"Fascism and communism both promise "social welfare," "social justice," and "fairness" to justify authoritarian means and extensive arbitrary and discretionary governmental powers." - F. A. Hayek"

"Life is a Bungling process and in no way educational." in James M. Cain

Jean Giraudoux who first said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Sir Winston Churchill

"summum ius summa iniuria" ("More laws, more injustice.") Cicero

As Christopher Hitchens once put it, “The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.”

"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Law is where you buy it." Raymond Chandler

"Why did God make so many damn fools and Democrats?" Clarence Day

"If I feel like feeding squirrels to the nuts, this is the place for it." - Cluny Brown

"Oh, pshaw! When yu' can't have what you choose, yu' just choose what you have." Owen Wister "The Virginian"

Oscar Wilde said about the death scene in Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” ~ Jonathon Swift

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shut Up and Eat Your Pee! Obama Administration Dumps 3,415 New Regs on the Down-Low

The Shame! Obama Administration Dumps 3,415 New Regs on the Down-Low - YouTube

Nov 26, 2014
It's Christmas in Liberal-land, with the federal government releasing 3,415 new regulations. So, why are they hiding the presents, quietly releasing them on a Friday night with Congress adjourned, as Americans we head home for the holiday? It almost makes you feel they're ashamed of their new rules, or don't want us to notice them. It also reminds us of why it's good to be conservative.

We are All Coming of Middle Age - A Baroness on Barrenness

A Baroness on Barrenness :: SteynOnline

by Mark Steyn
Mark at the Movies
November 29, 2014

P D James died on Thursday, the undisputed heir to Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers as the "Queen of Crime", although she did not care for either comparison ("Such a bad writer," she sniffed of Dame Agatha). But in her 94 years she did a lot of other things, too: She was a Conservative peeress in the House of Lords, and her time in the bureaucracy (she was a Home Office civil servant) made her an effective chairman of things - whether of the Booker Prize for Fiction, or committees concerned with more earthbound endeavors. I had a slight acquaintance with her during my time at the BBC's "Kaleidoscope", where we used to call her in as a celebrity reviewer. I can recall being slightly skeptical of her judgment only once, when she told me how much she enjoyed the Bond film The Living Daylights because, unlike Sean Connery and Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton eschewed double entendres and gratuitous sex. Whatever his other gifts, Mr Dalton's earnest approach to the role almost killed the franchise. What appealed to Baroness James about the performance was, in fact, the problem.
When she started out, she figured she'd write a couple of crime thrillers and then move on to "serious" stuff. But Adam Dalgliesh caught on with the reading public, and then with telly viewers, first on ITV and then in America on PBS. So her non-detective novels were few and far between. The enduring one - the one that will ensure her place even if she'd never written a single murder mystery - is her 1992 book, The Children Of Men. It is a book of our time, an elegy of the west at sunset. I've mentioned it a lot over the years, and it turns up toward the end of my own latest tome, The [Un]documented Mark Steyn:
To western eyes, contemporary Japan has a kind of earnest childlike wackiness, all karaoke machines and manga cartoons and nuttily sadistic game shows. But, to us demography bores, it's a sad place that seems to be turning into a theme park of P D James' great dystopian novel The Children Of Men. Baroness James' tale is set in Britain in the near future, in a world that is infertile: The last newborn babe emerged from the womb in 1995, and since then nothing. It was an unusual subject for the queen of the police procedural, and, indeed, she is the first baroness to write a book about barrenness. The Hollywood director Alfonso Cuarón took the broad theme and made a rather ordinary little film out of it. But the Japanese seem determined to live up to the book's every telling detail.

In Lady James' speculative fiction, pets are doted on as child-substitutes, and churches hold christening ceremonies for cats. In contemporary Japanese reality, Tokyo has some 40 "cat cafés" where lonely solitary citizens can while away an afternoon by renting a feline to touch and pet for a couple of companiable hours. 
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This Story Booms of PC Omission: Who are the enslavers and who are tens of thousands held as modern slaves in Britain?

What good is the News when it cuts out the real fact in its reports. Is the PC editing leaving out who the slaves and criminal enslavers are because they are Muslims, Africans and Asians? Is the Government to blame for the censorship as well? m/r

Theresa May says tens of thousands held as modern slaves in Britain - Telegraph


The shocking number of people held in conditions of slavery in modern Britain has been revealed by the Home Secretary

As many as 13,000 people in Britain are being held in conditions of slavery, four times the number previously thought, it has been revealed.
In what is said to be the first scientific estimate of the scale of modern slavery in the UK, the Home Office has said the number of victims last year was between 10,000 and 13,000.
They include women forced into prostitution, domestic staff and workers in fields, factories and fishing boats.
Data from the National Crime Agency’s Human Trafficking Centre had previously put the number of slavery victims in 2013 at 2,744.
Theresa May, the Home Secretary, said the scale of abuse was “shocking”.
Launching the Government’s modern slavery strategy, she said: “The first step to eradicating the scourge of modern slavery is acknowledging and confronting its existence. The estimated scale of the problem in modern Britain is shocking and these new figures starkly reinforce the case for urgent action.” 
-little news in the rest, but the comments tell the story-

Obama is both the "The Stranger" and "The Heart of Darkness"

Obama goes on a sycophant tour in the "Fellow Traveler's" Book Store, known in DC as "Politics and Prose." m/r

Obama calls Chuck Todd ‘sad’ | New York Post

The commander in chief doesn’t think much of the man who labeled him “The Stranger.”
Shopping at a Washington, DC, bookstore Saturday, President Obama spotted a copy of “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd’s new book about his presidency.
“Oh, Chuck Todd!” Obama exclaimed. “Let’s see what Chuck has to say here!”
“How is he writing a book already? asked his 16-year-old daughter, Malia. “Sad.” [How did Obama write his two works of mixed fiction? m/r]
“He’s just sad,” the president joked in response.
Obama’s off-the-cuff pan was no surprise, considering what Todd thinks of the president.
The book, titled “The Stranger,” blasts Obama as a flip-flopping policymaker whose detached temperament has prevented him from implementing his ideas.
It includes what one reviewer called a “stinging indictment” of Obama’s time in the White House and slams the president as unable to fulfill his potential or work with those across the aisle. 
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

These are all run and majority populated by Democrats: America's 3 Most Fee-Ridden Cities

Democrats = Crooks  m/r

▶ America's 3 Most Fee-Ridden Cities - YouTube

Nov 24, 2014
Fees, fines, and petty law enforcement: Little ticky-tack violations can pile up quickly and are enough to drive even the most civic-minded citizens crazy. We zeroed in on 3 of the most fee-ridden cities in America.

Fee-based revenue generation can create an undercurrent of hostility between citizens and the government officials who are supposed to serve them. Former Reason writer Radley Balko uncovered a pattern of overzealous fee-collection in the suburbs of St. Louis county for the Washington Post and speculated that the overbearing law enforcement helped create a pressure-cooker environment that finally erupted in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting.

"When you have towns like those in St. Louis county that get in some cases, 40 percent of their municipal revenue in fines and fees, they have chosen a very expensive way of taxing their population, one that creates maximum hassle and maximum hostility," says Walter Olson, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and publisher of the blog Overlawyered.

Watch the video above for Reason TV compilation of America's 3 Most Fee-Ridden Cities, listed below:

3. Detroit, MI.

In the wake of the largest municipal bankruptcy in history, Detroit launched a variety of revenue-generating schemes, such as raising the prices of parking meters in a downtown with a rapidly dwindling population and workforce. Unfortunately for the city, about half their meters are broken, making it one of the only cities to actually lose money on parking enforcement. But what really grants Detroit this honor is "Operation Compliance," an initiative pushed by former mayor David Bing aimed at bringing all of Detroit's small businesses up to code through costly permitting. The initiative launched with the stated goal of shutting down 20 businesses a week.

2. Ferguson, MO.

Ferguson has stayed in the news for the massive protests over the police shooting of teenager Michael Brown and for the militarized response of law enforcement to those protests. But tension between the citizens and the government run deep in Ferguson and the other nearby St. Louis suburbs. Citizens report of being constantly harassed by law enforcment over minor violations and then being forced to navigate through an overrun court system. The Washington Post reported that one courthouse in St. Louis County had issued five arrest warrants per citizen.

3. Bell, CA

Residents of this tiny California town just south of Los Angeles rose up against the local government after learning that their city officials were robbing them with high property taxes and ridiculous parking fines and city fees in order to pay themselves exorbitant salaries. The ringleader was city manager Robert Rizzo, who paid himself $1.5 million in annual salary and benefits in a town with a per capita household income of $24,800. Rizzo is now rotting in federal prison alongside his accomplice Angela Spaccia, but the town is still on the hook for the $137 million in debt left behind. Locals call it the "Rizzo Tax."

"Ideally, the local population would rise up and say, 'It's time to take back our town. Government is not just a revenue source. It should be an engine of justice.' Until that happens, we've got a much wider problem," says Olson.  
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A Double Negative in Spanish is Still a Negative: The Murky Thinking of Demagoguery

Dos Demagogues
Luis Gutierrez, much like Pancho Via, wants America invaded illegally, robed and raped, to have revolution spread for its own sake and build his own political power. He is among the lowest of all demagogues in the current crowded cesspool. m/r

The Immigration Demagogues | National Review Online


Hoping for surrender on amnesty, Representative Luis Gutierrez plays the bully. 

Al Sharpton, make some room to your left. The Reverend Sharpton now has a competitor for the title “demagogue in chief” of American politics. Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Congress’s most outspoken advocate for immigration amnesty, appeared on MSNBC after President Obama announced his executive actions and was asked by Rachel Maddow why Republicans were opposing Obama. Gutierrez’s reasoned response was: “If you want to make it about people from Latin America, if you want to use xenophobia, if you want to use bigotry and hatred and [the president], then you want to mix up the facts.”
Gutierrez has followed up sound-bite missiles like that with something akin to a victory lap through America’s urban areas. He tells immigrants it is “my responsibility, now that [Obama] has done the executive action, to sign up as many people as possible.” That means getting them to pre-register for the time next year when applications will be available for what is likely to lead to amnesty.

But Gutierrez makes clear that his ultimate goal is to put as many illegal immigrants as possible on a path to U.S. citizenship. Last year, he told reporters that without eventual citizenship, immigrants would be treated just as slaves were in the original Constitution, when they were counted as only three-fifths of a person. He told reporters that it’s vital that immigrants have “the ability to acquire American citizenship, so you do not create a permanent underclass of individuals that aren’t.”
In reality, what both President Obama and Representative Gutierrez are vitally concerned about isn’t the policy of immigration reform but the politics.  …
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Tard and Retard, This Fool Understands Nothing! ‘Privileged’ Georgetown Student ‘Understands’ His Mugging

‘Privileged’ Georgetown Student ‘Understands’ His Mugging | FrontPage Magazine

By Mark Tapson On November 28, 2014  In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

In the November 18 issue of the university newspaper The Hoya, Georgetown senior Oliver Friedfeld wrote an op-ed about his own mugging at gunpoint the weekend before. It was entitled, “I Was Mugged and I Understand Why.” His explanation is another nail in the coffin of American sanity and another victory for progressive brainwashing in academia.
Asked by a reporter if he were surprised that an armed robbery occurred in upscale Georgetown, the “solidly middle-class” Friedfeld immediately replied, “Not at all.” After all, he explains, “We live in the most privileged neighborhood within a city that has historically been, and continues to be, harshly unequal.”
Since economic disparity undoubtedly caused his attackers to rob him, Friedfeld thinks it’s unfair to refer to them as “thugs,” “criminals” or “bad people.” He “trusted” that they weren’t out to hurt him; they only wanted his possessions. “While I don’t know what exactly they needed the money for” – I’m guessing an iPhone, new Air Jordans, or drugs, but almost certainly not food to survive – “I do know that I’ve never once had to think about going out on a Saturday night to mug people… The fact that these two kids, who appeared younger than I, have even had to entertain these questions suggests their universes are light years away from mine.”
Apparently it is common sense and a grasp of individual responsibility that are light years away from Friedfeld’s experience. First of all, he has no way of knowing if these “kids” are worse off than he; they could be fellow Georgetown students, for that matter. Second, he has never had to contemplate threatening people with a (probably illegally obtained) firearm in order to take what doesn’t belong to him, not because he has never been poor, but because, like most of us, he has chosen to be law-abiding. To assume that poverty made them rob him is an unconscionable slap in the face to the impoverished who work hard and long to make ends meet but who nonetheless have the honor, dignity, and moral conscience to lead law-abiding lives. But this is the progressive mindset: that some vague, irresistible entity called “society” somehow overrides our personal ability to choose to act rightly or wrongly. 
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Sellout and Betrayal of the Nation

He will always be just a small minded, bigoted and inept Community Organizer. m/r

Obama's Ferguson Sellout by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal 25 November 2014

The president’s irresponsible statements will make a bad situation worse.
25 November 2014

President Obama betrayed the nation last night. Even as he went on national television to respond to the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, the vicious violence that would destroy businesses and livelihoods over the next several hours was underway. Obama had one job and one job only last night: to defend the workings of the criminal-justice system and the rule of law. Instead, he turned his talk into a primer on police racism and criminal-justice bias. In so doing, he perverted his role as the leader of all Americans and as the country’s most visible symbol of the primacy of the law.
Obama gestured wanly toward the need to respect the grand jury’s decision and to protest peacefully. “We are a nation built on the rule of law. And so we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury’s to make,” he said. But his tone of voice and body language unmistakably conveyed his disagreement, if not disgust, with that decision. “There are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry. It’s an understandable reaction,” he said. Understandable, so long as one ignores the evidence presented to the grand jury. The testimony of a half-dozen black observers at the scene demolished the early incendiary reports that Wilson attacked Brown in cold blood and shot Brown in his back when his hands were up. Those early witnesses who had claimed gratuitous brutality on Wilson’s part contradicted themselves and were in turn contradicted by the physical evidence and by other witnesses, who corroborated Wilson’s testimony that Brown had attacked him and had tried to grab his gun. (Minutes before, the nearly 300-pound Brown had thuggishly robbed a shopkeeper of a box of cigars; Wilson had received a report of that robbery and a description of Brown before stopping him.) Obama should have briefly reiterated the grounds for not indicting Wilson and applauded the decision as the product of a scrupulously thorough and fair process. He should have praised the jurors for their service and courage in following the evidence where it led them. And he should have concluded by noting that there is no fairer criminal justice system in the world than the one we have in the United States.
Instead, Obama reprimanded local police officers in advance for their presumed overreaction to the protests: “I also appeal to the law enforcement officials in Ferguson and the region to show care and restraint in managing peaceful protests that may occur. . . . They need to work with the community, not against the community …
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White House Scripted and Directed Riot

"White people don't feel any obligation to defend some thug just because he's white. Only blacks are expected to lie on behalf of criminals of their own race."
That goes double for Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton! m/r


The riot in Ferguson reminds me, I hate criminals, but I hate liberals more. They planned this riot. They stoked the fire, lied about the evidence and produced a made-to-order riot. 

Every other riot I've ever heard of was touched off by some spontaneous event that exploded into mob violence long before any media trucks arrived. This time, the networks gave us a countdown to the riot, as if it were a Super Bowl kickoff. 

From the beginning, Officer Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown wasn't reported like news. It was reported like a cause. 

The media are in a huff about the prosecutor being "biased" because his father was a cop, who was shot and killed by an African-American. What an assh@le! 

Evidently, the sum-total of what every idiot on TV knows about the law is Judge Sol Wachtler's 20-year-old joke that a prosecutor could "indict a ham sandwich." We're supposed to be outraged that this prosecutor didn't indict the ham sandwich of Darren Wilson. 

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Obama "Disses" Hillary: Americans want 'new car smell' in 2016

The Bitch-of-Benghazi is infamous for her unhygienic bad habits and off-putting odor. m/r

Obama: Americans want 'new car smell' in 2016 | Fox News

Obama the Profiler: Cops need to distinguish 'Gang-Bangers,' Wannabe Gang-Bangers in Hoodies, and Illegals Emptying Bedpans

Obama must also use Gay-dar when he needs to be more sensitive and not just the usual Jive-Turkey. m/r

Articles: Obama on 'Gang-Bangers,' Hoodies, and Illegals Emptying Bedpans

By Jeannie DeAngelis  11-26-14

It’s classic Cloward-Piven strategy.  First you foment a crisis, and then you rush in with a left-wing cure.  That is exactly what the president did during an interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, who is not to be confused with Sesame Street’s Mr. Snuffleupagus.
During the Closer Look segment, Barack Obama weighed in on how to fix what he helped break.
As the public awaited the grand jury decision as to whether or not to indict Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of black teen Michael Brown, the typically anarchistic Obama saw it as an opportunity to impart guidance to law enforcement on how to profile black teenagers. 
That’s right – Barack Obama, who, when it comes to himself, regularly contravenes the rules and regulations, is now suddenly an expert on how law enforcement should comport themselves in tense situations.
According to the president, minority community sensitivity is needed for police officers, who Obama has said in the past can “act stupidly.”  The president feels the goal should be to teach law enforcement how to differentiate between a gang-banger and an innocent child, who, if wearing a hoodie, could be Obama’s son.
What the president’s counsel did not include was advice on how to deal with gang-bangers wearing hoodies or innocent children foolishly emulating gang-bangers. ...

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2014/11/obama_on_gangbangers_hoodies_and_illegals_emptying_bedpans.html#ixzz3KCyLQb5J
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SOS from this Irresponsible Race Baiter!

His "Community Organizer" Speech 1a. Blame Whitey, never take any personal responsibility, this is the politics of eternal victimhood. m/r

Obama Lectures America About the Justified Anger Towards Law Enforcement in Minority Communities

The Biggest Con: Obama as a Constitutional Law Professor Who Never Seems to have Read the Constitution, Dictates Amnesty

There is a wide divide between advocacy and the law.  Obama's "professors" are sycophants rather than experts. m/r

The New Con: Law Professors for Executive Amnesty | The American Spectator

By  – 11.25.14

A pattern of deceit from the White House.

Call it a White House con game. The Obama administration is rolling out a list of law professors in support of the president’s executive order giving amnesty to five million illegal immigrants. The Hill reports:

The White House worked to bolster the legal case for President Obama’s immigration action Thursday night, releasing a letter from a group of prominent legal scholars arguing that the president’s moves were within his legal authorities.The group included three law professors from the University of Chicago — where the president taught constitutional law before his election — as well as Columbia University President Lee Bollinger and renowned Harvard constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe.“While we differ among ourselves on many issues relating to Presidential power and immigration policy, we are all of the view that these actions are lawful,” the professors write. “They are exercises of prosecutorial discretion that are consistent with governing law and with the policies that Congress has expressed in the statutes that it has enacted.”

In their letter the group begins by describing themselves as “law professors and lawyers who teach, study, and practice constitutional law and related subjects.” It all sounds so normal, yes? Just a bunch of disinterested law profs putting their objective, deeply scholarly opinions out there about a major issue involving the law. 
Well, no. Of the ten law professors listed, Adam Cox of NYU; Walter Dellinger of Duke University; Gillian Metzger of Columbia; Eric Posner, Geoffrey Stone, and David A. Strauss of the University of Chicago; and Laurence Tribe of Harvard are all thorough-going liberals who have contributed to the campaigns of Barack Obama or other Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. Which is to say, seven of the ten are well known partisans. An eighth, Yale’s Harold Koh, was a legal adviser for the Obama State Department. A ninth, Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia, hosted an Obama inaugural party at his university, Obama’s alma mater. …
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Lie #1: It’s good for America. The Top 15 Pro-Amnesty Myths

Welcome to Obamaland, the gateway to the third world! m/r

The Top 15 Pro-Amnesty Myths | National Review Online

By A. J. Delgado  11-24-14

Liberals lose credibility with every immigration argument — but they make it up in volume.

There are myriad reasons why, substantively, President Obama’s grant of amnesty to 4 to 5 million illegal aliens is a horrifying mistake. Because of this, the Left has assiduously spread misinformation, hoping to obfuscate the issue. But despite what Jonathan Gruber claims, American voters are indeed intelligent and informed — and can see through the charade.
Let us tackle some of the top myths (and outright lies) surrounding this executive action, both substantively (is this a good idea?) and procedurally (is this legal?).
1. It’s good for America….

2. This is a one-time fix. 

3. Only the parents of current citizens or permanent residents qualify, not the parents of the illegals who qualified under 2012’s DACA.  

-more at link-

If you like your Doctor, you can keep your doctor … oops, wrong set of lies-

All this Crap over a Dead Thug Exploited by Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and Obama

Protests break out across NINETY cities as thousands march in anger | Daily Mail Online

One Piece of Good News from this Reprobate - Ferguson Michael Brown Shooting: 'Boycott Black Friday' Aims to Hit America Where it Hurts

Everyone thinks it, but no one will say it, so here it is: Shoplifting, purse snatching and robberies will go down! m/r

Ferguson Michael Brown Shooting: 'Boycott Black Friday' Aims to Hit America Where it Hurts

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Occam's Razor Answer to Why Obama Dumped Hagel. Obama hates White Republicans (and forget about Black ones)

He was too competent and made Obama look bad. m/r

How Obama Dumped Hagel - Glenn Thrush - POLITICO Magazine

November 24, 2014

He ‘just wasn’t the man for the job,’ president concluded.

Obama first summoned Chuck Hagel to the Oval Office in October, he wanted to know how his Pentagon chief planned to cope with the dangerous new threat posed by the Islamic State that had drawn the reluctant president back into war in the Middle East, not to mention getting a sense of Hagel’s other plans for the final two years of Obama’s presidency.
But after several lackluster, low-energy sessions, Obama was so unimpressed by the performance of his laconic, self-effacing defense secretary that he decided Hagel “just wasn’t the man for the job,” according to a senior administration official. That set in motion the decision that led to Hagel’s decorous dumping on Monday by a president who almost never fires anybody—and never admits it when he does.
Hagel, a heavy-lidded former Republican senator from Nebraska with an iconoclastic streak, freely acknowledged his own shortcomingsin at least three meetings with Obama. He had signed on to preside over the end of Obama’s wars, a period the president envisioned as a time of downshifting and pulling back for the over-stressed American military. But that was then, after the 2012 election; now, Hagel reckoned, he wasn’t the kind of gung-ho, wartime consigliere Obama needed as he recalibrates his national security strategy to deal with a new round of conflict in the Middle East.
But Hagel also fired back: After reports began surfacing of White House dissatisfaction with his performance in the past few monthsincluding an ominous column by Washington Post columnist David Ignatiushe dashed off an uncharacteristically sharp memo to National Security Adviser Susan Rice slamming the administration’s Syria policy as rudderless and ill-defined.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/11/hagel-dump-obama-113152.html#ixzz3K34CcLXL

The Nation's Community Organizer has to be an Agitator

The Racism at the top seeks the lowest level of lies and incitement. m/r



 Obama will make a statement about a grand jury's decision not to indict the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown.
The White House says Obama will speak at 10 p.m. EST in the briefing room of the White House.
A grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. The fatal shooting of the unarmed, black 18-year-old sparked weeks of protests outside St. Louis.
The Justice Department is also conducting an investigation into possible civil rights violations that could result in federal charges. -
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WHY DO WE TOLERATE THIS BS? Jonathan Gruber warned of Obamacare premium spike as president promised savings

Jonathan Gruber warned of Obamacare premium spike as president promised savings - Washington Times

Small Minds at the White House Releases Big Bro Plan: 3,415 Regulations

Tell Obama to visit Felix Unger! m/r

White House Releases Plan 3,415 Regulations Thanksgiving | The Daily Caller

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Is Bill Cosby getting the Herman Cain Treatment by Going Off the "Blackness Reservation" for Criticizing "African-American Culture"?

I'm not a fan of Bill Cosby after I saw him in his one man show where he treated the audience with indifference verging on contempt. However, the sudden barrage of rape allegations have a suspicious whiff of liberal political blood-sport payback for his being long critical of the actual lack of manners, taste and actual culture that has been emanating from the "African-American Community."  m/r

Bill Cosby’s legacy, recast: Accusers speak in detail about sexual-assault allegations - The Washington Post

 November 22, 2014

Sixteen women have publicly stated that Cosby, now 77, sexually assaulted them, with 12 saying he drugged them first and another saying he tried to drug her. The Washington Post has interviewed five of those women, including a former Playboy Playmate who has never spoken publicly about her allegations. The women agreed to speak on the record and to have their identities revealed. The Post also has reviewed court records that shed light on the accusations of a former director of women’s basketball operations at Temple University who assembled 13 “Jane Doe” accusers in 2005 to testify on her behalf about their allegations against Cosby.
The accusations, some of which Cosby has denied and others he has declined to discuss, span the arc of the comedy legend’s career, from his pioneering years as the first black star of a network television drama in 1965 to the mid-2000s, when Cosby was firmly entrenched as an elder statesman of the entertainment industry, a scolding public conscience of the African American community and a philanthropist. They also span a monumental generational shift in perceptions — from the sexually unrestrained ’60s to an era when the idea of date rape is well understood.
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How Herman Cain and President Obama Brought Down Bill Cosby

An Unfortunate, True, Corrupt Face of Black-Democrat Politics

The embodiment of Back Democrat Mayors and the ruin brought to American Cities. m/r

FORMER DC MAYOR MARION BARRY DIES AT 78 News from The Associated Press

-don't bother-

Rand Paul joins the Dumb-Ass Branch of the Stupid Party - Rand Paul's Meeting with Al Sharpton

The ONLY good thing Al Sharpton has done is Stick It to the IRS. He did it decease he's a scammer and thief, but ALL of US should refuse to pay to the IRS to collapse this corrupt, thieving agency and force a fair tax! m/r

Thoughts on Rand Paul's Meeting with Al Sharpton | The American Spectator

By  on 11.20.14 

Put aside the recent developments concerning Reverend Al's tax troubles. This is the same Al Sharpton who has more than anyone in America stoked the threats of violence in Ferguson should the grand jury render a decision not to their liking. Anyone who still thinks the GOP nominating Paul to be its presidential nominee in 2016 is a good idea should pause to consider Paul's judgment in seeking out Sharpton in the first place. Paul's press secretary states, “This meeting is another example of Senator Paul’s willingness to work across the aisle to solve our nation’s problems.”

It's bad enough that Democrats have made a ritual of kissing Reverend Al's ring. Republicans should not follow suit. As I have argued before, Sharpton should have been shunned by civilized society long ago.

-full short post-

Saturday, November 22, 2014

How Can Anyone Support the Mendacious Bitch-of-Benghazi?

Stinking Liar! m/r

Hillary 'Disqualifying' Herself by Dodging on Keystone | SUPERcuts! #131 - YouTube

Nov 21, 2014
Hillary Clinton told Iowa voters last month it was "disqualifying" to not answer tough questions. Has she seen herself ducking Keystone Pipeline questions lately?

Friday, November 21, 2014

And They Got to Play in Las Vegas Too! - Can FBI Cut Internet, Pose as Repairmen to Enter Your House? Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?!

Can FBI Cut Internet, Pose as Repairmen to Enter Your House? Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?! - YouTube

Nov 20, 2014
Should it be legal for law enforcement to cut your Internet, electricity, or water, then show up at your door posing as repairmen in order to gain access to your home? A recent FBI sting operation may serve as a test case that answers that question.

Agents suspected some high rollers staying at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas of illegal sports betting (the horror!). The feds didn’t have enough evidence to obtain a warrant, so they got creative: They cut the suite’s Internet, then showed up posing as repairmen.

Once they gained access to the suite, they sneakily collected enough evidence to persuade a judge to issue a warrant. They then returned to the suite and arrested eight men for allegedly running an illegal gambling operation.

Defense attorney Tom Goldstein argues the evidence was obtained illegally, claiming the federal agents failed to mention their “cable guy” shenanigans when they approached a federal magistrate judge seeking a warrant.

The federal case is working its way through the courts and the outcome may allow law enforcement to go further than ever before in using trickery to enter private homes.
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Who needs enemies with friends like this? - A fee to go into Mexico?

With every fee, why don't we return an illegal alien as their bonus? m/r

A fee to go into Mexico? Pilot program underway - 10News.com KGTV ABC10 San Diego

Felix Unger - We must stop Emperor Obama

The incompetent, arrogant, narcissist "Emperor Jones." m/r

Sen. Sessions reacts: We must stop Emperor Obama


Congress must fix the problems President Obama's executive amnesty plan creates.

Americans defeated President Obama's disastrous amnesty plans both in Congress and at the voting booth. Tonight, President Obama defied an entire nation and declared that he will impose his rejected amnesty through the brute force of executive order.

President Obama's executive amnesty will provide an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants with the exact benefits Congress rejected, in violation of federal law. His order will grant them social security numbers, government-issued ID's, legal status and work permits. Illegal immigrants will now be able to take jobs and benefits directly from struggling Americans in a time of high unemployment and low wages. They will be able to take jobs from Americans in all occupations, ranging from truck drivers to power company workers to jobs with city government. Many illegal immigrants will also be able to obtain green cards and become permanent residents, allowing them access to almost all federal programs, to receive citizenship and sponsor foreign relatives to join them in the U.S.

In addition to providing formal amnesty benefits for 5 million illegal immigrants, President Obama has also eliminated virtually all enforcement with respect to theother nearly 7 million illegal immigrantsin the United States. As the president's own former ICE Director, John Sandweg said: "if you are a run-of-the-mill immigrant here illegally, your odds of getting deported are close to zero."

All you have to do is get into the country from anywhere on globe — whether through the border or by overstaying a visa — and you are free to remain, take jobs and receive benefits. This year alone, the White House has released into the United States more than 100,000 illegal immigrants who simply showed up at the border and demanded entry.

And now, with a single pen stroke, President Obama is obliterating what little remains of Americans' immigration protections.

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Gerry Rivers is an Hispanic Bigot. All things Spanish, no matter what, are Superior to this Phony

Every favorable myth and cliché are gospel to him. He is just as bad as a promoter of Spanish negative stereotypes. m/r

Geraldo Rivera: Ya era Hora (About Time) - Part One | Fox News Latino

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Stupid Party is Called the Stupid Party for Good Reason

Larry Craig Just Got Hired by the Idaho GOP | The American Spectator

The Old Toe Tapper :
Fantastic. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Obama's Attitude: SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? - A ‘Particularly Dangerous Moment’

He has never had to suffer consequences for his irresponsible actions throughout his life of mendacity and incompetence. m/r

Roger’s Rules » A ‘Particularly Dangerous Moment’

By Roger Kimball On November 20, 2014

That’s what the liberal law professor Jonathan Turley said [1] about the executive order on immigration that Obama is planning to announce. If Obama extends amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens in the country, Turley warned, he would be “tearing at the very fabric of the Constitution.”
Peter Wehner made a similar point. Obama, he writes in Commentary [2], is “about to commit an act of Constitutional infamy.”  It is, Wehner says, “a stain that will stay with him.”
Strong words.  But they are echoed on both sides of the aisle across the country. “In a broad test of his executive powers,” AP reported [2], “President Barack Obama declared Wednesday he will sidestep Congress and order his own federal action on immigration — in measures that could spare from deportation as many as 5 million people illegally in the U.S. and set up one of the most pitched partisan confrontations of his presidency.”
“Sidestep Congress” and “order his own federal action on immigration.”
Have you got that? “Sidestep Congress” and “order his own federal action on immigration.”
In other words, Barack Obama is just about to underscore his lawlessness and utter disregard for the Constitution by brazenly circumventing the Constitution and the will of the people.  
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Do Tell. You Mean Obama and HHS are STILL LYING? - Obamacare Sign-Ups Were Inflated With Dental Plans

Obamacare Sign-Ups Were Inflated With Dental Plans - Bloomberg

  Nov 20, 2014

he Obama administration said it erroneously calculated the number of people with health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, incorrectly adding 380,000 dental subscribers to raise the total above 7 million.
The accurate number with full health-care plans is 6.7 million as of Oct. 15, a spokesman for theU.S. Department of Health and Human Services confirmed today, saying the U.S. won’t include dental plans in future reports.
“The mistake we made is unacceptable,” Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said on her verified Twitter account. “I will be communicating that clearly throughout the department.”
The error was brought to light by Republican investigators for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, using data they obtained from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
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"QUICK WATSON, THE NEEDLE!" - Nancy Pelosi: Obama's Executive Amnesty is About "Securing the Border"

Nancy Pelosi: Obama's Executive Amnesty is About "Securing the Border" - YouTube

 Nov 20, 2014
Nancy Pelosi: Obama's Executive Amnesty is About "Securing the Border" (November 20, 2014)

With No Clothes: Obama Now ‘Emperor of the United States’

Tell Caligula Obama to stick it ….

We have a waste of a president and presidency where all his wreckage has wasted the time and treasure of Americans. m/r

Sessions: Obama Now ‘Emperor of the United States’ | The Weekly Standard

NOV 19, 2014 • BY DANIEL HALPER  -  Full Short Post
Senator Jeff Sessions calls Barack Obama an "Emperor of the United States" now that the president is going ahead with executive amnesty.
"President Obama previously said he could not issue an executive amnesty because ‘I’m the President of the United States, I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.’ Well, apparently we now have an ‘Emperor of the United States,’" Sessions writes in a statement.
"President Obama’s immigration order would provide illegal immigrants with the exact benefits Congress has repeatedly rejected: Social Security numbers, photo IDs and work permits—which will allow them to now take jobs directly from struggling Americans in every occupation. Congress must not allow this unconstitutional action. That means Congress should fund the government while ensuring that no funds can be spent on this unlawful purpose.”

Der Untermensch muss für das Wohl des Landes geopfert werden

Und Der Führer Says He and His Administration are the Super-Duper Men! m/r

Meet the Snobocrats | National Review Online


Jonathan Gruber’s disdain for the proverbial masses is thematic of the last six years. 

Last week, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Jonathan Gruber,
one of prominent architects of Obamacare, was exposed as little more
than an elitist fraud.

Gruber was caught on videotape expressing the haughty attitude that drove the
Affordable Care Act, deriding the “stupidity” of Americans as a way to
justify misleading them.

Gruber apparently thinks such deception is okay because yokel voters could not
handle the truth about the looming chaos he helped to engineer in their
health coverage.

Unfortunately, Gruber’s disdain for the proverbial masses — he was paid nearly
$400,000 in consulting fees — is thematic of the last six years.

Another master-of-the-universe drafter of Obamacare was Ezekiel Emanuel. He
scoffed on national television that the number of people covered by
Obamacare at that point was “irrelevant.”

Emanuel also drew attention for his recent adolescent rant in a men’s magazine
about the desirability of everyone dying at 75 to save society the
expense of maintaining what he sees as the unproductive elderly.

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White House Doesn't Get It - Networks are Trying to Save Obama from Exposing His Arrogance

Obama is too narcissistic to not have his dictatorial decree and smug mug on the networks in prime time. m/r

White House hits TV networks for skipping immigration address - POLITICO.com

The White House is exasperated with the major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS and NBC -- for skipping out on President Barack Obama’s Thursday primetime address on his executive actions on immigration.
“In 2006, Bush gave a 17 minute speech that was televised by all three networks that was about deploying 6000 national guard troops to the border. Obama is making a 10 minute speech that will have a vastly greater impact on the issue. And none of the networks are doing it. We can’t believe they were aggrieved that we announced this on Facebook,” a senior administration official told POLITICO.
When the president wants to make a primetime address, White House officials will reach out to the big networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS, to gauge whether they would consider running the speech live before putting in a formal request for airtime.
But on Wednesday morning, with plans underway for a Thursday night address on Obama’s plans to issue executive actions on some of the most sweeping immigration reform in decades, those feelers came back with a negative report. None of the major networks wanted to take time away from their primetime programming for Obama’s 8p.m. speech. …
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