"Fascism and communism both promise "social welfare," "social justice," and "fairness" to justify authoritarian means and extensive arbitrary and discretionary governmental powers." - F. A. Hayek"

"Life is a Bungling process and in no way educational." in James M. Cain

Jean Giraudoux who first said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Sir Winston Churchill

"summum ius summa iniuria" ("More laws, more injustice.") Cicero

As Christopher Hitchens once put it, “The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.”

"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Law is where you buy it." Raymond Chandler

"Why did God make so many damn fools and Democrats?" Clarence Day

"If I feel like feeding squirrels to the nuts, this is the place for it." - Cluny Brown

"Oh, pshaw! When yu' can't have what you choose, yu' just choose what you have." Owen Wister "The Virginian"

Oscar Wilde said about the death scene in Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” ~ Jonathon Swift

Monday, September 30, 2013

It is Not Losing if it gets Shut Down! - Win or Go Home

The way to lose and keep losing is to let Obamacare happen! m/r

"Obamacare: if you fund it, you own it."

The American Spectator : Win or Go Home

A shutdown strategy for Republicans.
Three cheers for the crazies. You know who they are. They’re Republicans in Congress who understand what Brent Bozell said about Obamacare: if you fund it, you own it.
These are the same people who led Washington Post columnist David Ignatius to cry crocodile tears for John Boehner because he’s unable to lead them into another reasonable “compromise” with Obama. Ignatius means, of course, a compromise that amounts to another surrender but with a smiley face painted on it. They’re people who refuse to be talked down to by Republican “moderates” such as John McCain and who aren’t about to be “reasonable” so long as that word is defined as giving Obama everything he wants.
These are people like Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. People like those who refuse to swallow more “moderate” compromises engineered by John Boehner to keep the government open. If these guys are crazy, count me among them.
Republican leaders are clinging to Boehner’s latest proposal for the same reason a drunk clings to a street light: not for illumination, but to keep from falling down. 
-go to link

Most of the Government is Non-Esential! The Shutdown Myths

There ARE some side benefit from the shutdown. m/r

The Shutdown Myths | National Review Online

Has Obama ever read the Obamacare bill?

He signed it. 
How about Sebelius?
If not, why not?
From what they say in public, it just doesn't seem to be the case. m/r

Obama and the Art of Phoniness

It could even be said to be his way of life, or his religion. m/r

Obama and the Art of Phoniness | National Review Online

The president is more concerned about the effect of his words than their relation to fact.

Many years ago, I was a member of a committee that was recommending to whom grant money should be awarded. Since I knew one of the applicants, I asked if this meant that I should recuse myself from voting on his application.

CNN Films Cancels Hillary Clinton Documentary & NBC Scraps Hillary Clinton Miniseries- The Hollywood Reporter

CNN and NBC obviously couldn't sanitize the unhygienic Bitch of Benghazi enough to get her past the Smell Test! m/r

CNN Films Cancels Hillary Clinton Documentary - The Hollywood Reporter

NBC Scraps Hillary Clinton Miniseries

So, What else is News? Most of the News Media have been in the bag for BO - Halperin: Obama Okay with Shutdown Because Media Has His Back

The silver lining is that some of us will realize how worthless most of government is and its being shut down will go unnoticed.
Dems and BO will make sure that the more visible and popular services will be shut down with demagogic fanfare, crying kids and destitute mothers front and center. But for most of us, government is pretty superfluous and will not be missed. m/r

Halperin: Obama Okay with Shutdown Because Media Has His Back

Let us get rid of the spineless "Leadership" - Judge Napolitano ~ Discusses Ted Cruz & JP Morgan Investigations

Remove the likes of King, Boehner and McCain, the spineless leadership in the Congress. m/r

▶ Judge Napolitano ~ Discusses Ted Cruz & JP Morgan Investigations - YouTube
Sep 30, 2013
Fair use

He always appeared as you wanted Hollywood to appear - A.C. Lyles Dead at 95

My experience was only from his interviews and Hollywood Stories, but he stood out as representing Hollywood from its Golden, only dreamed-of, past. My father knew him from the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters. He showed an old style and dignity that was part of its own, and his, publicity. He seemed to know everybody, told honest stories without redress and kept up a genuine sense of grace and dignity now, alas, lost forever. m/r

A.C. Lyles Dead at 95 | Variety

A.C. Lyles in his Paramount office
Lyles started out at Paramount working for Adolph Zukor more than 80 years ago, worked as a studio publicist for many years, and even served as a producer on HBO’s “Deadwood.”
Lyles was one of the last of a breed who made the transition from the old classic studio system to the new Hollywood. Eminently likable and adaptable, Lyles worked his way up from the mailroom and labored for many years in publicity and advertising, giving him an understanding of every facet of the making and selling of motion pictures. Lyles went on to produce low-budget Westerns, and later, television movies and series and, except for a brief period on his own, hung his hat at Paramount. Such an expert was he on the company’s history that he often lectured on the subject and was the studio’s unofficial ambassador of good will.
-go to link-

Holder's Weenie World - Obama Admin Vs North Carolina - DOJ Suing Over Voter ID Law

Eric Holder makes up his own racist interpretation of statutes that are a distraction from his own major crimes, i.e. the IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, etc., of which he is accused of being directly and indirectly involved in their initiation and cover-up. 
Here is more time frittering, racism and incompetence issuing forth from Holder's Department. m/r

▶ Obama Admin Vs North Carolina - DOJ Suing Over Voter ID Law - Wake Up America Freedom In Danger - YouTube

Sep 30, 2013
Why Isn't Obama Admin Suing Law Breaking States Like California instead? Wake The Hell Up America Your Freedom In Grave Danger
Legalizing Illegal Immigrants? - We Are No Longer A Nation Of Laws! - Where Is Holder? - O'Reilly
Obama Admin Vs North Carolina - DOJ Suing Over Voter ID Law - Wake Up America Freedom In Danger

"The Masters of Deceit." Obamacare Website Quietly Deletes Reference to 'Free Health Care'

J. Edgar Hoover was a despicable person who more than anything represented the out-and-out bureaucrat. He appears to have been the model for the bureaucrat from the IRS who smugly testified (or plead the 5th Amendment) before Congress due to their illegal and corrupt behavior. 
At any rate, J. Edgar Hoover, misdirected law enforcement away from his own ineptitude and coziness with organized crime, by pursuing Communist Agents in America. This was justified, even if most of his behavior was not. "A broken clock is right twice a day."
Hoover wrote a book (or had it ghosted) that was entitled: "The Masters of Deceit." It was a more interesting book than one would expect today.
That Title certainly seems to apply to the current President and his Administration.

Obamacare Website Quietly Deletes Reference to 'Free Health Care' | The Weekly Standard

SEP 30, 2013 • BY JERYL BIER

Even as President Obama and his administration are making a last minute push to encourage enrollment in Obamacare, a quiet change was made on the Healthcare.gov website regarding those who will still not be able to afford coverage after the program kicks in. From at least June 26, 2013 to as recently as September 15, under the topic, "Where can I get free or low-cost care in my community?" the following statement appeared: "If you can't afford any health plan, you can get free or low-cost health and dental care at a nearby community health center." Here is how the page in question appeared:
However, sometime between September 16 and September 23, the reference to "free" care was dropped. 
-go to link-

LIES, LIES, LIES from the LIAR Despot - Neil Cavuto Destroys Obama Over Blatant ObamaCare Lies

▶ Neil Cavuto Destroys Obama Over Blatant ObamaCare Lies - YouTube

 Sep 29, 2013

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Unenlightened Despot - There They Go Again

Stalin's playbook. m/r

The American Spectator : There They Go Again

Why would Obama & Co. disarm the innocent victims of armed predators?
So in the end President Obama did not let the Navy Yard tragedy go to “waste.” He finally addressed the nation last Sunday to explain why the deaths of a dozen innocent victims on September 16 should mean more power for him and the government, and less freedom for millions of innocent, law-abiding citizens across America — who are actually reducing gun violence (and much more effectively than Obama and the Democrats).
Obama recounted in his September 22  remarks, “As president I have now grieved with five American communities ripped apart by mass violence: Fort Hood, Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and now the Washington Navy Yard. And these mass shootings occur against a backdrop of daily tragedies as an epidemic of gun violence tears apart communities across America, from the streets of Chicago to neighborhoods not far from here.”
Then Obama came up with this explanation:
But we Americans are not inherently a more violent people than folks are in other countries. We’re not inherently prone to mental health problems. The main difference that sets our nation apart, what makes us so susceptible to so many mass shootings is that we don’t do enough, we don’t take the basic common sense actions to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people. What’s different in America is it’s easy to get your hands on a gun.
Excuse me, Mr. President, but it is not “we” who don’t take the basic common sense actions to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people. It is Democrats who don’t do enough.
-go to link-


This will be fraught with fraud and data theft! It is nothing but "Big Brother" taking down all your personal data and using it against you! The people who wrote Obamacare DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.

▶ 'Uh-Oh Day' Approaches For Obamacare - TPNN's Scottie Nell Hughes - Fox & Friends - 9-29-13 - YouTube

Sep 29, 2013
Insurance exchanges to kick in on Tuesday and TPNN's Scottie Nell Hughes joins FNC's Clayton Morris to rattle off a list of glitches that are expected to take place as Obamacare rolls out with online registration.

The UN is a sad Joke in every way - 'HILARIOUS": Top MIT scientist mocks newest UN climate report

In other words, they just made it up.  m/r

'HILARIOUS": Top MIT scientist mocks newest UN climate report | The Daily Caller

Top MIT scientist: Newest UN climate report is ‘hilariously’ flawed
By Michael Bastasch On 09/29/2013 In Daily Caller News Foundation
Not all scientists are panicking about global warming — one of them finds the alarmism “hilarious.”
A top climate scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology lambasted a new report by the UN’s climate bureaucracy that blamed mankind as the main cause of global warming and whitewashed the fact that there has been a hiatus in warming for the last 15 years.
“I think that the latest IPCC report has truly sunk to level of hilarious incoherence,” Dr. Richard Lindzen told Climate Depot, a global warming skeptic news site. “They are proclaiming increased confidence in their models as the discrepancies between their models and observations increase.”
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change claimed it was 95 percent sure that global warming was mainly driven by human burning of fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases. The I.P.C.C. also glossed over the fact that the Earth has not warmed in the past 15 years, arguing that the heat was absorbed by the ocean.
“Their excuse for the absence of warming over the past 17 years is that the heat is hiding in the deep ocean,” Lindzen added. “However, this is simply an admission that the models fail to simulate the exchanges of heat between the surface layers and the deeper oceans.”

We were conned! - IPCC Confesses No Global Warming for 15 Years

Mark Steyn's Epic Rant: IPCC Confesses No Global Warming for 15 Years | Independent Journal Review

Kyle Becker  September 24, 2013

Mark Steyn subbed for Rush on Monday and unloaded an epic rant ahead of the UN’s 10-day “Climate Week” in light of the IPCC’s admission that there has been no global warming since 1998.

Steyn cites the LA Times‘ “Global warming ‘hiatus’ puts climate change scientists on the spot,” and this is the key finding:
IPCC vice chair Francis Zwiers, director of the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium at the University of Victoria in Canada, co-wrote a paper published in this month’s Nature Climate Change that said climate models had “significantly” overestimated global warming over the last 20 years — and especially for the last 15 years, which coincides with the onset of the hiatus.
The models had predicted that the average global surface temperature would increase by 0.21 of a degree Celsius over this period, but they turned out to be off by a factor of four, Zwiers and his colleagues wrote. In reality, the average temperature has edged up only 0.05 of a degree Celsius over that time — which in a statistical sense is not significantly different from zero.
go to link-

More Scamming Lies - UN Climate Change Report Ignores 15-Year 'Pause' in Warming

Hoaxing, mendacious con-man, Al Gore is having apoplexy at being proven a scamming fraud! m/r

UN Climate Change Report Ignores 15-Year 'Pause' in Warming
 28 Sep 2013

An exhaustive United Nations report that claimed with 95% certainty that humans are responsible for global warming left out data that found the planet has stopped warming over the last 15 years, because it did not fit with the climate change agenda it wanted to advance. 

The report, produced by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),  could not explain "why the planet has largely stopped warming over the past 15 years." So it just ignored it. According to the climate data from the U.K.'s weather-watching Met Office, "global surface temperatures rose rapidly during the 70s," but they have "have been relatively flat over the past decade and a half, rising only 0.05 degrees Celsius (0.09 degrees Fahrenheit)."
In September, a draft of the U.N. report simply could not explain why the surface temperatures have not warmed.
-more at link-

What a freak show! Moment of Truth at the UN General Assembly

It is like a clown-car pulls up in front of an ugly glass building on the East River and the freaks all pile out, who then then run to the podium.
Since the time of Castro's first appearance, the UN has been a giant glazed circus tent filled with bad acts, bad actors and little talent. m/r

The Rosett Report » Moment of Truth at the UN General Assembly
By Claudia Rosett On September 28, 2013 

You might suppose that the United Nations General Assembly in New York is done with its opening exertions for 2013, now that the new UN celebrity, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, has flown home to help his boss, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, tend to such projects as — how has Rouhani described it? —  ”our peaceful nuclear energy program” and “my government’s readiness to help facilitate dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition.” (Quoting here from the Sept. 19 Washing Post op-ed [1]with which Rouhani’s public relations team prepared the ground for his arrival on the UN main stage).
For sure, it was an action-packed week at UN headquarters. Even beyond the round-the-clock news of Rouhani — speaking, snubbing, giving interviews, taking phone calls — there were such episodes as the UN General Assembly inviting the Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas to take a seat, for the first time, in the onstage beige chair [2] reserved for heads of state (part of the GA’s continuing effort to help the PA do an end run around the Palestinian promises in the Oslo Accords). There was the usual appearance by Zimbabwe’s longtime despot, Robert Mugabe, who at age 89 did a remarkably spry job of praising the UN and denouncing the U.S., Britain and their allies (“Shame, shame, shame [3].”). There was the not entirely surprising non-appearance of Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir, who had planned to attend (this plan was surprising, given that Bashir is under indictment by the International Criminal Court for his role in Sudan’s genocide). Instead, Bashir sent Sudan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Ahmed Karti, who spent the first part of his speech to the GA [4] denouncing the U.S., which he said had denied Bashir a visa to attend the General Assembly (let us note, whatever one’s criticisms of the State Department, at least they got that much right). On the heels of all this, the UN Security Council finally eked out a “Toothless and Unfocused [5]” resolution on Syria, or at least on Syria’s chemical weapons.
-go to link-


This is so sadly true and we are in deep trouble! m/r


Published on Sep 12, 2013
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This relates to Obamacare and the rights we have lost! Why the TSA is Unconstitutional

Our bloated government is almost totally incompetent and so is Obama, his administration and especially Obamacare.
Resist it, Fight it, and Stop it!!!

Why the TSA is Unconstitutional - Judge Napolitano Freedom Watch 1-26-2012 - YouTube

This show is sorely missed!
Uploaded on Jan 27, 2012
leave Rand Paul's nuts alone!

Low-Life President - Obamacare Debate - Obama Lowers The Presidency

America does not deserve this low-life liar, incompetent and extortionist as its executive. m/r

▶ Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Obamacare Debate - Obama Lowers The Presidency - 9-28-2013 - YouTube

Sep 28, 2013
Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Obamacare Debate Obama Lowers The Presidency - 9-28-2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

How did these crackpots get elected? Because Worse Is the New Normal

Apologies to Moe, Larry and Curley (who could do a better job, by the way). m/r
"Obama’s pointless, traceless super-spending is now (as they used to say after 9/11) “the new normal.” Nancy Pelosi assured the nation last weekend that everything that can be cut has been cut and there are no more cuts to be made."

Worse Is the New Normal | National Review Online

Mid-20th-century assumptions of generational progress no longer obtain.

Friday, September 27, 2013

This old fool acts more like a "Cokehead" - Greg Gutfeld Hammers Cokie Roberts for Calling Tea Party Anger Racist - 9/27/13 - YouTube

Here are two lefty hypocrites, Al (Donahue wannabe) and Cokie (too tight facelift) Boggs Roberts. Cokie Boggs Roberts should watch where she throws stones in her glass family house. Her father, Hale Boggs, was a powerful Southern Segregationist Democrat Congressman:
During his tenure in Congress, Boggs was an influential player in the government. After Brown v. Board of Education he signed the Southern Manifesto condemning desegregation in the 1950s and opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964

▶ Bill O'Reilly & Greg Gutfeld Hammer Cokie Roberts for Calling Tea Party Anger Racist - 9/27/13 - YouTube

Published on Sep 27, 2013
9/27/13 - Longtime journalist Cokie Roberts said on MSNBC this week that some of the tea party anger at President Obama is "racist," and naturally her remark has gotten a lot of conservative backlash. Bill O'Reilly and Greg Gutfeld mocked Roberts on Friday for being a "pinhead." O'Reilly found Roberts' assessment particularly amusing, because he doubted she'd even actually met a tea partier in her life. He sarcastically intoned, "She's never seen a tea party person, and there isn't one tea party woman in the country that has a hairstyle like her."

Gutfeld called her "pathetic" and "unoriginal," while Bernard McGuirk said Roberts is a "disgrace" who isn't understanding that there was similar venom towards past white presidents.

O'Reilly accused Roberts of being "intellectually dishonest," charging that some of the people she hangs out with are racist as well. Gutfeld just poked fun at the fact she's named Cokie.

How can anyone tell the difference? News media's revolving door to Obama White House blurs lines of objectivity

Most of the media has been sleazy and totally in the bag for Obama. It has been a short road to perdition for the US. From films, TV,  journalism schools to the mass media, objectivity is non-existent. m/r

News media's revolving door to Obama White House blurs lines of objectivity - Washington Times

- 9-24-13

Politico, illustration by Matt Wuerker
Press Secretary Jay Carney wears his Time magazine credentials
while schooling political reporters (from left to right)
The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, ABC’s Ann Compton,
and Politico’s own Carrie Budoff Brown and Glenn Thrush
to illustrate how Carney’s journalism past affects his job behind the podium

News media and politics in the age of Obama have grown uncomfortably close. So many journalists have found employment in the Obama administration that the phenomenon has become a story itself, with a dozen news organizations tracking the cross-pollination between the two and speculating on the implications. The current count of press turncoats varies from a low of 15 reported by The Daily Beast to a high of 24 as reported by The Atlantic.
"I'm often surprised when I hear about colleagues leaving journalism for government or government relations. I can't imagine doing anything else, although I understand how the news business can turn sour for some people," said veteran newsman Mark Knoller, WhiteHouse  correspondent for CBS News.
"My experience in dealing with former journalists now serving as government spokespersons or officials is mixed. Some of them understand the information I'm seeking and why — and are most helpful," he said. "But some others strike me as having turned to the dark side and seem more interested in denying information than providing it."

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/sep/24/news-medias-revolving-door-to-obama-white-house-bl/#ixzz2g8YodWLG 
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Why would NJ Elect the Mayor of Newark to the Senate? Behind the violence

Why expand the failures from the City to the State to the US Senate? No more media celebrities in office. They are ruining the country. 
A vist to Newark can require mental steeliness. m/r

New York News
Newark: Behind the violence - New York News
Sep 27, 2013 
I sat down with 28-year-old Todd Carter just a few feet away from where he was last shot. He has taken more than 20 bullets in five separate incidents, been stabbed and has lost most of the use of his left arm.
Onque has been through the same circumstances and knows some just don't want to change. He said it starts with personal responsibility. Onque is hoping to create a new cycle of peace, where instead of the reflex being to shoot, the reflex is to help. And he is living this by his example.

Read more: http://www.myfoxny.com/Story/23543411/newark-behind-the-violence#ixzz2g8SYGgHw

DO NOT FORGET Benghazi Scandal - RPT: State Dept Ignored Security Recomendations From Benghazi

The Bitch of Benghazi and Obama are treating the Deaths in Libya as a "Public Relations" problem! m/r

▶ Benghazi Scandal - RPT: State Dept Ignored Security Recomendations From Benghazi - YouTube

Sep 26, 2013
Benghazi Scandal - RPT: State Dept Ignored Security Recomendations From Benghazi

It is Astounding how one, seemingly incompetent man, can make such a mess of things! Obama: The Anti-Post-Racial President

Part of the answer is that he has a lot of help.
Here is a result that seems to be growing in frequency:

Greenville Wal-Mart Shooter Picked Victims By Race 
GREENVILLE, N.C. 9-25-13 (AP/CBS Charlotte) — A man who shot four people near a Greenville Wal-Mart in June picked out his victims because they were white, according to several indictments handed down against him.
Lakim Faust had more than 100 rounds of ammunition when he started shooting at people who were standing outside at a law firm and a shopping center in June, authorities said.
A grand jury indicted Faust on 14 charges Monday, including four counts of attempted first-degree murder.
Faust, who is black, picked out his victims based on their race, according to the indictments. The documents didn’t specify why Faust wanted to shoot white people, and police have not talked about why he picked out his targets. Earlier reports had indicated that Faust was  shooting “indiscriminately.”

Obama: The Anti-Post-Racial President | FrontPage Magazine

By Jack Kerwick On September 27, 2013 
During the 2008 presidential campaign, legions of commentators from across the political spectrum did their best to convince themselves and the electorate that the election of America’s “first black president”—then Senator Barack Hussein Obama—promised to usher in a new era of race relations, a “post-racial” epoch.
Judging from a Gallup poll conducted shortly before the election, voters bought it: over half of all Americans were confident that interracial relations would dramatically improve because of this “historic” event.
In the wake of his election, this number soared to seven out of ten Americans who entertained high hopes for the future of race relations in America—and the world.
Obama was going to “fundamentally transform” America by redeeming it of its historical transgressions, namely, its treatment of its black citizens.
Even someone as ordinarily sensible as John McWhorter endorsed this nonsense....

Even prior to his election Obama had the distinction of introducing to the nation the toxic “black liberationist,” his pastor and “spiritual mentor” of over 20 years, the close friend of Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan, the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright.  ...

... Long before any facts were in, Obama made the now infamous comment that if he had had a son, the latter would look like “Trayvon.”
The implication was unmistakable: Trayvon Martin was indeed killed in cold blood because of the color of his skin.
Our president is contemptible.
-go to the above links-

Lying to Preserve Honor - Part of Islam - The Iranian ‘Moderate’

If honor can be preserved, then they will even lie to Allah. If it works, then these low life's are blessed.
Lying to infidels and each other is the way of life in the middle east.  m/r

The Iranian ‘Moderate’ | National Review Online

Hassan Rouhani is no trustworthy, useful negotiating partner.

The search, now 30 years old, for Iranian “moderates” goes on. Amid the enthusiasm of the latest sighting, it’s worth remembering that the highlight of the Iran-contra arms-for-hostages debacle was the secret trip to Tehran taken by Robert McFarlane, President Reagan’s former national-security adviser. He brought a key-shaped cake symbolizing the new relations he was opening with the “moderates.”
We know how that ended.
Three decades later, the mirage reappears in the form of Hassan Rouhani. Strange résumé for a moderate: 35 years of unswervingly loyal service to the Islamic Republic as a close aide to Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei. Moreover, Rouhani was one of only six presidential candidates, another 678 having been disqualified by the regime as ideologically unsound. That puts him in the 99th percentile for fealty.
Rouhani is Khamenei’s agent but, with a smile and style, he’s now hailed as the face of Iranian moderation. Why? Because Rouhani wants better relations with the West.
Well, what leader would not want relief from Western sanctions that have sunk Iran’s economy, devalued its currency, and caused widespread hardship? The test of moderation is not what you want but what you’re willing to give. After all, sanctions were not slapped on Iran for amusement. It was to enforce multiple Security Council resolutions demanding a halt to uranium enrichment.
Yet in his lovey-dovey Washington Post op-ed, his U.N. speech, and various interviews, Rouhani gives not an inch on uranium enrichment. Indeed, he has repeatedly denied that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons at all. Or ever has been. Such a transparent falsehood — what country swimming in oil would sacrifice its economy just to produce nuclear electricity that advanced countries like Germany are already abandoning? — is hardly the basis for a successful negotiation.
-go to link-

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Obama must have picked up the wrong diploma - Constitutionally Illiterate

Who works for whom? m/r

The American Spectator : Constitutionally Illiterate

When it comes to the Constitution and Obamacare, the Democrats are proud to be Know Nothings.
Displaying their ignorance of the U.S. Constitution, Democratic bigwigs are excoriating Republican members of the House of Representatives for attaching a condition — no Obamacare — to a stopgap bill to fund the government. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called it “extortion.” Rep. Steny Hoyer labeled it “hostage-taking.” Rep. Nancy Pelosi termed it “legislative arson.”
In truth, what the House Republicans are doing is not blackmail. It’s checks and balances in action. Congress has always had the power to attach almost any condition — including repealing or changing a law — to appropriations. The framers wrote the Constitution that way for good reason.
The nation’s first plan of government, the Articles of Confederation, had no president. When the framers gathered in 1787 to write a second, more effective plan, they reluctantly created the presidency. Reluctantly, because the founders worried that a president would accumulate power and spend flagrantly as they had seen the despotic kings of Europe do.
-go to link-

That Dog Won't Hunt : IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund

Oh, its just $67,000,000!? Slush Fund!????!!!
It's not like it's the $Billions wasted every year or the $Trillion in Debt rung up every year.
Abolish the IRS and retard all spending!  Stop Obamacare as the first savings! m/r

Americans for Tax Reform : IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund
September 25, 2013
John Kartch 

The IRS is unable to account for $67 million spent from a slush fund established for Obamacare implementation, according to a TIGTA report released today.
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The IRS is unable to account for $67 million spent from a slush fund established for Obamacare implementation, according to a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report released today. 
The “Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund” (HIRIF) was tucked into Obamacare in order to give the IRS money to enforce the tax provisions of the healthcare law.  The fund, totaling some $1 billion of taxpayer money, was used to roll out enforcement mechanisms for the approximately 50 tax provisions of Obamacare. 
According to the report:  “Specifically, the IRS did not account for or attempt to quantify approximately $67 million [from the slush fund] of indirect ACA costs incurred for Fiscal Years 2010 through 2012.”
The report also found several other abuses of taxpayer funds, including: -go to link-

Read more: http://atr.org/irs-watchdog-million-missing-obamacare-slush-a7886#ixzz2g10O6dnM
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Do we think these arrogant So-and-So's will listen to us? Meltdown! GOP bosses’ phones unplugged

We have our doubts, but Ted Cruz caused the to get an earful.
Resist Obamacare in every way! Do not comply! Tell them to see Felix Unger! m/r

Meltdown! GOP bosses’ phones unplugged
9-25-13 by GARTH KANT

Senators flooded with demands to support Obamacare defunding

WASHINGTON — Following the epic, 21-hour speech by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, supporting the defunding of Obamacare, either voters made so many calls to establishment Republicans that their phone lines melted, or those GOP leaders took their phones off the hook.
Even in this age of digital wizardry and limitless voicemail, callers could not get through at all to Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.
A message said the senator was experiencing a high volume of calls and directed members of the public to call back later or visit his website.
It was the same story with the man who was the face of the GOP in the 2008 elections, former GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.
His phone was off the hook, too. Callers got a message stating his voicemail box was full.
  [you expected anything else from McCain?]

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now it is a TWO FOR: ABOLISH OBAMACARE and the IRS - Obama on Obamacare: “We did raise taxes on some things.”

The Obamacare Express
How many lies can we take from Obama?
How much corruption and abuse can we stand?
It is literally going to rob and kill us! m/r

Americans for Tax Reform : Obama on Obamacare: “We did raise taxes on some things.”
Sept 25, 2013

Obama on Obamacare: “We did raise taxes on some things.”

"Some things" means uninsured families, med devices,flex accounts, small businesses, people with high medical bills and even charitable hospitals.
During his Tuesday remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative, President Obama admitted that his health care law raises taxes:  “So what we did — it’s paid for by a combination of things. We did raise taxes on some things.”
“Some things” is an understatement. Below is just a partial list of Obamacare’s new or higher taxes on Americans:
Starting in tax year 2013:
Obamacare Medical Device Tax:  Medical device manufacturers employ 409,000 people in 12,000 plants across the country. Obamacare imposes a new 2.3 percent excise tax on gross sales – even if the company does not earn a profit in a given year.  In addition to killing small business jobs and impacting research and development budgets, this will make everything from pacemakers to artificial hips more expensive.
Obamacare High Medical Bills Tax: Before Obamacare, Americans facing high medical expenses were allowed a deduction to the extent that those expenses exceeded 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI).  Obamacare now imposes a threshold of 10 percent of AGI.  Therefore, Obamacare not only makes it more difficult to claim this deduction, it widens the net of taxable income.
According to the IRS, 10 million families took advantage of this tax deduction in 2009, the latest year of available data. Almost all are middle class. The average taxpayer claiming this deduction earned just over $53,000 annually. ATR estimates that the average income tax increase for the average family claiming this tax benefit will be $200 - $400 per year. To learn more about this tax, click here. 
Obamacare Flexible Spending Account Tax:  The 30 - 35 million Americans who use a pre-tax Flexible Spending Account (FSA) at work to pay for their family’s basic medical needs ...

Obamacare Super Saver Surtax: A new, 3.8 percent surtax on investment income ...
Obamacare Medicare Payroll Tax Increase...
Starting in tax year 2014:
Obamacare Individual Mandate Non-Compliance Tax:  Starting in 2014, anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance – as defined by President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services -- must pay an income surtax to the IRS. (Delayed by Obama to 2015) Obamacare Employer Mandate Tax...
Obamacare Tax on Health Insurers:  Annual tax on the industry imposed relative to health insurance premiums collected that year.  The tax phases in gradually until 2018.  Fully imposed on firms with $50 million in profits.
Starting in tax year 2018:
Obamacare Tax on Union Member and Early Retiree Health Insurance Plans...

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