"Fascism and communism both promise "social welfare," "social justice," and "fairness" to justify authoritarian means and extensive arbitrary and discretionary governmental powers." - F. A. Hayek"

"Life is a Bungling process and in no way educational." in James M. Cain

Jean Giraudoux who first said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Sir Winston Churchill

"summum ius summa iniuria" ("More laws, more injustice.") Cicero

As Christopher Hitchens once put it, “The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.”

"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Law is where you buy it." Raymond Chandler

"Why did God make so many damn fools and Democrats?" Clarence Day

"If I feel like feeding squirrels to the nuts, this is the place for it." - Cluny Brown

"Oh, pshaw! When yu' can't have what you choose, yu' just choose what you have." Owen Wister "The Virginian"

Oscar Wilde said about the death scene in Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” ~ Jonathon Swift

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The Royal Airhead, Prince Charles: 'My duty is to save the world'

And fill the void Al Gore has left...'If I Ruled the World...'

Prince Charles: 'My duty is to save the world' | Mail Online
It's nice to see the Prince getting confirmation from a squirrel that he is definitely nuts!
Prince Charles believes he was born for a purpose-
You mean you say this stuff on purpose!?!

But the Prince has previously come under fire for hypocrisy over his eco-values.

Last year he commandeered a jet belonging to the Queen’s Flight to attend the Copenhagen climate change summit, generating an estimated 6.4 tons of carbon dioxide - 5.2 tons more than if he had used a commercial plane.

Critics condemned his words as ‘delusional’. You think???!!!!

Graham Smith, of the anti-monarchy group Republic, said: ‘He is under the impression he has been sent to save the world and deliver us from our sins. It’s quite delusional.

‘He will have to be impartial and keep his mouth shut when he’s king. If he really believes this is his mission and he disagrees with Government in future, he risks plunging us into a constitutional crisis.’

Senior royal aides denied the prince was attempting to mould his public image and pave the way to ensure a positive legacy.

They stressed Charles also cared passionately about his other royal duties, such as defence.

One said: ‘In private he has dismissed talk of legacies - that’s not for him to say because it’s for others to judge. But hopefully his charities will carry on for many years to come.

Expensive trip: Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall in Brunei, Asia last summer. For the trip, he hired a private jet, leading to accusations of 'green hypocrisy' as the visit was designed to highlight environmental issues

‘He has said there is a reason why he’s in a position to raise these issues - that there is some higher power. But there is more to his role than just green problems.

‘It’s true that outside royal duties, the environment is the thing he cares most passionately about.’

In a trailer to the film, the prince spoke passionately about his decades-long quest for what he described in a statement as ‘a sacred duty of stewardship of the natural order of things’.

He said: ‘I started 22 years ago on something that nobody really wanted to know about except a few people who thought it was pretty crazy.

‘The way nature presents itself - we’ve turned it into merely a mechanical process.

‘What is happening to the small farmers around the world is simply appalling, as a result of globalisation. Is that really the intention behind it all, just to sweep all these people off the land?’

An Asian woman, who is not named in the documentary, piled praise on the royal, saying: ‘Princes Charles has been a very courageous man because he has never thought through the throne he will occupy - he has thought through the planet he lives on.’

He does, however, speak through the end that will sit on the throne he may occupy!

FDR and the Depression-Don't Let Facts Get in the Way of Toadying

How wrong can Mr. Black be? He jumps through convoluted hoops to make un-makable points in his retort.
Amity Shlaes cut deeply into the myths nurtured from the New Deal and its long term inheritors. Her corrections were decades overdue, but her honest scholarship has been treated by statist academics as heresy! [Mooserider]

FDR and the Depression: A New Round - Conrad Black on National Review Online
My agreements and disagreements with Amity Shlaes.

"Where we agree in interpreting the economic experience of the Thirties is that U.S. unemployment on Inauguration Day 1933 was between 25 and 33 percent; that it was between 12 and 16 percent in late 1934, and between 9.8 and 14.2 percent just before the 1940 election; and that unemployment was effectively eliminated in the U.S. before America’s entry into World War II in December 1941."
"Beyond this, we seem to part company, as on that record, I do not see how Amity could write, as she did last week on NRO, that “Roosevelt did fail to end the Depression.” She applies the criterion of “getting back to where we were before.” When Roosevelt died in office in April 1945, after more than 12 years as president, U.S. GDP had more than doubled from 1933, and was half the economic product of the entire war-ravaged world."

"Amity acknowledges that within a year of taking office, Roosevelt could claim that more than 60 percent of the unemployed were “gainfully employed,” albeit about 60 percent of the reduction was in the giant New Deal workfare infrastructure and conservation programs. Yet she describes this as an “Obamaesque argument.” I don’t think so, as these were real jobs, and after $1.4 trillion of deficit spending, President Obama is reduced to implausible arguments about saving jobs that would otherwise have been lost, rather than creating new ones."
The above example demonstrates Mr. Black's rationalization that FDR ended the depression before WWII by dramatically reducing unemployment though the soft conscription of the unemployed into "giant New Deal workfare infrastructure and conservation programs." This has the same effect as conscription into to the armed forces or arresting the the hoards of unemployed as vagrants. The unemployed become wards of the state, not gainfully employed workers in a free market. Thus the unemployed are then removed (sometimes with police powers) from the potential workforce. Eliminating the statistically 'unemployed' alters the statistic not the reality.
Governments have historically devised paper and real ways to eliminate inconvenient human elements.
Government taxes the actual private workforce, then funds localized projects that literally buy support in future elections. This created a perennial cycle we are stuck with today.

"holdouts finding themselves on the margins of society"

Kindle e-books have surpassed sales of hardcover books Forbes.com - Magazine Article

Grand New Party
Why Amazon Will Win The Internet
Reihan Salam, 07.30.10, 11:48 AM ET

In the 33 months since the launch of Amazon's Kindle platform, sales of Kindle e-books have surpassed sales of hardcover books. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos predicts that e-book sales will surpass paperback sales within the next 12 months, and combined hardcover and paperback sales soon after that. This despite the fact that the 600,000 titles in the Kindle bookstore represents only a fraction of Amazon's inventory.

That the success of the Kindle is good news for Amazon should go without saying. But it represents a remarkable environmental advance as well. The publishing industry in the U.S. felled roughly 125 million trees and generated vast amounts of wastewater. And, of course, physical books have to be transported by trucks, which generate carbon emissions, exacerbate congestion, increase traffic fatalities and cause wear-and-tear on already overburdened roads. One assumes that Bezos didn't have the environment foremost in mind when he pushed the Kindle concept forward, yet he's arguably done more to fight climate change by threatening hardcovers and paperbacks with extinction than any number of environmental activists.

The Kindle is a beautiful example of the phenomenon visionary architect and futurist Buckminster Fuller called "ephemeralization," in which human societies use fewer raw materials to accomplish tasks as they grow more advanced. The rise of Zipcar is another perfect example. Whereas many city-dwellers might have once owned an automobile for the sole purpose of occasionally ferrying groceries from supermarket to apartment building, those same city-dwellers can now rely on a low-cost car-sharing service. Over the next decade an ever larger share of these automobiles will be built of ultradurable, ultralight carbon fiber, which will further lighten the environmental load of driving.

A more ephemeral economy places heavier emphasis on taste, identity and friendship. As we grow more affluent, we place heavier emphasis on consumption than on production. We choose our partners not on the basis of who will prove the best breadwinner but rather on who will be the most congenial company. In a similar vein, we're more likely to choose where we live on the basis of amenities. The most important amenity is increasingly the presence of like-minded people or, more prosaically, people who like to consume the same things and experiences.

The rapid rise of location-based services on the Web--including Foursquare, Gowalla, Latitude and Loopt, among many others--is rooted in the powerful promise of a real world that can be indexed and organized as cleanly and coherently as Google has indexed and organized the Web. A tool like Foursquare allows you to "check-in" to your favorite businesses, allowing friends to know when you're in a particular dive bar and how often you go. And local business owners, in turn, get a better sense of who they're serving and how they can serve their customers better. These are the kind of metrics and insights that have fueled the explosive growth of Amazon and other successful e-commerce firms.

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban recently caused considerable consternation by envisioning a world in which people will never have to actively check in. Rather, everyone will be monitored by video cameras that will use sophisticated facial recognition software and a vast database of Facebook profile photos to pinpoint the identities of everyone in a crowd. This will allow your local eatery to give you a personalized greeting, and a menu that only lists the foods it knows you love. Many argue that this is profoundly unlikely, as the mass public will object to being monitored so closely. Yet the rapid proliferation of CCTV suggests otherwise. If passive check-in offers consumers tangible benefits, it seems likely that the vast majority will happily accept the death of anonymity, with the holdouts finding themselves on the margins of society.

Despite the ravaging effects of high unemployment, the ephemeralization of the economy continues unabated. Facebook, with 500 million members worldwide, might be the most vivid illustration of ephemeralization--a large and growing business that, apart from a few server farms and a few cubicle farms, has few tangible assets--and it has recently teamed up with Amazon to make Amazon's recommendations more "social."

If I had to make a bet on which company would define the ephemeralization era, it would be Amazon and not Facebook. Facebook sees itself as a "social utility," an infrastructure that will remake the Web. But Facebook sufers from a fatal flaw. People cultivate an identity on Facebook by carefully selecting likes and dislikes, which might or might not reflect reality. Amazon, in contrast, knows exactly where you spend your money, thus giving it a more intimate portrait of the real you. A marriage of Amazon and Facebook would create an unstoppable juggernaut.

On its own, however, Amazon has proven to be a wily innovator that eschews the spotlight while hoovering up billions of dollars in commercial transactions--$6.57 billion in the second quarter of 2010 at $0.45 earnings per share, to be precise. Though Amazon is often accused of having an intensely secretive culture, Bezos has been shrewd about letting Kindle e-books be sold on any platform, including Apple's iPad.

Though Amazon is primarily a retailer, it has pursued a number of other business opportunities that seem likely to expand in the years and decades to come, including Amazon Web Services, which allows other companies to rent a portion of Amazon's vast computing power, and Mechanical Turk, an artificial artificial intelligence program that allows would-be employers to hire workers a small task at a time. In a small way Amazon has already paved the way towards becoming a service provider rather than just a seller of physical goods, creating a platform that allows power sellers, Web startups and countless others to make real money. Rest assured, the company that brought us the Kindle has many more innovations up its sleeve.

Reihan Salam is a policy advisor at e21 and a fellow at the New America Foundation. The co-author of Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Classand Save the American Dream, he writes a weekly column for Forbes.

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Saberpoint: Harry Reid: A T*RD in a PUNCH BOWL? (Lampoon/Cartoon)

Saberpoint: Harry Reid: A T*RD in a PUNCH BOWL? (Lampoon/Cartoon)
I saw this title over at Left Coast Rebel, "A Democratic Turd in a Punch Bowl." The post was deleted, but the title immediately conjured up an image in my mind: Harry Reid, sitting in a punch bowl, soaked with punch and holding lemon and orange slices.

So here, for your enjoyment, is "Harry Reid In a Punch Bowl."

Distribute freely.

Decision near on Maxine Waters ethics case - OK, We Know the Black Caucus are Members of the Int'l Socialists, Are They All Under Ethics Investigation

Decision near on Maxine Waters ethics case - Jonathan Allen and John Bresnahan - POLITICO.com
...investigators looked at whether she broke House rules by improperly intervening with federal officials on behalf of a local bank, OneUnited Bank, that her husband owned stock in and once sat on the board of directors. It’s not clear yet what would be contained in a Statement of Alleged Violations if the investigative subcommittee determines she acted improperly.

Waters has denied any wrongdoing, saying she had no influence over Bush administration officials and that she appropriately advocated on behalf of minority-owned banks.

Empire of Silence

Empire of Silence by Andrew Klavan, City Journal 26 July 2010

Ignoring the Law on Illegal Aliens

Ignoring the Law - Heather Mac Donald - National Review Online

Electric Cars Subsidized -Why? Arrogance!

Electric Cars Subsidized by Harry Reid and the Senate - The Daily Beast

Bring Back the Duel with a Vengeance

The American Spectator : Bring Back the Duel
There was a time (never truly legal) when Men, and a few Women, would make settlement with the threat of finality!
At least it ended up face to face and a good shot could cull the gene pool.

"...I'm fighting a duel tomorrow!..." - Capt. Harry Prendegast, "The Adventure of the Tankerville Club Scandal" ('The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' radio-series; 1939-1947).

What is a Duel?

A duel is a fair fight between two gentlemen which comes after one party has "demanded satisfaction" from the other party after the exchange of insults by one, or both, of the parties.

Why Duels were Fought

Reasons for fighting duels were numerous, but the main reasons were to preserve one's honour or to deal out revenge for an insult. Duels were fought between men, that is, gentlemen, who were members of wealthy or socially prominent families. In centuries past, the conduct of a single member of a family could taint and soil the reputation of the entire tree. It would give them a bad name and it would disgrace the offending member for the rest of his life. Individual honour, and still more, the honour of the family and its name, was of the utmost importance, and was to be guarded fiercely.

Such was the importance of an individual's reputation and family honour, that many gentlemen would go to great lengths, either to defend their honour, or to protect the family name. Hence, duelling, then considered the only 'manly' way to settle an argument. Think of it as 18th century machismo.

Weapons of a Duel

In theory, ANY weapon can be used to fight a duel. Anything from billiard-cues, cutlery, kegs of gunpowder - at least one French record states that a duel was fought by two men in hot-air balloons. Traditionally, however, a duel was fought with swords or (from the 17th century onwards), duelling pistols.

Duelling pistols were made by master gunsmiths, and were typically sold in pairs, to wealthy gentlemen. The pistols were (and still are) single-shot, muzzleloading flintlocks. They would come in their own case, complete with accessories, everything from rammers to powder-horns and cleaning-brushes.

How a Duel was Fought

As mentioned, a duel is a fair fight between two gentlemen. These days people think of fights as bar-brawls or full, one-on-one, street-brawls. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, the art of proper duelling was a tangle of ettiquite, rules and manners. If you didn't play by the rules, it wasn't a proper duel.

If a gentleman insulted another, for example, calling his wife a whore, then the insulted party had the opportunity to demand a duel. If he did desire a duel, then he would typically tell the other gentleman that he would "demand satisfaction for that insult!".

If the offender refused to duel, the insulted party would accuse the man of cowardice ("Will you duel, or are you a COWARD?") If the other man desired to leave the argument with his honour intact, he would be compelled to say that he would fight the duel ("Then you will have it [satisfaction] sir!").

One rule of duelling is that it is the insulter, and not the instigator of the duel, that can select the weapons. This was only seen as being fair. Once weapons were selected (say, duelling pistols), then a time and a place would be selected for the duel. With the date agreed on, the two men would head their separate ways.

On the date of the duel, both parties were expected to show up, with their pistols loaded and ready. A flintlock pistol is an inaccurate weapon at best. It is slow to reload and has a range of only a few dozen yards, if that. After loading their weapons, the two men would stand back to back, while a second (each man had a 'second', that is, a companion to the duel), would count out the number of paces. A rule of thumb was that the greater the insult - the fewer the paces.

After the paces had been counted, it was up to the men to turn around and fire. If they both missed, they could reload and try again. If one was hit, the injured (or dead) man, lost the duel. Firing to miss DELIBERATELY, was a breech of the rules and the duel was disqualified.

Duelling with swords (which was common even after pistols became the favoured weapon), could be done to three different stages:

1. To first blood.

The duel would start and continue until one opponent was cut badly enough to bleed.

2. To first Injury.

The duel was fought until one opponent was injured badly enough that he could not continue the duel.

3. To the Death.

Self-explanatory, the duel was fought until one man died.

After the completion of the duel, the insulted party (if he lived) had to state that he had recieved satisfaction. Had he not, then he could demand another duel.

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Christiane Amanpour's Top Ten Notable Quotes from a Liberal Career or What She Really Thinks of American 'Provincials' and Free Markets

Top Ten Notable Quotes from a Liberal Career

GM Volt's price shock. I'll take the $38,000 Lexus hybrid over the Chevy $41,000+ Volt, Thank You!

what we will be forced to drive quite soon (or ride)!

GM Volt's price induces some sticker shock
Obama's Car for 'US'! And it goes 40 miles on one charge and has a gas generator. Plug it in for a high electric bill and a coal fired Bigfoot Print. Please- Where does this nonsense come from? Does it start as a big joke that lays eggs interminably?

Obama Motors’ $41K Chevy Chase

Posted on July 28, 2010 2:40 PM

After driving GM’s new, plug-in electric Chevy Volt, Late Night funnyman Jay Leno quipped that “if you didn’t know, you might think it’s a Cobalt” — a reference to GM’s pedestrian, $15-grand, entry-level small car.

Ouch. Who would buy a $41,000 Cobalt? Or even a $33,500 Cobalt (federal tax credit included).

Obama Motors new pride and joy is an overpriced gizmo manufactured for Barack Obama’s liberal Hyde Park friends. GM will roll it out in select markets – that is, urban markets where upscale Democrats will covet the Volt as their green status car. Call it the Chevy Chase.

Congressmen will get to buy it in Washington, DC as will Obama’s Hollywood pals on the Left Coast and supporters in New York City and even trendy Austin, Texas. Such folks like to say that the Volt is the “car of the future” and that is why taxpayers must subsidize these well-heeled buyers to the tune of $7,500 per purchase — to get the cars produced in the volumes needed to bring prices down.

Sure the Volt is a wondrous piece of technology using state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries that will propel it 40 miles without a sip of gasoline. But auto-company back lots are packed with cool concept cars that never made it because they didn’t make sense for a mass market.

A $41,000 Cobalt — or a $33,500 Cobalt — will always be a niche vehicle for limousine libs looking for a second car. For the great unwashed masses, however, rival gasoline-powered compact sedans priced under $20,000 — say a Honda Civic or Ford Focus — make a lot more economic sense. Rushed soccer moms won’t have the luxury of adapting their lives to the Volt’s demanding recharging schedule (it takes hours to recharge the Volt at home). But that’s something Obama pal Leo DiCaprio can delegate to an assistant.

DiCaprio’s present green ride, the hybrid Toyota Prius, is the first green status car. But the rest of the hybrid industry has not caught fire along with it. The Prius makes up a full 50 percent of hybrid sales — ten years after it and dozens of other hybrids came on the market. Today, only 1.9 percent of all cars sold are hybrids. There are only so many people willing to buy a car because it is “green.” Most folks want a car for convenience.

GM knows this, which is why it is only initially producing 10,000 Volts. And most will be leased at a money-losing $350 a month — a signal GM sees the Volt as a halo car, not a meal ticket. “I’m not sure the Volt is going to be a volume vehicle,” auto analyst George Magliano of IHS Global Insight told the Washington Post. “The technology still isn’t there to make them cheap. At the end of the day, the consumer pays a hefty premium to make a statement.”

But President Obama bought the company last year and the Chevy Volt is what he thinks America should drive. The Volt is “the beginning of a revolution,” says academic Dan Sperling from the University of California, located in one of Obama Motors’ target markets.

But revolutions can’t be sustained by liberal elites. Ultimately, they need the masses.

Rhinebeck gets Trash(ed), See What You 'Little People' are Missing-The Wedding of Tasteless and Homely...

Chelsea's day: What we know - KIKI RYAN | POLITICO CLICK

The Portable Alter [Mooserider comments follow]

Chelsea Clinton's Nuptials to boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky July 31, 201i0- at the Astor Courts estate in Rhinebeck, N.Y.
Carbon Debt Sores as, according to the area paper, The Hudson Valley News, has also reported that gifts have been pouring into Rhinebeck, as have many trucks, one carrying large air-conditioning units and generators.
The Billionaire Commie-Nazi sympathiser and English Pound eater is behind many of the guests, if not in person.
The rehearsal dinner is reportedly taking place at the nearby Grasmere, a 525-acre estate boasting a Federal-period manor house with formal gardens, stucco guest cottages and a large stone barn complex. Another area manse rumored to be serving the family over the weekend will be Glenburn, where the Clintons aresaid to be staying over the weekend. Glenburn is the Rhinebeck home of Eric and Andrea Colombel. Andrea Colombel is the daughter of billionaire financier and longtime Clinton supporter George Soros
The Uber-trash planned to attend include the usual boring suspects,
Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, former Clinton adviser Harold Ickes, former DNC Chairman happy face Terry McAuliffe, media mogul and global warming seer Ted Turner, former British Prime Minister, gray-man-John Major and plagiarist suck-up Doris Kearns Goodwin.
Barack Obama will not be going (press secretary Robert Gibbs said on Monday that Obama had no plans to attend). Also, Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper,will not be attending, either. One perv is enough and he's giving the bride away unless something comes up.

In keeping with the all out tackiness, the reported songs are planned a mix of oldies and pop hits, including several Michael Jackson songs (“Billie Jean” "The Way You Make Me Feel," “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and “Rock With You”). Also on the playlist: “Wild World” by Cat Stevens (how appropriate in homage to Islam), “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding, “Think” by Aretha Franklin, UN sycophant U2’s “Beautiful Day,” and ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” others. One of the newer songs: “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.

The deluxe portable toilets supposedly rented for the outdoor event cost an estimated $15,000, according to TMZ. (They do look fancy, but …)

And best of all- ultimately you and I paid for it and we will keep on paying for it1 We won't see the end of it the way things are going!

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The Arizona Lesson

UPDATE: What Judge Bolton’s Injunction Doesn’t Say [Heather Mac Donald]
The Arizona Lesson by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal 27 July 2010

As the start date of Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070, approaches, the Los Angeles Times has published an article on a nearly three-month-old homicide in Phoenix that no one but the victim’s family claims had anything to do with Arizona’s immigration initiative—not the Hispanic neighbors of the alleged killer and his victim, not the police, not even illegal-alien advocacy groups. “It’s just weird to hear them say he’s racist,” one of the suspect’s Hispanic acquaintances marvels. The suspect had expressed his opposition to Arizona’s law just days before the May 6 shooting; he had invited his Hispanic neighbors to Thanksgiving last year. As for the victim, he “did not get shot because he was Mexican,” a local civil rights activist maintains.

And yet the Times has put the story on its front page as part of its coverage of SB 1070. Why? The official reason: as “an illustration of how incidents in the state now get interpreted through the prism of the new law.” The real reason: to suggest that the Arizona law—which officially authorizes a police officer, during a lawful police stop, to check the immigration status of people whom he suspects of being in the country illegally—is fueling a wave of possibly homicidal hatred against Hispanics. Evidence for this proposition, which has been embraced by editorialists and activists across the country? Zero.

When the Arizona law is not provoking possible hate crimes, it’s destroying the state’s economy, according to the Times. Last Friday’s front-page story suggested that the law was decimating the customer base of Phoenix businesses, as illegal aliens allegedly fled the state. As the paper admitted, it’s impossible to distinguish the effects of the recession from the effects of the law. But even if the law causes a temporary drop-off in local business patronage, that tells you nothing about the larger effects of illegal immigration on a state or national economy. True, more people mean more customers for local business. But not all customers are the same.

The low-skilled, low-educated population of illegal aliens and their progeny in Arizona and elsewhere costs taxpayers large sums in remedial education, emergency-room care, welfare, and jail and prison costs. In many areas, the costs associated with illegal immigration go up in the second and third generation, as the American-born children and grandchildren of illegals get sucked into underclass culture. Illegal aliens make up 22 percent of the felony defendants in Arizona’s largest county, Maricopa, and more than 17 percent of the state’s prison population, though they are roughly 10 percent of Maricopa County’s population and a lower percentage of the state’s population. Their children’s crime rates are undoubtedly higher—the incarceration rate of Mexican immigrants jumps more than eightfold between the first and second generations, resulting in a prison rate for Mexican-Americans that is 3.45 times higher than that of whites, according to an analysis of 2000 census data by the Migration Policy Institute. But even in the first generation, the Mexican incarceration rate—1.8 percent of all 12- to 24-year-olds—is higher than the incarceration rate for that same age group in the overall American population—1.4 percent—according to a Manhattan Institute study of assimilation.

The Hispanic teen pregnancy rate is the highest of any ethnic group in the country—three times that of whites, and 27 percent higher than that of blacks. The Hispanic illegitimacy rate—53 percent—is growing faster than that of any other ethnic group. Children raised by teen and single mothers experience high levels of poverty, school failure, and juvenile delinquency.

The long-term consequences of illegal immigration for American competitiveness cannot be captured in a month’s worth of local sales receipts. The Educational Testing Service foresees the country’s first drop in literacy and numeracy by 2030 if the current mix of low-skilled immigrants remains unchanged. California remains the bellwether for all things pertaining to illegal immigration: thanks to immigration, the state has dropped from the seventh-most-educated state in the nation in 1970 to the least-educated state today, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. Large numbers of California’s Hispanic students continue to be classified as non-native “English language learners” through much of their school years, even though they speak English and were either born here or taught here through most of their lives, because their academic and formal linguistic skills are so deficient. The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems has predicted that California’s per-capita income will drop by 11 percent from 2000 to 2020 because of the poor academic performance of Latino students, many of whom are the progeny of illegal immigrants. In Arizona, the federal government has been contributing at least $600 million a year in aneffort to bring the state’s underperforming students, the vast majority of whom are the children and grandchildren of Hispanic immigrants, up to par, without a massive positive effect.

And as for costs to Arizona’s legal workers, Harvard economist George Borjas estimates the lowered wages and lost job opportunities caused by Arizona’s illegal population at more than $200 million annually, as he told the federal district court in the Obama administration’s lawsuit against SB 1070. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that illegal aliens cost Arizona taxpayers $2.5 billion annually.

The Los Angeles Times’s story on the alleged effects of SB 1070 on Phoenix stores leaves out another critical fact: if illegal aliens are actually leaving Arizona in anticipation of the law’s implementation, a major plank of the open-borders manifesto has been demolished. For years, open-borders advocates argued that immigration enforcement is helpless against illegal entry. Therefore, the illegal-alien lobby concluded, the country should stop wasting resources on futile enforcement efforts. Rather, it should legalize everyone now here illegally and let the determination of who enters the country and joins the polity rest with the billions of people who live outside our borders, not with American voters.

The alleged effect of Arizona’s new law blows that argument out of the water. It turns out that immigration enforcement appeared to have little effect on illegal entry because it had never really been tried: once an illegal alien got across the border, he entered a nearly 6-million-square-mile national sanctuary zone where his chances of encountering a federal immigration agent were extremely low. The real reason for opposition to SB 1070 is that it will make immigration enforcement a reality and in so doing will show that law enforcement works; the hue and cry over racial profiling is merely a pretext. Even if the federal judge now reviewing the Obama administration’s case enjoins SB 1070 before its supposed start date this Thursday, enough will have been learned about immigration enforcement to have made Arizona’s experiment with the rule of law a milestone.

Heather Mac Donald is a contributing editor of City Journal, the John M. Olin Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and coauthor of The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan Than Today’s.

Mexican Officials to Patrol in New York- Rats Overrun New York City Park-Barney Frank causes scene

Mexican Officials to Patrol Staten Island Following Latest Bias Attack | NBC New York

Rats Overrun Manhattan Park

Rep. Barney Frank causes scene demanding discount

Last Updated: 1:54 AM, July 27, 2010 Posted: 12:38 AM, July 27, 2010

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank caused a scene when he demanded a $1 senior discount on his ferry fare to Fire Island's popular gay haunt, The Pines, last Friday. Frank was turned down by ticket clerks at the dock in Sayville because he didn't have the required Suffolk County Senior Citizens ID. A witness reports, "Frank made such a drama over the senior rate that I contemplated offering him the dollar to cool down the situation." Frank made news last year when he was spotted looking uncomfortable around a bevy of topless, well-built men at the Pines Annual Ascension Beach Party. Frank's spokesperson confirmed to Page Six that his partner, James Ready, asked the ticket office for a regular ticket for himself and a senior ticket for Frank, "but was turned down because Frank didn't have a resident ID."

Seven People Have Been Entrusted With The Keys To The World Wide Web

And two people (or less) can destroy the world. At least the web is 7 (actually 5) degrees of separation. [Mooserider]

Seven People Have Been Entrusted With The Keys To The Internet

These smart cards are the actual keys to the Internet. There are seven of them and they hold the power to restarting the world wide web "in the event of a catastrophic event."

The basic idea is that in the event of an Internet catastrophe, the DNSSEC (domain name system security) could be damaged or compromised and we'd be left without a way to verify if a URL is pointing to the correct website. That's when the holders of these smart cards would be called into action:

A minimum of five of the seven keyholders – one each from Britain, the U.S., Burkina Faso, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, China, and the Czech Republic – would have to converge at a U.S. base with their keys to restart the system and connect everything once again.

A minimum of five people is needed because each of the smart cards contains only a fraction of the recovery key necessary to set things right again. This means that no single person will hold all the power to resetting our little cyber world. [BBC viaPopSci]

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama’s War on the West - because he has no concept of American Exceptionalism

Obama’s War on the West | FrontPage Magazine by Michelle Malkin
“Why do they hate us?” It’s a burning question on the minds of border-dwelling taxpayers, small business owners, farmers, and Rocky Mountain oil and gas industry workers suffering under punitive Democrat policies. Eighteen months into the Barack Obama administration, the war on the Ameican West is in full swing.
The Obama Administration treats the American West the way he SHOULD treat Islam!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What a Pompous Putz!

CBS calls when it fits their view of the world and if it's in the NY Times, then it must be true, if it isn't, then it doesn't exist!

Oliver Stone: 'Jewish-Dominated Media' Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context'

Oliver Stone: 'Jewish-Dominated Media' Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context' | NewsBusters.org
"Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi Party! ... Look out, here comes the Master Race! Heil Myself!"
Dictators are so much more efficient, or why I love Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Castro and Chavez...they're all the same!

The Power to Tax Is the Power to Destroy

The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty » The Power to Tax Is the Power to Destroy
Clarence B. Carson • October 1976 • Vol. 26/Issue 10

When Cap and Trade Died - It Suffocated Under the Weight of Its Own Scatology

When Cap and Trade Died | FrontPage Magazine
Like the Hydra with its heads cut off, it will grow new, uglier ones to resemble Pelosi and Reid and will rear itself up again.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Congressman: Stop horsing around with sports votes

Congressman: Stop horsing around with sports votes - Yahoo! News July 24, [2010]
First of all, Yahoo News needs to put the year on their news story date (supidasses)!
Congress wastes more time and money than the all the heroine addicts in the county put together.
It is ironic that one congressman was embarrassed about honoring the Saratoga Race Track:

House Democrats and Republicans have put aside their differences this year to honor the likes of golfer Phil Mickelson, the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team, NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson and the Penn State women's volleyball team.

But when it came time this week to memorialize the start of the 142nd season of the Saratoga race course in New York, one freshman lawmaker decided he'd had enough.

Every week the House spends a couple of days churning out such non-controversial bills. Beyond honoring sports achievements, they name post offices, praise armed service members, mourn distinguished people who've died and recognize historic anniversaries. This year the House has come together to support national pollinator week, national dairy month and national train day.

Chaffetz, in an interview, said he's got nothing against recognizing worthwhile causes such as breast cancer awareness, "but there are too many of them and they're just too frivolous." He said he drew the line at sports bills because athletes already get "more than their fair share of accolades."

Chaffetz gained attention earlier this year when he confronted President Barack Obama at a Republican retreat in Baltimore, accusing Obama of breaking promises to block lobbyists from administration jobs and get rid of special project spending.

He sees the resolutions as proof that Democrats are just filling time because of their inability to tackle the larger issues facing the nation.

Democrat Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania, who voted against the race track bill, had a more benign interpretation, saying these minor bills are a way to get lawmakers to the House floor so they can talk with one another and their party leaders.

Still, he said, "They can get out of hand."

Chaffetz may have the proper sentiment about this, but he is still misguided!

Congress and the Nation would be much better off if they spent five days a week (they only work four at the most) voting for token resolutions, with no expenditures are included, rather than ruining the Country with Recovery Bills, TARP, Obamacare and Financial Institution Regulation.

The American people need to force Congress to repeal everything done in the last two years, turn of the air conditioning and not come back until there is new majority that won't be allowed to turn on the heat either!