"Fascism and communism both promise "social welfare," "social justice," and "fairness" to justify authoritarian means and extensive arbitrary and discretionary governmental powers." - F. A. Hayek"

"Life is a Bungling process and in no way educational." in James M. Cain

Jean Giraudoux who first said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Sir Winston Churchill

"summum ius summa iniuria" ("More laws, more injustice.") Cicero

As Christopher Hitchens once put it, “The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.”

"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Law is where you buy it." Raymond Chandler

"Why did God make so many damn fools and Democrats?" Clarence Day

"If I feel like feeding squirrels to the nuts, this is the place for it." - Cluny Brown

"Oh, pshaw! When yu' can't have what you choose, yu' just choose what you have." Owen Wister "The Virginian"

Oscar Wilde said about the death scene in Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” ~ Jonathon Swift

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama is hoping for another leading from behind 'success' like his "Arab (sprung) Spring": The Arab Spasm

Is the plan to give cover and power to the Muslim Brotherhood, take out a military ally of Iran and foe of Israel or just a diversion from the myriad of corruption and scandal in Washington D.C.?
It has not been explained or reasoned, their are no clear goals or purpose and no clear enemy when both sides are against us. m/r

The American Spectator : The Arab Spasm

In the Middle East, all bets are off when deluded Westerners spring into action.
IT IS BECAUSE we no longer understand our own societies that we cannot understand other countries. We learn little from their problems and crises because we have stopped thinking about our own constitutions, laws, and liberties. The disappointment of the supposed Arab Spring—better described as an Arab Spasm—follows only a few years after the similar broken hopes that attended the fall of communism. Also cast aside are the brief delusion that China would become free once its people owned automobiles, and the theory that countries that hosted McDonald’s burger bars would never go to war with each other. The last of these optimistic fancies was blown to pieces when Russia and Georgia, both thoroughly colonized by the Big Mac empire, fought their savage little conflict in 2008.
The abiding belief that we can plant democracy anywhere, and that it will then flourish in harmony and love thereafter, is never cured by facts or upset by anomalies. It is immune to warnings. And whenever intelligent people ignore facts and defy reason, something interesting is happening. What is it this time? 
When George W. Bush first suggested that democracy might be brought to the Middle East—the last wretched excuse for his Iraq adventure—a few haggard skeptics wearily pointed out that there might be a problem with this scheme. Put simply, majority rule in these countries would inevitably mean Islamist rule. In several of them, divided between Sunni and Shia, it would also mean sectarian rule and a choice between cruel repression and civil war. Enthusiasts for liberal intervention dismissed these doubts as “simplistic,” one of those words always used by people who want to appear cleverer than they are. But for some years the question was not tested. Now it has been, and the simplistic skeptics have been shown to be right in every particular, most especially in Egypt, where nice liberal-minded ACLU types are currently excusing a classic army putsch. Yet for some reason it is still considered impolite for those of us who were right to laugh and jeer at those who were wrong. I am not sure why. Mockery is a good teacher, and leaves a lasting mark on the sort of mind that is untouched by ordinary criticism or mere facts.
-go to link-

Could have been you or your son here? Teen Arrested In Assault Of Elderly Woman Outside Of Church

Duku, not a potential Obama offspring?
The fatuous fathead in the White House hasn't claimed any identification with the string of black teenagers, who have been perpetrating heinous crimes against white folks, since he scolded white Americans for reacting defensively when encountering young black males. What a humbug. m/r

Teen Arrested In Assault Of Elderly Woman Outside Of Church « CBS Pittsburgh

August 29, 2013  

HOMESTEAD (KDKA) — An 82-year-old woman went home Thursday after spending two weeks first in the hospital, and then in rehab.
She was discharged hours after 18-year-old Michael Duku of the North Side was taken into custody on charges including robbery, assault and conspiracy.
Police say Duku and another man shoved the elderly woman to the sidewalk two weeks ago after she attended Sunday church services in Homestead. Duku ran off with her purse.
-go to link-

Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Reasons Not to Go to War with Syria - He doesn't even know who is the enemy!

Who is Obama trying to protect, his friends and relatives in the Muslim Brotherhood?

The U.S. doesn't even have a clear sense of who the Syrian rebels are and what their agenda is.
For god's sake, if the past dozen years have taught us anything about foreign policy, it's that military interventions shouldn't be done in a half-assed fashion, without clear and widely shared goals.

3 Reasons Not to Go to War with Syria - YouTube

Published on Aug 30, 2013
As the Obama administration beats the drum for yet another military engagement, here are three reasons we shouldn't go to war with Syria.

1. It's not our fight

U.S. foreign policy - especially military actions - should proceed from clear and compelling national interests. But neither the president nor anyone in his administration has clarified what America's security stake is in Syria's civil war.

Humanitarian interventions are notoriously ineffective in practice. If the president wants to reduce the violence that's already claimed over 100,000 lives, lobbing cruise missiles or putting boots on the ground is no way to accomplish that.

2. Chemical weapons shouldn't be a red line

President Obama has said that chemical weapons are a red line that no country should be allowed to cross. But even assuming such weapons were used by the murderous Assad regime, the case for treating poison gas as qualitatively different than far more deadly conventional weapons is hardly clear.

Why should weapons that have at most killed a tiny fraction of people in a war be a trigger for action?

3. What constitutes victory?

Obama hasn't just failed to articulate a cause for action, he hasn't even bothered to explain what might constitute victory in Syria. The inherent risks are compounded massively by regional and global politics involving Iran, Jordan, Russia, Israel, and European countries.

The U.S. doesn't even have a clear sense of who the Syrian rebels are and what their agenda is.

For god's sake, if the past dozen years have taught us anything about foreign policy, it's that military interventions shouldn't be done in a half-assed fashion, without clear and widely shared goals.

If the Obama administration can't be bothered to articulate why we should fight, who we're helping, and how we would know that we succeeded, it's got no business getting involved in Syria.

About 2 minutes.

Produced by Meredith Bragg and written by Nick Gillespie.

Visit http://reason.com/reasontv/2013/08/30... for links and downloadable versions. Subscribe to Reason TV's YouTube channel to receive automatic notifications when new material goes live.

Related: "8 Reasons Not to Go to War with Syria," by Peter Suderman: http://reason.com/blog/2013/08/27/8-r...

Harvard Gun Study Refutes Gun Grabber Claims

Blog: Harvard Gun Study Refutes Gun Grabber Claims

Pride of Ignorance on Firearms

Tell them, Hang a sign on your door: No Firearms Are Allowed in this Home! 
No action is taken to do so. Even all the old "Million Mom March" (remember that sham) bumper stickers were quickly removed. 
The irony is self protection is a benefit, the real feature is the protection of the Republic against tyranny!

Pride of Ignorance on Firearms | National Review Online

AUGUST 29, 2013 By  Charles C. W. Cooke

When it comes to the Second Amendment, the Left doesn’t even understand what it’s getting wrong.

For the sneering consequentialists of the post-constitutional Left, Justice Antonin Scalia is a bogeyman among bogeymen and the Second Amendment is an exasperating relic. It should thus come as no great surprise that Scalia’s considered and thoughtful comments on the future of firearms law, offered in good faith during a speech in Montana last week, were met with brash and injudicious criticism.
As revenge for his responding to the question of whether private citizens could own rocket launchers with the modest answer that this “remains to be determined,” the Daily Kos went so far as to suggest that Scalia, whom the outlet called “Supreme Court Justice Fever Dream,” was a “crackpot” and “not right in the head.” Over at the more moderate Daily Beast, meanwhile, Adam Winkler continued to lie about the nature of the Second Amendment, contending slipperily that the “insurrectionist understanding” is false and advancing without shame the smear that “Justice Scalia, that acclaimed lover of originalism,” is “taking his cues from the Tea Party rather than from the text and history of the Constitution.”
As it happens, Scalia’s view is not crazy at all. Indeed, it is the only supportable one. The Left, whose members are typically not interested enough in the details of firearms law to participate coherently in this debate, has long neglected to examine the historical record, preferring instead to dismiss the notion of the right to bear arms as a check on government as being axiomatically dangerous. This is to its great discredit. Reflexively to reject the notion that, as Thomas Jefferson put it in the Declaration, “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it” is to ignore not only the principles that undergirded the American founding but also the British common law that preceded it, the recorded debates surrounding the drafting and passage of both the federal and state constitutions, and the bulk of the contemporary jurisprudence.
Winkler’s insinuation that the American compact includes no way out for the oppressed would have shocked its authors and contemporaries. In a much-distributed article published in the Philadelphia Federal Gazette and Philadelphia Evening Post in 1791, the Second Amendment was explained to intrigued citizens as protecting the people from “civil rulers” who “may attempt to tyrannize” and from “military forces” that “might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens.” The author was channeling no less a personage than the drafter of the Second Amendment, James Madison.
-go to link-

Agenda and Legacy: Totalitarian Control. Obama's war on guns: Rick Perry decries effort to disarm Americans

Every turn he makes is toward the total control over the citizens. He demands subjects, not citizens. m/r

Inside Obama's war on guns: Rick Perry decries effort to disarm Americans - Washington Times
8-29-13  by Emily Miller

Editor's Note: The first of three articles excerpted from the new book "Emily Gets a Gun, but Obama Wants to Take Yours" by Washington Times senior opinion editor Emily Miller.
The biggest fight in history over Americans' right to keep and bear arms is being waged today. There were attacks on the Second Amendment in the early 1990s with the passage of the Brady bill and the "assault weapons" ban. The gun-control battle of 2013, however, could easily see the greatest losses of Second Amendment rights ever.
There are two key factors that make this assault more serious: billionaire New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is willing to spend anything to win, and a longtime anti-gun fanatic Barack Obama, who is applying the full power of the presidential bully pulpit for the gun-grabbers' cause.
Obama's long-time, gun-control agenda
Back when Mr. Obama ran for the Illinois State Senate, he didn't try to hide his anti-gun views. When asked on a candidate questionnaire in 1996 if he supported legislation to "ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns," Obama simply answered, "Yes." He also responded that he wanted laws to ban assault weapons and "mandatory waiting periods, with background checks, to purchase guns."

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/aug/29/inside-obamas-war-on-guns-rick-perry-decries-effor/#ixzz2dT1H8nl4
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At least he had the sense to take his socks off to match his outfit.

VodkaPundit » News You Can Use
Full Short Post

Posted By Stephen Green On August 30, 2013 

From Australia:
A NAKED man was arrested yesterday morning after throwing a didgeridoo at a police car.
The incident occurred between 9am and 9.30am in Ambleside Crescent, Mildura. Police were in the area responding to an unrelated fire, when the man, 30, was reported to police.
Mildura Police Sergeant Patrick Bell said police responded to reports of a shirtless man “baring his backside” at passing motorists.
Sgt Bell said when police arrived, the man proceeded to undress completely and threw the didgeridoo at the car.
“He was completely naked – not even any socks,” Sgt Bell said. “He was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but he has mental health issues.”
You don’t say.

Wearing Spitzer's Socks on Obama's Feet of Clay - Targeting Trump Backfires - Attorney General Now Under Scrutiny For Corzine Case

▶ Targeting Trump Backfires - Attorney General Now Under Scrutiny For Corzine Case - Stuart Varney - YouTube

Aug 30, 2013
Targeting Trump Backfires - Attorney General Now Under Scrutiny For Corzine Case - Stuart Varney

Dozens of Conservative MPs defied David Cameron over Syria: "Cavalier and Reckless"

Kaiser Barry
The world is looking at another obscure conflict where we only have foes.  m/r
Guns of August:

Julian Lewis, the MP for New Forest East said Britain should not "lob weapons" into the Syrian "powder keg".
He said: "Next year we are going to be commemorating the centenary of events in 1914.
"Those events have a worrying parallel. You have a series of actions and reactions which drew in, in an escalating action, one country after another.
"Nobody thought the assassination of an obscure archduke would lead to a world conflagration.

Dozens of Conservative MPs defied David Cameron over Syria - Telegraph
Friday 30 August 2013  By 

Dozens of Conservative MPs have openly defied David Cameron to criticise his plans for military action in Syria and side with Ed Miliband.

In a bid to quell the growing rebellion, Mr Cameron had at lunchtime attempted to persuade his MPs to back him by holding a meeting with backbenchers in Parliament.
Sources close to the Prime Minister claimed that MPs left the meeting satisfied and were prepared to support the Government.
However, as MPs debated the Government motion in the Commons it became clear that a large number of backbenchers were preparing to flout Mr Cameron’s authority.
David Davis, the Tory MP for Haltemprice and Howden, who fought Mr Cameron for the leadership of the party in 2005, warned that the intelligence produced by the Government could be wrong. 
“We must consider, being where we've been before in this House, that our intelligence as it stands might just be wrong because it was before and we have got to be very, very hard in testing it,” he said.
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We are trapped by lying to ourselves. The Racist Liberal System

"None of the revenge assaults carried out by black perpetrators against white victims in “retaliation” for Trayvon Martin ever led to one of those obligatory national conversations on race that we have been having ever since Martin was shot during a scuffle with a Latino homeowner because that would require admitting that black racism exists."
The Racist Liberal System | FrontPage Magazine

By Daniel Greenfield On August 30, 2013 
George Zimmerman was tried, convicted and sentenced in the media on the charge of Racism in the First Degree without a single piece of supporting evidence other than the bare fact of his altercation with a black man.
Had there been a time when Zimmerman had uttered a racial slur then NBC or the New York Times would have dug it up and presented it to readers and viewers first thing next morning. Instead the volume of opposing evidence, including Zimmerman’s advocacy on behalf of a homeless black man assaulted by police was ignored as a fact inconvenient to the racial narrative.
Paula Deen was tried, convicted and sentenced as the Nation’s Worst Racist (after the passing of George Wallace) for using a racial slur about a man who put a gun to her head back in 1986. Walmart stopped selling a cookbook because its author said something bad back when Sam Walton was still CEO and America and Russia were going head to head over whether Communism or Capitalism would dominate. (Communism won, but Capitalism gets to sell cheap copies of the rope it’s being hung with.)
The black murderers of Chris Lane, a white Australian baseball player, one of whom tweeted that he hated white people and boasted of assaulting five of them since the Zimmerman verdict and the other who used Black Nationalist signage, are not being accused of racism. That means that if they ever write a prison cookbook, Walmart will probably sell it.
There is roughly 100% more evidence that James Edwards, one of the teenagers charged with Lane’s murder, was racist, than that George Zimmerman was racist. But the odds that Edwards will ever be charged with a hate crime, let alone be treated as a national poster boy for bigoted violence the way that Zimmerman was are laughably infinitesimal.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cory Booker might be Gay were he dating Arianna Huffington

Oh for Joy, All NJ needs now is another "Gay-American" politician. m/r

Cory Booker is Straight and Not Dating Arianna Huffington - thebacklot.com

Tin Pot Dictator Obama offers new gun control steps

The road to tyranny is paved with lies and gun control! m/r

Obama offers new gun control steps

— Aug. 29, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Striving to take action where Congress would not, the Obama administration announced new steps Thursday on gun control, curbing the import of military surplus weapons and proposing to close a little-known loophole that lets felons and others circumvent background checks by registering guns to corporations.
Four months after a gun control drive collapsed spectacularly in the Senate, President Barack Obama added two more executive actions to a list of 23 steps the White House determined Obama could take on his own to reduce gun violence. [BS] With the political world focused on Mideast tensions and looming fiscal battles, the move signaled Obama's intent to show he hasn't lost sight of the cause he took up after 20 first graders and six adults were gunned down last year in an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.
Vice President Joe Biden, Obama's point-man on gun control after the Newtown tragedy thrust guns into the national spotlight, unveiled the new actions Thursday at the White House.
-go to link for more of this BS-

Scammer and Liar: Al Gore’s Global Warming Desperation

The Lazy Looney Press still sucks up to their big easy lie that required no work for a story, just speculation on Gore's hoax. They did the same thing in the 1970s with "The Coming Ice Age." m/r

Al Gore’s Global Warming Desperation | FrontPage Magazine

By Tom Blumer On August 29, 2013
Those who are wondering why Al Gore chose to publicly resurface in a Washington Post interview last Thursday with that paper’s ever-pliable Journolist founder Ezra Klein only need to look in three places.
First, there’s the recently revealed empirical evidence that the “global warming” movement’s claim that climate change is causing increased extreme weather events isn’t true. Second, there’s a new summary of historical research which blows up the movement’s infamous core “hockey stick” chart forecasting unprecedented, accelerating warming. Finally, there’s a new report due to arrive in a month from an increasingly desperate United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
In late September, the IPCC, laughably described by the wire service AFP as “an expert body set up in 1988 to provide neutral advice on global warming and its impacts,” will release its next set of “scientific data” to advocate for a worldwide carbon-tax regime. Gore’s mission is clearly to start greasing the skids for the IPCC’s next round of hysteria.
Gore told WaPo’s Klein that the earth is already suffering the negative consequences of failing to act against “global warming.” He claims that “every extreme weather event now has a component of global warming in it,” and that “the appearance of more extreme and more frequent weather events has had a very profound impact on public opinion in countries throughout the world.”
There’s no doubt that the worldwide press’s emphasis on “extreme weather events” has been greater. Virtually every such occurrence will cause one or more journalists, politicians or both to claim it as definitive or presumptive “proof” of the existence of “global warming” and the urgent need to combat it.
The trouble is, the actual occurrences of “extreme weather events” has not increased.
-go to link-

After the Parade of Demagogues in D.C. here are some of The Forgotten Victims of Black-on-White Violence

Black-on-White Violence: The Forgotten Victims | FrontPage Magazine

By Jack Kerwick On August 29, 2013 
As the nation remembers Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, it should also note that while the self-appointed guardians of King’s legacy, the “anti-racists,” obsess over Paula Deen and liken Trayvon Martin to Emmet Till, they say nothing about interracial violence when it involves black perpetrators and white victims.
Below is a select list of interracial atrocities committed by blacks against whites.  These forgotten victims are men and women, young and old.
Brad Heyka, Jason Befort, Aaron Sander, Heather Muller, “H.G.”: In December of 2000, in Wichita, Kansas, over the course of hours, two brothers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, robbed, beat, sexually tormented, and repeatedly raped three men and two women. They eventually shot all five victims, execution-style, in the backs of their heads before driving over their bodies with one of the victim’s pick-up truck.  “H.G.” survived. Wearing nothing but a shirt, shot and battered, she walked a mile until she found help.
Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom: In 2007, this young couple was carjacked in Knoxville, Tennessee by four men and one woman.  Both were raped—Newsom anally, Christian anally, vaginally, and orally.  The former was shot and his body set on fire. The latter was suffocated over a span of hours inside of garbage bags—after she was forced to ingest bleach so as to remove traces of her assailants’ DNA.
Sherry West, Antonio Santiago: On March 21 of this year, this woman and her 13 month-old baby son were both shot while going for a walk in their Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood. The mother survived the bullets to her ear and leg.  Little Antonio, however, died instantly when the bullet entered his face.

-go to link-

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How did he come up with this BS? - Clinton: Continuing Racism Means Harder to Vote than Buy Assault Weapon

What a putz!

Clinton: Continuing Racism Means Harder to Vote than Buy Assault Weapon

On the verge of fighting for our enemy ON BOTH SIDES! Obama Embraces the Imperial Presidency

Not only is this whole thing Nuts, once again, but there is a reason why we are not to go to war unless declared by Congress! m/r

Obama Embraces the Imperial Presidency | National Review Online
Suddenly liberals are comfortable with monarchical war-making powers. 

Sizzle no Steak - Obama and the Art of Phoniness

Flimflam  Man

Obama and the Art of Phoniness | National Review Online
The president is more concerned about the effect of his words than their relation to fact. 

And here is yet another Black on White Assault - Woman brutally beaten by group of teens in North Side says...

Woman brutally beaten by group of teens in North Side says... | www.wpxi.com

Is Nothing Straight? - Report: Bobby Riggs-Billie Jean King battle of the sexes was fixed

3 Hustlers
Is there any reason why I should not HATE ALL PROFESSIONAL AND COLLEGE SPORTS?
Let's not even get into little league, soccer and other parent driven spectacles.
These events are are more than overrepresented with dope, dopes, politics and perverts. 
Why should I not be surprised that the fix was in for the biggest polyester event of the 1970s that featured the tennis hustler and a gender hustler. 
I was sick of King and Riggs long before their tennis match even started. m/r

Report: Bobby Riggs-Billie Jean King battle of the sexes was fixed - News | FOX Sports on MSN

Riggs threw legendary match
Updated Aug 25, 2013  - FoxSports.com
The outcome of a decades-old event frequently cited as a turning point for the women's rights movement has come under renewed scrutiny with a television report Sunday speculating that Bobby Riggs may have thrown a tennis match to pay off a debt to organized crime figures.
Riggs lost to women's liberation advocate Billie Jean King, then the world's second-ranked female player, in straight sets before more than 30,000 spectators at the Houston Astrodome and a national television audience on Sept. 23, 1973. 

On Sunday, ESPN's Outside The Lines  revived past speculation that Riggs, 55 years old at the time, lost intentionally four months after the formerly high-ranking pro routed world No. 1 women's player Margaret Court.
The TV magazine's story was based in large part on interviews with Hal Shaw, a former assistant golf pro at Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club in Tampa, Fla., who said he overheard a late-night conversation between four alleged mob figures. Shaw said he remained silent for nearly four decades out of fear for his safety.
Shaw, who said he was working late in the pro shop, claims he secretly listened in as club member Frank Ragano, Santo Trafficante Jr. and Carlos Marcello met with a fourth man he did not recognize. Trafficante and Marcello, now deceased, were reputed to be powerful mob figures in Florida and New Orleans, respectively. Ragano was an attorney who represented Trafficante.
Shaw, now 79, said the conversation in late 1972 or early 1973 centered upon an arrangement to be worked out with Riggs, who owed more than $100,000 from lost wagers on sporting events.
-go to links-

Bobby Riggs, The Mafia and The Battle of the Sexes

Obama just plain stepped in the race pile

Finger wagging Prevaricators of the U. S.
He cast out his blame in the form of a white racist net as the cause of racial violence and his catch has been nothing but black on white race driven assault and murder ten fold. 
How dare he, Clintonesque style, wag his finger and scold us for what, in reality, amounts to his own prevarication on race. m/r

Obama: Back to the Racist Future | FrontPage Magazine

By Arnold Ahlert On August 28, 2013 
America is enduring an ever-increasing spiral of heinous black-on-white violence. Less than a week after 22-year-old Australian baseball player Christopher Lane was allegedly executed by three “bored” wannabe gang-bangers, 88-year-old World War II veteran Delbert “Shorty” Belton was allegedly beaten to death by two 16-year-old black American teens, Demetrius Glenn and Kenan D. Adams-Kinard, both of whom have histories of violent crime. In Poughkeepsie, NY, 20-year-old Javon Tyrek Rogers has been charged with first degree murder and first degree burglary in the killing of 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger. On August 13, two black male youths and their female accomplice were charged with robbing and killing 27-year-old David Santucci in Memphis, TN. Despite these and other incidents, President Obama, Democrats, and the usual gaggle of racial arsonists remain conspicuously silent. That is no accident. All of them have a vested interest in turning back the clock on race relations and they have all played a role in where we are today.
Despite their selective caution in bringing race politics into cases such as those mentioned above, President Obama and his race agitator allies have no problem whatsoever with rushing to judgment and rashly injecting themselves into highly sensitive and controversial situations. Recall when Cambridge police arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. Obama said it was self-evident that the department “acted stupidly” for arresting someone at their own house, ceding to the narrative that the police likely only arrested Gates because he was black and therefore  suspicious. In fact, the police only arrested Gates because he embarked on an enraged tirade and became belligerent and disorderly.
In the Trayvon Martin case, Obama contended a son of his would look like Martin, or that he himself could have been Martin “35 years ago.” In his second speech regarding Martin, Obama did comment on the reality of runaway violence committed overwhelmingly by black American males, but then excused the behavior because “some of the violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of a very violent past in this country, and that the poverty and dysfunction that we see in those communities can be traced to a very difficult history.”
Meanwhile, the president’s solutions for stemming the violence implied that “the system” was to blame and that it needed to be fixed. Obama urged his followers to ”work with law enforcement about training at the state and local levels in order to reduce the kind of mistrust in the system that sometimes currently exists” and “to examine some state and local laws to see if it–if they are designed in such a way that they may encourage the kinds of altercations and confrontations and tragedies that we saw in the Florida case, rather than diffuse potential altercations.”
Perhaps the president could explain how “mistrust in the system” caused two black 16-year-olds to douse a 13-year-old white boy with gasoline and set him on fire in Kansas City in March of 2012. Or why a group of black neighbors brutally assaulted Matthew Owen with with bats, brass knuckles, a chair, a paint can and other objects “for Trayvon” in Mobile, AL in April of 2012.  ...

-go to links-

Hoax Mongers for the assumptions of the Lefty, "Liberal, Lazy Media" - Hate Crime Hoaxes

Al Gore can head the list of Hoaxers, then Al Sharpton, Southern Poverty Law Center, Eric Holder ... it is a long list and getting longer. m/r

Hate Crime Hoaxes by Greg Gutfeld - 'The Five' - Fox News - 8-27-13 - YouTube

Aug 27, 2013
The Huffington Post runs a story about a woman who's son is supposedly attacked in a WalMart for wearing a pink ribbon by a homophobe, but doesn't bother to investigate that the story was a complete hoax. Host Greg Gutfeld shares his perspective on just how pathetic this is.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Does Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side? Answer: YES, He is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama's half-brother is part of the Muslim Brotherhood's leadership. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Anwar Sadat. Then they became the originators of al-Qa'ida. And Obama is their simp. m/r

Robert Fisk: We’re in this together… the US, Britain and al-Qa’ida will fight on same side - Comment - Voices - The Independent
Tuesday 27 August 2013

‘All for one and one for all’ should be the battle cry if the West goes to war against Assad’s Syrian regime.

If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, he has ensured – for the very first time in history – that the United States will be on the same side as al-Qa’ida.
Quite an alliance! Was it not the Three Musketeers who shouted “All for one and one for all” each time they sought combat? This really should be the new battle cry if – or when – the statesmen of the Western world go to war against Bashar al-Assad.
The men who destroyed so many thousands on 9/11 will then be fighting alongside the very nation whose innocents they so cruelly murdered almost exactly 12 years ago. Quite an achievement for Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of the miniature warlords.
This, of course, will not be trumpeted by the Pentagon or the White House – nor, I suppose, by al-Qa’ida – though they are both trying to destroy Bashar. So are the Nusra front, one of al-Qa’ida’s affiliates. But it does raise some interesting possibilities.
Maybe the Americans should ask al-Qa’ida for intelligence help – after all, this is the group with “boots on the ground”, something the Americans have no interest in doing. 
-go to link-

What a pair of dimwits! Attack On 2nd Amendment - Democratic Bill Would Double Taxes On Handguns & Levy 50% Tax On Ammo

These two fools should try to expose the crime and corruption they came from instead of trying to misdirect attention elsewhere. It could even start with their resignations. m/r

▶ Attack On 2nd Amendment? - Democratic Bill Would Double Taxes On Handguns & Levy 50% Tax On Ammo - YouTube

Aug 27, 2013
"The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed"
Which Part Don't Of The Above Line Don't They Understand?
Wake Up America They Are Coming For Our Guns!!!!!
Attack On 2nd Amendment Democratic Bill Would Double Taxes On Handguns & Levy 50% Tax On Ammunition

Our American Casandra - James Bovard - How Washington Protects Your Privacy and Liberty

James Bovard foresaw the NSA scandal coming as the ink was still wet on the "Patriot Act."
Here is his article that saw what foretells the loss of our privacy before Edward Snowden proved it. m/r
“No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” “I’m from the government, and I’m here to safeguard your privacy” is the post-9/11 version of the old joke.

How Washington Protects Your Privacy and Liberty : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education


Preserving trust in government is the highest good—at least for politicians. To create that trust, government continually spawns fa├žades to make people believe their rights are safe. Few things better illustrate this charade than the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.
In 2004, three years after the Patriot Act was enacted, politicians started to worry about the rising number of Americans grumbling about government intrusions. The 9/11 Commission proposed creating “a board within the executive branch to oversee adherence to the guidelines we recommend and the commitment the government makes to defend our civil liberties.” Creating another office within the executive branch to report on executive branch activities was unlikely to produce anything more than extra jobs for Washington hangers-on. The White House edited the 9/11 commission’s report before it was publicly released, so the Bush team had no trouble with this toothless-tiger palliative.
In December 2004, acting on the commission’s recommendation, Congress mandated the creation of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. The same law that created the oversight board also made it easier for the FBI to get eavesdropping warrants on Americans, created a new standard to make it easier to prosecute citizens who donate to foreign charities of which the U.S. government disapproves, and provided a new layer of secrecy for federal agencies.
Some congressmen hailed the board as the start of a brave new era. Things would be different since there was a new sheriff in Washington—or at least that was what people were supposed to think. The civil liberties developments in the years after the board was created offer profound lessons into how the government works.

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Unprovoked assault of 71-year-old New Haven man... "told the elder white male that he shouldn’t be “in his park where young black kids are playing.”

"His park" and he had weapons, voter ID and multiple aliases. Sounds like exactly the type of 'voter' Eric Holder wants to protect. m/r

Allegedly unprovoked assault of 71-year-old New Haven man leads to multiple charges
Jorge DelaPaz  8-27-13
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NEW HAVEN >> Police arrested a 35-year-old New Haven man on gun charges among others after an allegedly unprovoked attack on a 71-year-old man.

Jorge DelaPaz was arrested on charges of assault in the third degree of an elderly person, carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a pistol without a permit, criminal posession of a pistol and interfering with police.

Police say on Sunday, the elder New Haven man was eating a hamburger in the Goffe Street Park following a Toni Harp mayoral campaign-sponsored event that afternoon when he was approached by DelaPaz. Police say DelaPaz told the elder white male that he shouldn’t be “in his park where young black kids are playing.” When the man refused an order from DelaPaz to pick up a football, DelaPaz punched the man multiple times in the face, knocking him to the ground, police say. Several witnesses supported the victim’s account of the unprovoked attack, police say.

Upon police arriving at the scene at around 3:40 p.m., DelaPaz fled the scene on foot. When he was apprehended, police say he resisted and injured the leg of a responding officer. Police detained DelaPaz and say they found a Sig Sauger P239 handgun, a set of brass knuckles and a voter registration card in his bookbag. DelaPaz gave multiple false names before his identity was determined. Police say DelaPaz is a convicted felon.

Let’s Talk about Dual Allegiance and who is fooling whom.

There is no such thing as Dual Allegiance. It is a continuing myth most perpetrated by the non-asimilating Mexicans and Latin Americans who come here to escape the poor culture, crime and socialist style economies, then transplant it all here to the detriment of us all.
To see how well it works, tell your spouse or love partner that you are bringing in a new partner to share your love.  m/r

Let’s Talk about Dual Allegiance | National Review Online

Dual Allegiance
Any comprehensive immigration bill should ensure that new citizens have to abjure their other loyalties.
By  John Fonte                          

This week, Senator Ted Cruz announced that he would be renouncing his Canadian citizenship, which he gained by dint of being born in Calgary. He did the right thing, but the entire issue of dual allegiance has yet to be seriously addressed during the debate over comprehensive immigration reform. So let us be comprehensive, if you will.
The Schumer-Rubio Senate bill, by making millions more immigrants eligible for citizenship in the coming years, will provide for a vast expansion of people eligible for dual citizenship. Is this positive or negative? I would argue that the status of dual citizenship per se is not necessarily a problem, but that dual allegiance, in the sense of the active exercise of loyalty and allegiance to a foreign state, is inimical to American democracy.
The concept of dual allegiance — the idea that some Americans (with the special privilege of voting in two nations) have political allegiance to a foreign state as well as to the United States — is inconsistent with the moral foundation of American democracy. Our form of government is based on equality of citizenship, and dual-allegiance citizens are by definition civic bigamists.
Dual-allegiance citizens exist in a political space beyond the American constitutional community. Besides being part of “We the People of the United States,” they are apparently members of another “people” — a foreign political community — with different and competing responsibilities and commitments. These foreign interests and commitments dilute their commitment, attachment, and allegiance to the United States. (For those who want the long version of this argument, see my 2005 report on the topic for the Center for Immigration Studies.)
The poster boy for dual allegiance is Univision’s Jorge Ramos...
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Not Easy to Narrow Down - Top 10 Racist "African-Americans"

Al Sharpton is #1

Top 10 Racist African-Americans | FrontPage Magazine

By Matthew Vadum On August 27, 2013
Sadly, racism is very much alive in America — among influential black Americans.
It was very much on display Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial where prominent black activists gathered a few days ahead of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I have a dream” speech in order to advance their careers by pretending to care about the state of race relations in the nation today.
Instead of simply using the opportunity to honor the work of his father in a dignified way, King’s son, Martin Luther King III, cheapened it by attempting to stir up racial hatred. He said the Trayvon Martin killing last year, ruled by a jury to be a justifiable homicide in which race played no role, shows that America is a deeply racist country.
“The task is not done, the journey is not complete,” he said. “The vision preached by my father a half-century ago was that his four little children would no longer live in a nation where they would judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
“However, sadly, the tears of Trayvon Martin’s mother and father remind us that, far too frequently, the color of one’s skin remains a license to profile, to arrest and to even murder with no regard for the content of one’s character,” King said, throwing in a pitch to repeal “stand your ground” self-defense laws, which had no bearing on the Martin case.
King is not alone among black leaders in trying the leverage the Martin killing for political purposes and self-advancement. Pseudo-intellectuals like Georgetown’s Michael Eric Dyson said after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the killing of Trayvon Martin that it would be a good thing for more white children to be murdered so Americans could better understand racism.

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All "tohu wabohu," chaos and tumult. U.S. Mideast Policy Has Failed

What is astounding is that there were any reasonable expectations that Obama's apology tour of the Middle-East would have any good results at all. Here is an honor based culture with fanatics who are pledged to kill us. We are the infidel to fanatics, who are more than willing to die in their perverse theology, who are to be expunged from the earth. They do respect poet and strength, yet Obama professed weakness and submission. Obama grew up immersed in Islam. He should have been aware of the consequences of his policies, so their are two conclusions that may be made: either he is a naive fool or he is anti-American dominance in the world and he sees us as a colonial power that requires dismantling for world egalitarianism. m/r

U.S. Mideast Policy Has Failed - WSJ.com



  • August 24, 2013,   

    In the beginning, the Hebrew Bible tells us, the universe was all "tohu wabohu," chaos and tumult. This month the Middle East seems to be reverting to that primeval state: Iraq continues to unravel, the Syrian War grinds on with violence spreading to Lebanon and allegations of chemical attacks this week, and Egypt stands on the brink of civil war with the generals crushing the Muslim Brotherhood and street mobs torching churches. Turkey's prime minister, once widely hailed as President Obama's best friend in the region, blames Egypt's violence on the Jews; pretty much everyone else blames it on the U.S.
    The Obama administration had a grand strategy in the Middle East. It was well intentioned, carefully crafted and consistently pursued.
    Unfortunately, it failed.
    The plan was simple but elegant: The U.S. would work with moderate Islamist groups like Turkey's AK Party and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to make the Middle East more democratic. This would kill three birds with one stone. First, by aligning itself with these parties, the Obama administration would narrow the gap between the 'moderate middle' of the Muslim world and the U.S. Second, by showing Muslims that peaceful, moderate parties could achieve beneficial results, it would isolate the terrorists and radicals, further marginalizing them in the Islamic world. Finally, these groups with American support could bring democracy to more Middle Eastern countries, leading to improved economic and social conditions, gradually eradicating the ills and grievances that drove some people to fanatical and terroristic groups.
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    Monday, August 26, 2013

    With Good Reason! Film, TV Production Leaving Hollywood

    I was born in LA. It was once a great, beautiful place. Now it like a fat, smelly, ugly, old whore-madam who demands a fee from everyone FOR NOTHING. m/r

    Eric Garcetti: Mayor Help Slow Film, TV Production Leaving Hollywood | Variety
    AUGUST 26, 2013 

    ... Garcetti, a series of location managers and other crew workers who spoke in late February tried convey a message of urgency: Hollywood’s homegrown industry is being ceded to other states and countries whose favorable tax credits are increasingly luring away movie and television production at an alarming rate. As competition both in the U.S. and abroad continues to grow, the state’s market share and longtime stronghold on production jobs and spending are fast evaporating.
    “I am starting to see people who have never made a feature film in Los Angeles,” Chris Baugh, location manager for Oscar winner “Argo,” which actually shot in L.A., told the small group outside a soundstage. “In fact, they are afraid to. They are concerned that it is too expensive and too difficult.” ...
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    A Devastating Affirmative-Action Failure

    You should read Michelle Obama's (Robinson's) thesis. It is filled with "essays — pockmarked with misplaced words and odd phrases — were so weak ... writing often didn’t make sense. ... struggled to comprehend the readings for [College Writing] and think critically about the text."
    Critics, who have read the [Michelle Obama's], say it is the most sophomoric, non-scholarly piece of drivel ever and claim it exposes the lack of academic rigor at Princeton, even over 20 years ago (cursor down -- it IS there).

    A Devastating Affirmative-Action Failure | National Review Online

    The Los Angeles Times recently published a devastating case study in the malign effects of academic racial preferences. The University of California, Berkeley, followed the diversocrat playbook to the letter in admitting Kashawn Campbell, a South Central Los Angeles high-school senior, in 2012: It disregarded his level of academic preparation, parked him in the black dorm — the “African American Theme Program” — and provided him with a black-studies course.
    The results were thoroughly predictable. After his first semester, reports the Times:
    [Kashawn] had barely passed an introductory science course. In College Writing 1A, his essays — pockmarked with misplaced words and odd phrases — were so weak that he would have to take the class again.
    His writing often didn’t make sense. He struggled to comprehend the readings for [College Writing] and think critically about the text.
    “It took awhile for him to understand there was a problem,” [his instructor] said. “He could not believe that he needed more skills. He would revise his papers and each time he would turn his work back in having complicated it. The paper would be full of words he thought were academic, writing the way he thought a college student should write, using big words he didn’t have command of.”

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