"Fascism and communism both promise "social welfare," "social justice," and "fairness" to justify authoritarian means and extensive arbitrary and discretionary governmental powers." - F. A. Hayek"

"Life is a Bungling process and in no way educational." in James M. Cain

Jean Giraudoux who first said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Sir Winston Churchill

"summum ius summa iniuria" ("More laws, more injustice.") Cicero

As Christopher Hitchens once put it, “The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.”

"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Law is where you buy it." Raymond Chandler

"Why did God make so many damn fools and Democrats?" Clarence Day

"If I feel like feeding squirrels to the nuts, this is the place for it." - Cluny Brown

"Oh, pshaw! When yu' can't have what you choose, yu' just choose what you have." Owen Wister "The Virginian"

Oscar Wilde said about the death scene in Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” ~ Jonathon Swift

Monday, November 30, 2015

It Certainly is Your Fault because the likes of Bill Nye and Al Gore, Obama... Just Keep Lying About Climate Change

Scientist Bill Nye: Climate Change is 'Our Fault' | Truth Revolt

  On Sunday, climate activists took to the streets in New York, the day before the climate summit in Paris, and demanded a fight against global warming.

About 5,000 people protested and marched outside New York's City Hall, organizers said.

"The climate is changing. It's our fault, and we have to get to work on this now,” said Bill Nye, the science educator known as the “Science Guy.” Nye went on to say that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has nearly doubled since the advent of the steam engine.

“The most important greenhouse gas has almost doubled in less than two centuries,” he said. “As long as we each focus only on our individual decisions and their short-term consequences, we will act like renters, not owners of this Earth.”

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World-Wide Climate Hoax Extortion Racket


If Bill Gates and Prince Charles believe so strongly and want Billions spent on this Hoax, let them SPEND their own money, not force us to pay for their schemes.  m/r

Prince Charles opens Paris climate summit with warning | Daily Mail Online

‘How would we explain it to our grandchildren?’: David Cameron and Prince Charles call on largest-ever gathering of world leaders to take action at historic climate summit in Paris 

Around 150 world leaders have gathered at conference centre in Paris suburbs in a bid to stave off global warming
They include PM David Cameron, China's Xi Jinping, India's Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin
Mr Cameron asked, not what do we need to succeed, but what would we say to our grandchildren if we failed?
Prince Charles tells leaders to 'think of your grandchildren, as I think of mine' in rallying call for immediate action
Bill Gates leads scheme where 19 countries pledge to double spending on low or no-carbon energy to $20billion
Some 2,800 police and soldiers form a ring of steel around centre in wake of ISIS terror attacks in French capital

PUBLISHED: 04:35 EST, 30 November 2015

-don't bother-

Sunday, November 29, 2015

A good prospect for the "Darwin Awards"

Suspected burglar stuck in Huron home’s chimney dies after residents light fire | Fresno Bee

Dear Mark Steyn: I Love "The Philadelphia Story" (1940) and Hate "High Society (1956)"

Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart and Ruth Hussey in 'The Philadelphia Story'
MGM took one of its best, most sophisticated movies (originally a great Broadway Play by Phillip Barry, who also wrote "Holiday") and turned it into a second class musical.
Don't get me wrong, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Cole Porter were great in other places, but not paired with Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Celeste Holme. Their chemistry together was a fizzle. The songs were not up to Cole Porter's standard (even the music in "The Philadelphia Story" was better), Bing boo-booed through his part, Sinatra just crooned, and the coolness of Grace Kelly turned icy. "High Society" was a low follow-up to "The Philadelphia Story." m/r

High Society: A SteynOnline Audio Special :: SteynOnline

The Vituperative Nastiness of the Bitch-of-Benghazi

Maybe she meant her name was really Edmund? 
Her flagrant lies are without limit. Worst of all, she is a terrible liar. m/r
"[T]he Clintons, like cockroaches and the Kardashians, would always be with us, forever playing the same shell game on the American people and  laughing as we fall for it."
Hillary Clinton’s million little lies | New York Post

by Michael Walsh  11-28-15

To hear Hillary Clinton tell it, she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Mount Everest — even though she was already 6 years old when he made his famous ascent.

On a visit to war-torn Bosnia in 1996, she claimed she and her entourage landed under sniper fire and had to run “with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base” — although videos of her arrival show her waltzing serenely across the tarmac, waving to the crowd.

She blamed the 2012 attack on American diplomatic and intelligence-gathering installations in Benghazi on “a disgusting video” when she knew almost from the first moment that it was a jihadist assault that took the lives of four Americans, including the ambassador to Libya.

No wonder the late William Safire, writing in The New York Times in 1996, at the height of the Whitewater investigation, called her a “congenital liar.” Said Safire: “She is in the longtime habit of lying; and she has never been called to account for lying herself or in suborning lying in her aides and friends.”

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It is Unconstitutional for Bureaucrats to Write Law, So Why ARE They Doing It?

Congress & Administrative State Fight | National Review Online

Islamophobia should be a badge of Reason and Safety

Fact is not Slander!
It will help to save US from a fate worse than Europe and what Obama plans for us! m/r

Syrian Refugee Debate: The Real Problem with Muslim Immigration | National Review Online

The Controversy over Syrian Refugees Misses the Question We Should Be Asking

by Andrew C. McCarthy November 28, 2015 

 The jihad waged by radical Islam rips at France from within. The two mass-murder attacks this year that finally induced President Francois Hollande to concede a state of war are only what we see.

Unbound by any First Amendment, the French government exerts pressure on the media to suppress bad news. We do not hear much about the steady thrum of insurrection in the banlieues: the thousands of torched automobiles, the violence against police and other agents of the state, the pressure in Islamic enclaves to ignore the sovereignty of the Republic and conform to the rule of sharia. ...

So how many of us look across the ocean at Europe and say, “Yeah,  let’s bring some of that here”?

 None of us with any sense. Alas, “bring it here” is the order of the day in Washington, under the control of leftists bent on fundamentally transforming America (Muslims in America overwhelmingly support Democrats) and the progressive-lite GOP, which fears the “Islamophobia” smear nearly as much as the “racist” smear. 

This, no doubt, is why what is described as the “controversy over Syrian refugees” is among the most deceitful public debates in recent memory — which, by Washington standards, is saying something.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/427698/syria-refugees-debate-muslim-immigration

Seeking to Regulate EVERYTHING! L.A. (in a desert) should just be happy it ever gets rain

It's not just in L.A.  Do-gooders and busy-bodies everywhere are trying to regulate everything, including our every breath. m/r

L.A. considers suspending trash pickup when heavy rainfall is forecast - LA Times

"Cock and Bull"

Another danger of climate change: Giant flying boulders? - The Washington Post

-don't bother-

Saturday, November 28, 2015

UN Climate Con: Con-men of the World Unite

Paris climate change talks: What the different groups attending expect from these crucial meetings | Europe | News | The Independent

GOP is the Stupid Party, It Eats Its Own Once Again

Karl Rove Opens His Rolodex for Ben Carson - Bloomberg Politics

​"Global Warming" Turkeys are Looking to Tax the Stuffing Out of You

​CBS News: ‘Should your turkey be taxed for climate change?’ | Climate Depot

UN Summit in Paris: Why deal with something hard and real as ISIS?

Having a summit on an imaginary climate crisis is easy, irresponsible and can have lasting political perks, including more regulations with high fees attached, citizen control, high taxes and limitless adoration by the gullible masses. m/r

No global warming at all for 18 years 9 months – a new record – The Pause lengthens again – just in time for UN Summit in Paris | Climate Depot

Progressive's Icon Irony

Regression Analysis.

Woodrow Wilson and the Campus Taliban | The American Spectator

By Daniel J. Flynn – 11.27.15

The progressives devour their own.

The march of history moves so swiftly that yesterday’s progressive hero inevitably becomes today’s reactionary villain.

Progressives delighted when Woodrow Wilson took the reins at Princeton University. The first non-clergyman to lead the Ivy League school, Wilson further secularized an institution founded on religious principles and nudged a college imparting broad knowledge into more of a university of
specialized instruction. But the Virginia-born political scientist also held uncouth racial opinions, which inspires the Campus Taliban to ready their sandblasters to remove his name off Princeton’s gothic buildings.

When do the sins of the Goths coax the wrecking ball to the New Jersey campus’s arresting architecture?

The New York Times calls America’s 28th president “an unapologetic racist whose administration rolled back the gains that African-Americans achieved just after the Civil War, purged black workers from influential jobs and transformed the government into an instrument of white supremacy.”

The editorialists are not wrong, just late. ...

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Obama and Ryan give preferential support to Illegal Aliens before Americans

Contrary to what they contend, the border, thanks to them in a large part, is out of control. m/r

Number of migrants illegally crossing Rio Grande sharply rises | News & Observer

New York Times News Service

Apprehensions of migrant families have increased 150 percent over the same period in 2014 -

The number of unaccompanied children caught by Border Patrol has more than doubled -

The new flows come after a year of declines in illegal crossings across the southwest border -

,,, Once again, smugglers are bringing hundreds of women and children each day to the Mexican banks of the river and sending them across in rafts. In a season when illegal crossings normally go down, “The numbers have started going the other way,” said Raul L. Ortiz, acting chief of the Border Patrol for the Rio Grande Valley. Since Oct. 1, official figures show, Border Patrol apprehensions of migrant families in this region have increased 150 percent over the same period last year, while the
number of unaccompanied children caught by agents has more than doubled.

The new flows here are smaller than the surge in the summer of 2014 but come after a year of declines in illegal crossings across the southwest border. The increases come as Americans’ concerns about border security are heightened after the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris raised fears that terrorists would try to sneak into the United States. And they are complicating the Obama administration’s efforts to reassure the country that the border is under control.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/latest-news/article46680845.html#storylink=cpy
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Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/latest-news/article46680845.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/latest-news/article46680845.html#storylink=cpy

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Monkey's Uncle Lefties had Talking Points for the Republican Uncle to Ruin His Thanksgiving Dinner

The Cold Civil War On Thanksgiving–Thanksgiving Table Arguments About “Racism” Are Only Happening In White Families | VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform

Obama insults America on Thanksgiving

Obama IS an insult to America. He mangels history once again! m/r

Obama compares Syrian refugees to pilgrims on the Mayflower | TheHill

Star Wars Sucks and So Does Star Trek - It's High Time Someone Said It

Alec Guinness must have only been in the terrible film for the money. m/r

Katherine Timpf: No Apology for Star Wars Joke | National Review Online

by Katherine Timpf November 24, 2015

 More than a month ago, I made some jokes about Star Wars on Red Eye, a satirical political comedy show that airs at 3 a.m., and it has resulted in me being verbally abused and told to die by a mob of enraged fans for the past four days now. 

 The capital-offense comments were: 
 “I have never had any interest in watching space nerds poke each other with their little space nerd sticks, and I’m not going to start now.”

 “Yesterday I tweeted something, and all I said was that I wasn’t familiar with Star Wars because I’ve been too busy liking cool things and being attractive.”

 Now, I received a few death threats right after I posted the aforementioned tweet — which, by the way, was why I was saying Star Wars fans were “crazy” in the first place. Overall, though, it wasn’t a big deal, and I kind of forgot about it.

Read more at:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Democrats are Imbeciles - Obama Has Reached the 'Bottom of the Barrel'

Obama is really stupid! m/r

Charles Krauthammer: Obama Has Reached the 'Bottom of the Barrel' - YouTube

 Nov 24, 2015
Charles Krauthammer said on "The O'Reilly Factor" that he believes President Obama has reached "the bottom of the barrel" in his attempts to defend his strategy to combat ISIS.

Bill O'Reilly noted that a few days ago in Malaysia, Obama criticized the American media for how it reports on terror attacks, calling on reporters "to maintain perspective."

The president suggested that the media should be careful to "not empower, in any way, these terrorist organizations or elevate them in ways that make it easier for them to recruit."

Krauthammer responded that Obama is now "so naked on the world stage" as people in both parties - including leading Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Obama's former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta - recognize that "his strategy is a bankrupt one."

"He is seen as so weak, so inviting of this kind of attack on the West, that what's he got left to say? To pretend we're winning the war? Of course we're not," said Krauthammer.

He then questioned how the media could ever "play up too much" the murder of 130 innocent people in Paris in six coordinated assaults, along with other recent terror attacks in Nigeria, Mali and Beirut.

"Brussels is now shut down just by the [ISIS] threat. What can he say? He's been in charge for seven years," Krauthammer concluded.

Watch the full discussion above.

Detritus is what we get from Communist Mayor "Kaiser Wilhelm" DeBlasio

NYC subway passenger 'smoked crack cocaine' on Lexington Avenue 6 train | Daily Mail Online

Welcome to Obamaland - "ISIS has nothing to do with Islam"

Global terror threat causes tightened security over Thanksgiving - CBS News

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Egotistical Small Minded Little Man Exhibits his 'temper tantrums; the mangled sports metaphors; the factual gaffes; and the monotonous I, me, my, and mine first-person-pronouns'

Obama's Most Dangerous Year | National Review Online

by Victor Davis Hanson November 24, 2015 

How much damage can he do in his last year in office?

Juan Peron Hussein Obama
Insidiously and inadvertently, Barack Obama is alienating the people and moving the country to the right. If he keeps it up, by 2017 it will be a reactionary nation. But, counterintuitive as it seems, that is fine with Obama: Après nous le déluge. 
 By sheer force of his personality, Obama has managed to lose the Democratic Senate and House. State legislatures and governorships are now predominantly Republican. Obama’s own favorable ratings rarely top 45 percent. In his mind, great men, whether Socrates or Jesus, were never appreciated in their time. So it is not surprising that he is not, as he presses full speed ahead.
 Obama certainly has doubled down going into his last year, most recently insisting on letting in more refugees from the Middle East, at a time when the children of Middle Eastern immigrants and contemporary migrants are terrorizing Europe. What remaining unpopular executive acts might anger his opponents the most? Close down Guantanamo, let thousands more refugees into the United States, free thousands more felons, snub another ally, flatter another enemy, weigh in on another interracial melodrama, extend amnesty to another million illegal aliens, make global warming laws by fiat, expand Obamacare, unilaterally impose gun control? In lieu of achievement, is the Obama theory to become relevant or noteworthy by offending the public and goading political enemies?

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/427522/obamas-most-dangerous-year

Washinton Post Polls its Pressroom, finds Hillary Clinton is the most trusted 2016 candidate on terrorism

"The Fix" is in. The surprising thing is that they didn't get closer to 100% favoring the Bitch-of-Benghazi. m/r

Hillary Clinton is the most trusted 2016 candidate on terrorism - The Washington Post

Washington Post's Faker Maker - Just Dem Shills

The Washington Post's Fact Checker needs a Fact Checker. It just continues to opine and outright lie to fit it own political ends. It lies about "Not" Muslims Celebrating the Twin Tower Attacks on 9/11, as now do the other Mass Media Liars. How strange we are now to just alter history to fit a truly dangerous PC agenda.
Within a week following the New Jersey Muslims in Paterson and Jersey City that were shown celebrating the Muslim Terror Attacks on 9/11, there was even a banner hanging on a store on Main St., in the Muslim neighborhood, in Paterson, NJ, that showed a crude depiction of a plane crashing into the burning Twin Towers. m/r

Jersey Sure :: SteynOnline

 by Mark Steyn   Steyn on America   

I have a strong dislike of the current fashion among American's decrepit and unreadable newspapers for "fact-checker" columns, because the practice attempts to cloak run-of-the-mill hacks in an aura of dispassionate authority that they do not, in fact, possess. Case in point: The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler, who has awarded "four Pinocchios" to Donald Trump, for claiming to recall seeing "thousands" of Jersey City Muslims celebrating on September 11th 2001. Mr Kessler wrote:
Trump says that he saw this with his own eyes on television and that it was well covered. But an extensive examination of news clips from that period turns up nothing. There were some reports of celebrations overseas, in Muslim countries, but nothing that we can find involving the Arab populations of New Jersey.
Kessler has spent the day re-writing and re-re-writing that confident assertion. As of now, that last sentence currently reads:
There were some reports of celebrations overseas, in Muslim countries, but nothing that we can find involving the Arab populations of New Jersey except for unconfirmed reports.
When Kessler says "nothing that we can find", he didn't have to search very hard. After a two-minute Google search, Powerline's John Hinderaker turned up the following:
In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners' plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.
What demented fringe conspiracist website would traffic in such nonsense? Well, in fact, it was Glenn Kessler's own newspaper, The Washington Post, which published the story on September 18th 2001. ...

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Monday, November 23, 2015

A Classic Case of the Problems with Inbreeding!

Prince Charles declared on July 18, 2015 that the world now has “just 35 years to save the planet” from “global warming”. But this new climate ‘tipping point’ marks a huge reprieve from Prince Charles original 100 month tipping point issued in 2009.
Climate change root cause of Syrian war: Britain's Prince Charles - Yahoo News Canada

By Michael Holden

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Prince Charles has pointed to the world's failure to tackle climate change as a root cause of the civil war in Syria, terrorism and the consequent refugee crisis engulfing Europe.

The heir to the British throne is due to give a keynote speech at the opening of a global climate summit in Paris next week where 118 leaders will gather to try to nail down a deal to limit rising greenhouse gas emissions.

The prince said in an interview with Sky News, to be aired on Monday and recorded before the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, that such symptoms were a "classic case of not dealing with the problem".
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Ooops, That is Except for Willie's

Hillary Tweets All Sexual Abuse Accusers Deserve To Be 'Believed,' Is Reminded Of Her Husband | The Daily Caller

Is he following the French Example or he just Stinking Nuts?

King of Sweden calls for a ban on BATHS and admits he is now ‘ashamed’ to run one | Daily Mail Online

Unlike Obama, Americans are worried about terrorists!

Group patrols AZ border for terrorists - KVOA | KVOA.com | Tucson, Arizona

By Domenica Fuller 11-23-15

SASABE, AZ - A group of veterans and concerned citizens, who've been patrolling the border for five years, are now turning their focus on what they believe are new threats to America.

"There's Palestinians, Afghans, Syrians trying to get in. We are trying to stop everything and anything from coming across," said Tim Foley, the field operations director of Arizona Border Recon.

Many of the members used to serve in the United States military. All, however, are worried about the possibility of a terrorist coming to the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Obamaland is America in Retreat

America's president continues to abdicate world leadership to the
vagaries of luck and that long "arc of history." Speaking about ISIS on
Monday, in a press conference
at the G-20 meeting in Antalya, Turkey, Obama declared himself "too
busy" for "posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or
America winning." 
The Next Failure of Imagination: Nuclear Terrorism? | PJ Media


In exploring how and why America failed to avert the al Qaeda attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, despite a warning system "blinking red," the 9/11 Commission Report listed, among other things, a failure of imagination. In the multitude of jihadi terrorist attacks since then, there have been horrors enough that there might seem little left to imagine. Monstrous acts have been inflicted on people going about their daily lives in -- to name just some of the cities targeted -- Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Benghazi, Nairobi, Sydney, Ankara, Copenhagen, Bamako and Paris. Add to this the depravities of al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-Shabaab in Somalia, ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and the declared dedication of Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza, to the annihilation of the democratic Jewish state of Israel.
But is there yet another failure of imagination in the making, on a scale that could dwarf the horrors that have become ritually familiar in the headlines? Is the clock ticking toward some unimaginable midnight of terrorism gone nuclear?
Not that no one has imagined this. Thriller writers from Tom Clancy to Vince Flynnhave imagined it in detail, Hollywood has made movies about it, policy experts have held conferences and written papers, government committees have delved into it, and there are government security procedures and agents trying to monitor and thwart any such catastrophe.
But do the folks in the cockpits of western policy take this threat seriously? No such attack has happened to date. In the habitual human calculus that tends to amount to an expectation that somehow it won't; that however real the danger, the chances of it happening are still a matter of improbable odds. It still belongs to the realm of fiction.
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Welcome to Obamaland, the Dumbest running America Now!

Shocker: Avis Car Rental Bars Israeli Executive from Renting | Observer

Secular-Humanists Must be Doing All the Shooting and Bombing, because it's Nothing to do with Islam

B. Hussein Obama has "Nothing to do With Islam" nor Muslims and neither have anything to do with Terrorism! m/r

In my [Mark Steyn's] speech at the Danish Parliament on the tenth anniversary of the Mohammed cartoons, I quoted my compatriot George Jonas:
Terrorism's great achievement isn't hijacking jetliners, but hijacking the debate. Successful terrorism persuades the terror-stricken that he's conscience-stricken.
The Week in Nothing to do with Islam :: SteynOnline

by Mark Steyn  Steyn on America  

The British Home Secretary, Theresa May, was a little behind the curve when she reacted to the bloodbath in Paris by insisting that "the attacks have nothing to do with Islam". This is the old spin that, although some terrorists might claim to be Muslim, there's nothing inherently Muslim about their terrorism.
But why be so modest? In the United States, the most senior members of the Democrat establishment are taking it to the next level. Secretary of State John Kerry:
It has nothing to do with Islam; it has everything to do with criminality, with terror, with abuse, with psychopathism – I mean, you name it.
As my friend Douglas Murray remarked:
So long as you don't name it 'Islam'.
Quite. Secretary Kerry doesn't care what you name it as long as you don't name it "Islam". Because the not-naming of Islam is more important than the actual naming of whatever it is. Even the qualification that many have been careful to make over the years - of course, most Muslims aren't terrorists but an awful lot of terrorists unfortunately happen to be Muslim - will no longer suffice. As President-in-waiting Hillary Clinton assures us:
Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.
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"America is the Problem" Just Ask Obama or Kerry

On Message :: SteynOnline

by Mark Steyn   Hannity on Fox News   

On Tuesday evening, I joined Sean Hannity at Fox News to discuss the US reaction to events in France. You can see the full video here. We discussed President Obama'scurious indifference to the rise of ISIS:
Hannity said it's now "beyond mysterious" that President Obama has refused to call out radical Islam and claimed ISIS was "contained" right before the Paris terror attacks.

Steyn answered that Obama's policies are shaped by the long-held view that "America is the problem."

"He's been marinated in a world all his life that thinks America is the problem and that if you remove America from the world scene, whatever happens is better than having America engaged with the world," he said.
Aside from allowing ISIS all the time in the world to grow and expand and corner the market as the most effective vehicle for Islamic supremacism, John Kerry has also been doing his part by reminding Paris that those Charlie Hebdo guys had it coming.

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Worthless Obama and Kerry

Pres Obama Mocks GOP - Stuart Varney - YouTube

Nov 21, 2015
Pres Obama Mocks GOP - Stuart Varney

Had she said the F-word or better still, the MF-word, all would be well

KU professor who used n-word in class discussion is placed on leave / LJWorld.com

Friday, November 20, 2015

Move on - - Nothing to do with Islam Here ...

The 12 Per Cent Ally? :: SteynOnline

by Mark Steyn   Hannity on Fox News  

On Thursday night I checked in with Sean Hannity on Fox News. After a tense exchange over my forthcoming album Feline Groovy: Songs for Swingin' Cats, we moved on to the news of the hour - in particular the President's very unpresidential performance overseas this week, and the contrast with, say, John Howard and Tony Blair after 9/11.

Meanwhile, it's business as usual for the Religion of Peace. Five dead in Tel Aviv (Jews), three dead in Mali (Christians). In the latter attack, terrorists stormed the Radisson in Mali yelling "Allahu Akbar!" and took everyone hostage, freeing those who could recite from the Koran. So, had such notable Koranic scholars as Bono and John Kerry been there, they'd have been the first out. But just remember, as Secretary Kerry et al always say, armed men opening fire while shouting "Allahu Akbar!" and demanding you recite from the Koran is nothing to do with Islam! Click below to watch:

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Debate is Over Because if the Left Debates the Truth, Liberals Lose

John Stossel - Shutting Down Debate - YouTube

Nov 19, 2015
When my position is strong, I do not fear debate. When my position is weak, I declare the debate is over. John Stossel looks at the anti-free speech tactics of the left. Mark Steyn, Kirsten Powers.http://www.LibertyPen.com

Kasich must be the Democrat's Idiot Child - He Should be Running as a Democrat

The Democrats can just sit back while losing fools like Kasich, with help from the all Democrat loving press, try to devour the leading Republican candidate. m/r

GOP group plans most aggressive anti-Trump campaign yet - POLITICO

 By   11/19/15

A pro-Kasich super PAC is on a mission to take down the real estate mogul once and for all.

John Kasich has attacked Donald Trump relentlessly in debates and now his super PAC is planning to invest $2.5 million in the most aggressive takedown of the poll leader yet — on behalf of an increasingly anxious GOP establishment.

The attack, according to a blueprint shared with POLITICO, will play out over the next two months on radio, TV, mail and online in New Hampshire. Strategists with the pro-Kasich group, called New Day for America, say the budget for the anti-Trump campaign is likely to grow.

The offensive comes as some in the GOP are beginning to plot how to combat the real estate mogul and entertainer, who many are convinced would essentially deliver the White House to Democrats if he were the nominee. In launching the effort, the group hopes to position Kasich, who has lagged in the Republican contest and is searching for momentum, as a central Trump antagonist.

“We will be the tip of the spear against Trump,” said Matt David, a spokesman for the super PAC.

The Despicable and Disgusting Bitch-of-Benghazi Droning Her Video Lie

Official Deception - The Benghazi Video Lie - YouTube

Oct 26, 2015
Rep Jim Johnson (R-Oh) grills Hillary as to her role in the government’s deception of the American people regarding the Benghazi attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens. (Part 1 of 3)http://www.LibertyPen.com

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hashtagistan in Obamaland - Ride thrills of utter stupidity

The Real Containment :: SteynOnline

 by Mark Steyn    Steyn on Europe    

Because (per Obama's latest complaint) of "how decentralized power is in this system", over 30 American governors have told the President they don't want him shipping battalions of "Syrian" "refugees" to their states. He, in turn, has sneered that his critics are scared of "widows and orphans". With his usual brilliant comic timing, he said this a couple of hours before a female suicide bomber self-detonated in St Denis.

Nonetheless, the presidential-gubernatorial split is an interesting development. Obama has responded with a brand new hashtag: #RefugeesWelcome. If you live in Hashtagistan, this is another great hashtag to add to such invincible hashtags as #PeaceForParis, #JeSuisCharlie, #UnitedForUkraine and, of course, #BringBackOurGirls.

If you live in the real world, the magic hashtags don't seem to work so well, and these governors seem to think #RefugeesWelcome will perform no better for New Mexico and New Hampshire than the others have worked out for Paris, Ukraine and Boko Haram-infested West Africa.

 So reality is not yet entirely irrelevant - and reality is on the march:

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Obamaland, Where Americans Come Last

Obama gets really angry -- at Americans | Washington Examiner

By Michael Barone • 11/18/15

Three days after the Islamic State terrorist attacks in Paris, Americans were primed to hear their president express heartfelt anger, which he did in his press conference in Antalya, Turkey, at the end of the G-20 Conference. And they did hear him describe the Islamic State as "this barbaric terrorist organization" and acknowledge that "the terrible events in Paris were a terrible and sickening setback."

But what really got him angry, as the transcript and videotape make clear, were reporters' repeated questions about the minimal success of his strategy against the Islamic State and Republicans' proposals for more active engagement in Syria and Iraq. As well as critics of his decision to allow 10,000 Syrians into the United States.

The reporters did not seem this time to be absorbing his patient instruction. The Islamic State "controls less territory than it did before," he stated — but not much less, and is still holding Iraq's
second largest city and a huge swath of Iraqi and Syrian desert. Our bombs did pulverize the British-born Islamic State beheader. "We've been coordinating internationally to reduce their financing capabilities."

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Oooooo, she called Illegal Aliens 'illegals' - Time to Cut the B S

NBC exec's 'illegals' remark angers Hispanic lawmakers - POLITICO

Old News: Crystal Cathedral's Robert Schuller dies, Building Coverts to Catholicism

"Crystal Cathedral" to be renovated as Catholic "Christ Cathedral"
At a funeral, yesterday, while speaking to the pastor, I discovered that Robert Schuller's "Crystal Cathedral" was sold out of bankruptcy to the Catholic Church.
This seems to be an irony of ironies.
I was inside the "Crystal Cathedral" once, not long after it opened. From the outside it looked like a lopsided, broken mirrored glass office building. From the inside it looked more like a painted "Pipe Cathedral." It was one of the most disappointing structures one could behold. Half of the glass was obscured by the interior structural steel pipes. The seating arrangement was uncomfortable because you had turn halfway around to see the speaker at the pulpit. Worst of all, its acoustics were miserable. It was hard to hear the speakers, even with amplification, and it echoed badly. At night, the interior lighting was rude and in your face. It was designed for television, as a set, not as a place of worship.
The "Crystal Cathedral" reflected the true personality of its founder, Robert Schuller.
My experience with Schuller, fortunately, was always secondary, over the airwaves.
The first and most lasting impression was in the late 1970s, when Schuller was fundraising to build his glass edifice. He was selling personalized panes of glass and paver stones for high contributions. For a high fee, the contributor would get their name etched into piece of glass or stone for 'eternity,' or at least until it became part to the Orange County Roman Catholic Diocese (they will have to change to the Catholic version of the Ten Commandments to give cover for their idolatry). During this interview, Schuller became petulant and outright nasty when it was suggested that some of the contributed funds be used for helping the poor instead of a building dedicated to Robert Schuller. Schuller came of as nothing more than a money grubbing, phony SOB.
On rare occasions, I would briefly watch part of Schuller's "Hour of Power" televangelism. He would oh-so-slowly pitch worn out platitudes of saccharine positivism behind his phony smile. Then he would huckster his latest book that almost always seem to be liberally plagiarized from other works, such as his "Power of Possibility Thinking." Norman Vincent Peale seemed to have already used "The Power of Positive  Thinking" decades before, but that didn't deter Schuller.
Schuller had an ego as big as his glass house. Ultimately, he ended up throwing too many stones. m/r

Crystal Cathedral founder Robert Schuller achieved his vision, but couldn't sustain it - The Orange County Register

April 4, 2015  by Davis Ferrel
Schuller's Drive-in Movie
Snack bar Pulpit 

From the moment he climbed atop a drive-in theater snack bar to preach to families in their automobiles, Robert Schuller established himself as a different sort of clergyman.

What he conveyed about himself was that he was unafraid to stand out, that he was attuned to the California car culture and that he was willing to try almost any means necessary to make his voice heard.

What he said about God and Christianity was another story.

Schuller’s spiel was less dogmatic than the fire-and-brimstone oratory of other top televangelists, a fact that also set him apart. He went light on theology, heavy on a more secular message of hope and positive thinking. Schuller’s gift for marketing and entrepreneurship helped to transform the poor farmer’s son from Iowa into one of the world’s pre-emininent church leaders: a best-selling author and empire builder who was a friend to an array of celebrities and powerful political figures.

Schuller, who died of cancer Thursday at age 88, enjoyed the admiration of a global following that numbered millions, even while his many critics branded him superficial, phony and mercenary. 

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Nothing but Poop!

Is College worth much anymore? It's apparent that ethnic and gender studies aren't worth diddly-squat! Its fatuous support from the media is even worth less. m/r

Media fail trying to sell campus protest

by Jack Cashill 11-18-15

No publication tried harder to persuade the public of the righteousness of the recent campus protest movement than the Kansas City Star.
Backing the Star in its attempt were virtually every major broadcast media other than Fox News. If nothing else, these media succeeded in drawing the attention of the public to events taking place on the state’s flagship campus in Columbia.
And yet as poll results have clearly shown, the media failed to convince Missourians of the protests’ value or even that there was a problem worth protesting.
Indeed, if there were ever a test case of the mainstream’s media’s estrangement from ordinary America – and no state is more ordinary than Missouri – this was it.
For a week Star editors were giddy with excitement at having a major racial meltdown take place right on their home state campus.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/11/media-fail-trying-to-sell-campus-protest/#I9F02DfjrPAjAOAj.99

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lysistrata among the Rapists

South Side woman launches 'sex strike' to end violence - Story | WTTG

Can't be said or shown better: "Why Paris is doomed, in one image"

Five Feet of Fury – Kathy Shaidle – Why Paris is doomed, in one image

Outside the Jewish-owned Bataclan, this guy a) played “Imagine” on a piano with b) a peace signon it which he’d transported to the site c) on a bicycle.
Couldn’t that at least have been — I wrack my brain —  a) “Rock the Casbah” on a guitar with b) aStar of David on it, next to your c) Hummer or something?
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Imagine there was some real leadership today!

Self-Righteousness of the Self-Indulgent Self-Involved Chicken Littles.
Just a phony "peace symbol" makes an east "bullseye" on all these fools. m/r

Imagine There's No ...Imagination :: SteynOnline

by Mark Steyn   Steyn on the World   

My friend Ezra Levant reports from Paris:
France has developed a tolerance for terrorism. They accept terrorist violence as the new normal. They're numb to it now.

Here's proof. In January of this year, Muslim terrorists launched a series of five attacks that killed 17 people across Paris, including 12 at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. That led to a massive solidarity march through Paris, with millions of people — including many foreign leaders — swearing it would never happen again.

But it did happen again, ten times worse...
But there's no massive march this time, no stream of foreign leaders coming to pay their respects. And even at the actual site of the massacre, the mood was subdued. As you can see in my video reports, there were a few hundred people milling around, but there was no resolve, no conviction, no purpose. Outside Bataclan, a street performer set up to entertain the crowd — and no-one seemed to find it inappropriate.
I hope Ezra's wrong, but as I wrote four months ago:
So the cowardly and evasive "support" the world showed after January's bloodbath was a very clear lesson to the survivors in the limits of global solidarity - and how it will go next time: We'll be sad when you die, too!(Although probably not quite as sad and not in as many numbers, because, like, been there, done that.)
(I believe I said something similar in my speech in the Danish Parliament a few weeks back.)
Our world seems atrophied. Kathy Shaidle describes the scene at top right as "why Paris is doomed, in one image": a man drags his piano, decorated by a "peace" symbol, by bicycle to the Bataclan theatre, and proceeds to play John Lennon's "Imagine".
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bernie does Climate Delusion and Denial Standup Jokes

Fox Business Contributor: Bernie Will Still Think Biggest Threat is Climate As He’s Being Beheaded - YouTube

Nov 16, 2015
While criticizing Bernie Sanders on his suggestion that climate change is the United State’s largest national security threat, political commentator Mark Steyn joked that the Democratic presidential candidate will still spout rhetoric about global warming even as the leader of ISIS beheads him.

“Yeah, he’s brilliant that guy,” Steyn said sarcastically during a panel on FBN’s Varney & Co. “I mean, al-Baghdadi will be sawing Bernie Sanders’ head off, and he’ll be saying as his neck is being sliced, ‘If only we’d had an emissions trading scheme.'”

As members of the panel laughed, Steyn continued, “this is insane and it shows the level of delusion and denial among the Western political leadership.”

During the CBS Democratic debate Saturday, Sanders reaffirmed his position that climate change is the greatest national security threat face the United States, telling the audience “climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.” 

Obama the Dolt

Obama: No Change In Policy - Tale Of 2 President - Stuart Varney My Take - YouTube

Nov 17, 2015
Obama: No Change In Policy - Tale Of 2 President - Stuart Varney My Take


UN warns Europe against 'backtracking' on migrant commitments - Yahoo News

Is being a Democrat a mark of willful Ignorance or just plain Insanity mixed with Stupidity?

Hickenlooper Will Welcome Syrian Refugees in Colorado | PJ Tatler

Cut Off Funding for anything Obama wants or has in place!

He is the biggest enemy we have! m/r

House Republicans Seek to Cut Off Funding for Syrian Resettlement Program | Foreign Policy

Trump is ahead because he isn't lying and he is not afraid to say what he (we all) think!

Trump warns Syrian refugees could be 'one of the great Trojan horses' | Washington Examiner

The Face of Islam! These Animals are Sick Rabid Dogs and Should be Shot Down to Stop Their Disease from Spreading

Video shows ISIS Paris attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud drag Syrian victims' corpses | Daily Mail Online

Smile of a depraved killer: Shocking video shows sick Paris terror
mastermind LAUGHING as he drags the corpses of his Syrian victims behind
his truck 

  • Mastermind behind the Paris massacres is believed to be ISIS executioner and recruiter Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27,
  • Vile footage has emerged of Abaaoud toying with bodies of his victims in Syria by dragging them behind his truck
  • He is from an area of Brussels known as the 'Jihad capital of Europe' and a 'den of terrorists' because of terror links 
  • French police are hunting Salah Abdeslam, 26, whose brother Ibrahim was a bomber. Sibling Mohammed in custody
  • Anti-terror police held 'getaway driver' Salah on Belgian border in hours after the attack but he was released 
  • Ahmad Almohammad, 25, believed have joined Bataclan terror squad after sneaking into Europe posed as a migrant
  • Homegrown terrorist Omar Ismaël Mostefai, 29, and former ISIS fighter Bilal Hadfi named as suicide bombers
  • Suspect called Samy Aminour, 28, believed to have been a Bataclan attacker, identified after a raid on Paris flats
  • French attacks have left 129 dead and 352 injured - 96 of which are in a critical condition. 30 dead not yet identified 
  • See more of the latest news and updates on the terrorist attacks in Paris 

Seen laughing mercilessly, toying with the corpses of his victims, this chilling footage shows the ISIS executioner believed to be the mastermind of the Paris terror attacks as he drags a huge pile of bodies behind his truck in Syria.
On Monday the vile extremist was named as Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, one of ISIS' top recruiters and now among the world's most wanted war criminals.
He is believed to have persuaded thousands of young jihadis to come to Syria, including his 13-year-old brother Younes, ISIS' youngest fanatic. 

In the video footage, Abaaoud is seen driving a pick-up truck with a mound of bloody corpses in tow. One of his accomplices sits perched on the back, while another can be heard complaining about the smell.
The ISIS extremists are seen smiling and joking as the bodies are driven towards what appears to be a mass grave, where they are thought to have been dumped.
In what is believed to be a reference to what pick-up trucks are commonly used for in the West, Abaaoud is heard saying how instead of towing jet skis and motorcycles he and his fellow ISIS fighters are dragging the 'infidels who are fighting us'. 

Not "Far Right," but Exactly Right: 'immediate halt' to new Syria migrants in France

The press use the term 'Far Right' in a derogatory sense. The "Far Right" has been Absolutely Right about the dangers of the illegal alien migrants who have been invading Europe. The ones already in France should be deported.

We should take heed! m/r

Marine Le Pen demands 'immediate halt' to new Syria migrants in France | Daily Mail Online

Far Right on the march: Marine Le Pen demands 'immediate halt' to new migrants in France, while German anti-immigration group Pegida hold protest rally

  • French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has called for an 'immediate halt' to the intake of migrants into France 
  • Marine Le Pen's National Front (NF) party said gunman known as Ahmed al-Mohammed was 'among the mass of migrants who flow into Europe each day
  • 'As a precaution, Marine Le Pen calls for the immediate halt of all intake of migrants in France,' statement said 

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has called for an 'immediate halt' to the intake of migrants into France following the deadly jihadist attacks on Paris which left 129 people dead.
Le Pen's National Front (FN) party said in a statement that one of the attackers, known only as Ahmed al-Mohammed, had arrived in Greece last month 'among the mass of migrants who flow into Europe each day.'
The statement, issued three weeks ahead of regional elections in France, added: 'As a precaution, Marine Le Pen calls for the immediate halt of all intake of migrants in France.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3320841/Paris-terror-attacks-pave-way-march-Far-Right-Le-Pen-demands-immediate-halt-new-migrants-France-PEGIDA-hopes-draw-record-crowds-tally-tonight.html#ixzz3rk0C8erU 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Inviting In a Ticking Time Bomb and Lying About It - Syrian Refugees Entering the U.S.

Obama is sneaking them in, lying about their numbers and saying these potential Islamic State Terrorists are being vetted! We are fed up to our gills with Obama's flagrant lying!  m/r

Congress Learned Of Syrian Refugees Entering The U.S. Just Recently | The Daily Caller

Kerry Picket 11-14-15

The Obama administration did not tell Congress, until recently, that  Syrian Refugees were arriving in Louisiana.  According to a House Homeland Security Committee aide, Congress did not know about 13 Syrian refugees who arrived in New Orleans over the past two fiscal years until it was reported by a local news outlet 10 days ago.

This eliciting a warning from from the Committee about the lack of current intelligence regarding the refugees who are in the U.S. and those who will arrive in the future.

The Obama administration is looking to increase the number of Syrian refugees who may be admitted into the U.S. as well as speed up the process. The administration plans to do this, Reuters reports, by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon. As of now, the administration promised to accept as many as 100,000 refugees each year by the end of 2017. The present annual cap is at 70,000.

“While all refugees are vetted against all known intelligence community holdings, the Committee is concerned that the lack of current, reliable intelligence on the ground in Syria makes it very difficult to determine with any certainty who is entering the United States. We could very well be accepting individuals connected to ISIS, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda or any one of the terror groups currently operating in Syria,” a committee aide told the Daily Caller in an e-mail.
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/14/cong-source-syrian-refugees-coming-to-u-s-for-last-two-fiscal-years/#ixzz3rgIA8K6I