Urban cowboy won’t give up his horse after Victoriaville tells him to get out

Despite a loss in court, Jean Roy says he will not stop his regular trips into the Quebec town astride Dandy Blue Pine. 'They won’t intimidate me when I know my cause is a noble one'

Once best known as the home of a famous hockey stick, Victoriaville, Que., has more recently established a reputation as a growing entrepreneurial hub. It is the “economic engine” of the centre of Quebec, a “dynamic and welcoming community,” the city of 46,000 says on its website.
And, frankly, it could do without people on horseback clogging the roads.
After a long battle that led the city to rewrite its bylaws, the city last month won a court victory against Jean Roy, the man known as Victoriaville’s urban cowboy.
Roy was hit with more than $8,000 in fines for a variety of infractions, including having his horse in a public place and failing to clean up its excrement.

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