justice Department program called "Operation Choke Point." This program, apparently, seeks to target businesses regarded as undesirable — like porn — by hitting them at a financial "choke point": their bank accounts.
So porn stars are finding it harder to get checking accounts. Debbie can do Dallas, but she can't do her banking at the Dallas Savings Bank. If you're not a pornography aficionado, you might treat that news with a shrug. But are there perchance other businesses the Justice Department regards as "undesirable"? Why, yes:

Targets include industries as diverse as ammunition sales, coin dealers, payday loans, "racist materials," etc. And, again, these are all legal businesses that haven't been charged with breaking any laws — the Justice Department just doesn't like them.

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CNN Anchor almost as Ignorant as Michelle Obama

CNN Anchor: Michelle Obama Can Sign Bills Into Law - YouTube

May 28, 2014
CNN news anchor Carol Costello — who frequently demonstrates an inability to understand that anchors don't inject personal political commentary into their broadcasts — proved Tuesday that she's confused about a lot of things after claiming that First Lady Michelle Obama "signed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act into law."

# = Number Sign, # = Pound Sign, now # = Hashtag, # = ?

The Power of Hashtags | National Review Online

May 28, 2014  By Charles C. W. Cooke

They’re a mighty tool—for enabling Groupthink.

About a decade or so ago, the perennially grumpy British comedian, Jack Dee, started to complain about the fawning language that was being used to describe the Internet. They call it “the Information superhighway,” Dee griped. “They call it ‘surfing’ the net. It’s not surfing. It’s typing in your bedroom.”

This was a thoroughly well deserved putdown — the “they” in Dee’s sentence referring to an industry that was becoming almost impossibly self-important, and that has only got worse since. I say this as a techie who hates techies and as a lover of computers and the Internet who is invariably appalled by what the promise of new services does to the brains of otherwise sensible human beings. Spend a few hours in San Francisco or Austin and you will meet a host of caricatures who appear to have had all everyday words surgically removed from their brains, a greasy marketing dictionary being installed in their place. These are the annoyingly earnest types who have taken the language of the operating system and applied it to their daily lives — the people who work not in industries but in “spaces.” You don’t chat with them, you “interface.” You don’t go out for lunch, you “aggregate,” and, if the lunch plans go “viral,” you hope that the restaurant is “scalable.” In discussions, you don’t agree with one another, but “express yourself together,” “find a common voice,” and “converge.” Each and every idea is the product of a “paradigm” or a “framework.” It’s tiring. Have a photograph you’d like to share with your parents? That’s an “exciting new possibility for customization.” Here, nothing is just okay; everything is revolutionary. A phrase you don’t hear too often in Silicon Valley: “Sure, that’s useful I guess.”

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Why are we as a Nation taking all this crap from Mexico? - US Marine held on gun charges should never have been held

US Marine held on gun charges hires new lawyer | Fox News

Obama's 5 Stages of Grief for America with his 'Scandal Manual'

The opening statement usually goes: 'I heard about it from the media'

Step one is 'well I didn't know about it'  [Denial]

Step two is to express great outrage.  [Anger]

Step three is fire some low level bureaucrat.  [Bargaining]

Step four is the study comes next, we're going to wait for the investigation. [Depression]

Step five is six months later, they say it's either a done or all the results of a partisan push by Republicans. [Acceptance] m/r

WSJ's Strassel Slams Obama's 'Scandal Manual'

 25 May 2014 Full Short Post

On "Fox News Sunday," Wall Street Journal editorial board member Kimberley Strassel criticized President Barack Obama for his "eerily" similar reactions to the many recent scandals plaguing his presidency. 

"You have to wonder if there is a scandal manual in the top drawer of the president's desk," Strassel said. "It isn't just the 'I heard about it from the media'. there are five steps that this administration keeps repeating every time a scandal comes up . Step one is 'well I didn't know about it' Step two is to express great outrage. When that doesn't work, step three is fire some low level bureaucrat." 

"The study comes next," she continued. "Then we're going to wait and see what the IG says FBI says or the investigation or whatever it is. Then six months later, you say it's either a done or all the results of a partisan push by Republicans. It just goes on and on. you can take not just the clips of him repeating again and again 'I didn't know about this' when you listen to some of these the press conferences, they're eerie. it's the exact same language every time." 

Talent and depth unmatched by anyone, except Rod McKuen, poet, author Maya Angelou dead at 86

Renowned poet, author Maya Angelou dead at 86 | Fox News

Why is it so important to these Billionaire Leftists with Armed Bodyguards to Attack Your Gun Rights?

Shadowy Soros
Fascist-Communist Crony Thinkers look down on us and want total control and power over us. Hence, they are deemed Totalitarians! 
Are knives now on their agenda since half the victims were stabbed to death?
The killer being nuts apparently has no bearing in the matter for these control freaks. m/r

Billionaire Leftists Attack Your Gun Rights | FrontPage Magazine

By Matthew Vadum On May 28, 2014 
Gun control advocates hoping to capitalize on the tragic incident this weekend in Santa Barbara, California have a powerful asset in their corner this year: Second Amendment-hating billionaires led by George Soros are gearing up for a fresh assault on your constitutional right to defend yourself, your family, and your property.
The Democracy Alliance, a donors collaborative of well over 100 far-left venture capitalists, heirs and heiresses, Hollywood moguls, and unethical bankers, is throwing millions of dollars at left-wing gun-control groups in hopes of preventing the increasingly likely Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate this November.
Soros and other progressive plutocrats plan to send upwards of $175 million to leftist organizations this year to push gun control and the rest of the Left’s agenda, according to documents left behind at a recent Democracy Alliance meeting in Chicago.
Some of the left-wing groups slated to receive hefty donations from Democracy Alliance members include: America Votes ($4 million); American Constitution Society ($1.5 million); Brennan Center for Justice ($2.7 million); Catalist ($750,000); Center for American Progress ($5.5 million); Center for Community Change ($3 million); Center for Budget and Policy Priorities ($2.5 million); Media Matters for America ($3 million); New Organizing Institute ($1 million); Organizing for Action ($1 million); Progress Now ($1.9 million); and State Voices ($2 million).
The mentally unstable head of fake watchdog group Media Matters, former journalist David Brock, himself reportedly has paranoid fantasies that conservatives are trying to kill him. Brock, whose group beats the drum loudly for gun control, also flaunts the District of Columbia’s tough gun restrictions. This did not stop Brock, however, from arming his assistant with weapons to protect him from would-be right-wing assassins. 
Other groups, many of which focus on the Second Amendment, were listed in a found document called “Democracy Alliance Progressive Infrastructure Map.” The document contains a roster of groups that have previously been approved for funding by the Alliance or that appear to have been deemed eligible for such funding.
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I use this term when people try to make me think I'm going crazy. Most younger people don't get it and give you a look like a dog expecting a Milk Bone. 
This is a most apt term here. m/r

Bill Whittle: Gaslighting

May 14, 2014
You're not crazy. The Obama Administration will just keep GASLIGHTING you until you think you are.


Doesn't Anyone Realize It Is Not Just the VA that is Run Like a 'Crime Syndicate'

Government at all levels is run like a 'Crime Syndicate.' It extorts your money, controls your actions and freedom, it threatens you with added extortion or physical retribution, and when challenged, it does all it can be cover its ass.

Trying to get help or service from government is like pulling their teeth. Just for them to do their job in serving the public, they act like they are doing you a big favor.

 'Crime Syndicate' is a nice way to describe government these days. m/r

Exclusive: Texas VA Run Like a 'Crime Syndicate,' Whistleblower Says - The Daily Beast

May 27, 2014 Jacob Siegel

For years, employees at a Texas VA complained that their bosses were cooking the books. For years, the VA insisted there was no widespread wrongdoing.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with new information.
Last week, President Obama pledged to address allegations of corruption and dangerous inefficiencies in the veterans’ health-care system. But before the president could deliver on his pledge, the scandal has spread even further. New whistleblower testimony and internal documents implicate an award-winning VA hospital in Texas in widespread wrongdoing—and what appears to be systemic fraud.
Emails and VA memos obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast provide what is among the most comprehensive accounts yet of how high-level VA hospital employees conspired to game the system. It shows not only how they manipulated hospital wait lists but why—to cover up the weeks and months veterans spent waiting for needed medical care. If those lag times had been revealed, it would have threatened the executives’ bonus pay.
What’s worse, the documents show the wrongdoing going unpunished for years, even after it was repeatedly reported to local and national VA authorities. That indicates a new troubling angle to the VA scandal: that the much touted investigations may be incapable of finding violations that are hiding in plain sight. 
“For lack of a better term, you’ve got an organized crime syndicate,” a whistleblower who works in the Texas VA told The Daily Beast. “People up on top are suddenly afraid they may actually be prosecuted and they’re pressuring the little guys down below to cover it all up.” …
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