"Fascism and communism both promise "social welfare," "social justice," and "fairness" to justify authoritarian means and extensive arbitrary and discretionary governmental powers." - F. A. Hayek"

"Life is a Bungling process and in no way educational." in James M. Cain

Jean Giraudoux who first said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Sir Winston Churchill

"summum ius summa iniuria" ("More laws, more injustice.") Cicero

As Christopher Hitchens once put it, “The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.”

"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Law is where you buy it." Raymond Chandler

"Why did God make so many damn fools and Democrats?" Clarence Day

"If I feel like feeding squirrels to the nuts, this is the place for it." - Cluny Brown

"Oh, pshaw! When yu' can't have what you choose, yu' just choose what you have." Owen Wister "The Virginian"

Oscar Wilde said about the death scene in Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” ~ Jonathon Swift

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nouveau Riche Kids, the Liberal Naive: Google takes Easter heat over Cesar Chavez doodle

A net negative to both sides. Chavez, as an organized labor leader, wanted to limit the supply of illegal labor coming from Mexico in order to drive up his union's wages while 'chicano' politicians want(ed) more bodies across the border to increase their cynical, political clout. Chavez ended in the roll, similar to Ireland's Michael Collins, getting the best compromise he felt he could get and in the end pleasing neither side. Today, he is used as a self promotion prop by Democrat politicians and by the politically and historically naive, much the likes of whom determine the Google Doodles.

The UFW called a strike in support of its demands, and posted "wet patrols" on the U.S.-Mexico border to prevent unauthorized Mexicans from replacing strikers. The UFW was only partially successful: Chavez complained that "employers go to Mexico and have unlimited, unrestricted use of illegal alien strikebreakers to break the strike."

Google takes Easter heat over Cesar Chavez doodle - CSMonitor.com
Google is taking heat for its Easter Sunday doodle – that cartoon modification of its logo that changes from day to day.

Today, the middle letter is a round portrait of the late migrant farm labor union leader Cesar Chavez.
Like many such doodles, it comes on the birthday of the subject. Mr. Chavez was born March 31, 1927 in Yuma, Arizona.

More on SunDunce - The Bloody Company Hollywood Keeps

There are a few actors who are always at their best. That is because they epitomize mediocrity and make potentially good films just second rate. Two actors in this category immediately come to mind, Warren Beaty and Robert Redford. Redford, unfortunately for us, continues his downward production of pompous pablum. m/r

The Bloody Company Hollywood Keeps

Bleeding-heart liberal Robert Redford is already the subject of early Oscar buzz. His much-hyped new film glamorizing the lives of Weather Underground domestic terrorists, "The Company You Keep," will be released in the U.S. next week. But peace-loving moviegoers should save their money and take a stand.
Hollywood’s romanticizing of murderous radicals is an affront to decency. Redford and Company’s rose-colored hagiography of bloodstained killers defiles the memory of all those victimized by leftwing militants on American soil.
Tinseltown cheerleaders can’t stop gushing about Redford’s paean to gun-toting progressives, of course. Variety called the flick an "unabashedly heartfelt but competent tribute to 1960s idealism." The entertainment daily effused: "There is something undeniably compelling, perhaps even romantic, about America’s ’60s radicals and the compromises they did or didn’t make." One of the film executives promoting the Weather Underground movie slavered: "This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller about real Americans who stood for their beliefs, thinking they were patriots and defending their country’s ideals against their government."
Compelling? Romantic? Real Americans? Patriots? The movie plot centers on a 1970s Michigan bank robbery perpetrated by fictional Weather Underground members Sharon Solarz (portrayed by bigwig Democratic activist Susan Sarandon) and Jim Grant (played by Redford). 
-go to link-

Obama is Full of It! Gun Control Debate - Media Missing The Real Issues! - Race & Gun Debate!

It is now a cliche:
You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. ~ Rahm Emanuel
And the President and the "media" are both liars and demagogues for more power not more safety! m/r

Gun Control Debate - Media Missing The Real Issues! - Race & Gun Debate! - YouTube

published on Mar 30, 2013
Gun Control Debate - Media Missing The Real Issues - Race & Gun Debate

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finally!! Dana Perino Goes Hard at Jim "A**hole" Carey Over Guns, Panelist Shocked!

Carey, shooting off his mouth.
Six shots at Dumbest Carey, the weenie douche-bag who has his own personal cordon of armed bodyguards! He needs to join weenie cretin Bloomberg's therapy group. m/r

Finally!! Dana Perino Goes Hard at Jim "A**hole" Carey Over Guns, Panelist Shocked! - YouTube

Published on Mar 30, 2013
The Five co-host and frequent Red Eye panelist was asked by host Greg Gutfeld if Carey, a popular comedic actor, was a hypocrite for being "vocal gun critic" while having armed body guards. "In Jim Carey's case, it doesn't make him a hypocrite, it makes him an asshole," said Perino. Perino moved quickly from the asshole comment to rip Carey for his attacks on Heston, an Oscar winner and former president of the National Rifle Association.

Lying Racist! Gun Control Debate - Media Missing The Real Issues! - Race & Gun Debate!

Obama is after total control. That's what totalitarians do! m/r

Gun Control Debate - Media Missing The Real Issues! - Race & Gun Debate! - YouTube

Friday, March 29, 2013

What’s the Deal With the UN Arms Trade Treaty?

Note that our dumb-ass UN Ambassidor didn't stand up for our Constitution. 

"If the U.S. signs onto a UN arms trade treaty, it’s a lot likelier that the result would be to interfere with the Second Amendment than to stop North Korean arms-smuggling to Syria and Iran."


What’s the Deal With the UN Arms Trade Treaty?

The Rosett Report
March 29, 2013 by Claudia Rosett

So, there was the big Arms Trade Treaty conference at the United Nations, rolling along toward consensus approval of the deal, with some 2,000 attendees gathered in New York for the grand finale. And at the last minute, the whole thing stalled out, because the Trio of Evil — Iran, Syria, and North Korea — said no.
Surely that’s not because Tehran, Damascus, and Pyongyang are worried about infringing on Second Amendment rights.
Something about this is puzzling, and I’ll confess upfront I do not have the answer. Maybe it’s obvious, and I’m missing it. But, setting aside for the moment the question of whether the UN should be ginning up an Arms Trade Treaty in the first place, I’d like to focus on the players. Why these three?
- go to link -

Fathead 'Un' thinks he can win with Obama in Charge - North Korea says to enter state of war against South Korea

The worst part is, who knows? m/r

North Korea says to enter state of war against South Korea: KCNA | Reuters

BUTT OUT AND GO AWAY FOREVER!!!!!! Banning Bikini Baristas, Big Dogs, and Energy Drinks! (Nanny of the Month, March 2013)

Banning Bikini Baristas, Big Dogs, and Energy Drinks! (Nanny of the Month, March 2013) - YouTube

Mar 29, 2013
They make it their business to mind your business, and this month America's busybodies have been working overtime.

What does he do as total failure? ROAD TRIP! Biden to Take Third Vacation of the Year

Toga! Toga!
The White House acts more like "Animal House"! It just gives nicer Toga Parties, has bigger road trips, and leaves a gigantic trail of its own waste and destruction wherever it goes. m/r

Biden to Take Third Vacation of the Year | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

by KEITH KOFFLER on MARCH 29, 2013, 12:28 AM
Vice President Biden today is enjoying his third vacation of the year, a five day sojourn on South Carolina’s luxurious Kiawah Island, where he will no doubt partake of his favorite pastime, golf.
Biden and his wife Jill arrived on the island – known as a golf mecca – Thursday night and are not scheduled to depart before Monday.

Biden’s trip is the latest episode in a bout of rampant vacationing by the First and Second Families, who have been roaring out of Washington this year on taxpayer-funded excursions even as the deficit mounts and the sequester axes jobs and critical spending on other priorities.

-more at link-

Our Calculated Enemy, Our Gov't. Sequester cuts raising fears of security setback near the border

Phony cuts where no cuts exist! It is all gov-speak, where budget cuts mean no cuts, just less of percentage in government's parasitic future growth. So now our government fails at the one reason for it to really exist: Protecting the citizenry and it borders. All we have are Demagogues and Liars at the top. m/r

Sequester cuts raising fears of security setback near the border - Washington Times
by Jerry Seper 3/27/13

Piled a foot-deep on some trails, his 22,000-acre Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., had become a major route for illegal immigrants headed north. The ranch sits in what law enforcement authorities called the “avenue of choice” for people trying to sneak into the U.S. There were so many moving through so often, he said it looked like a “slow motion invasion.”
“Literally, I felt like the guy with his finger in the dike, and I just didn’t think I could hold back the flood,” he said.
Mr. Barnett began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 after they started to vandalize his property — destroying water pumps, killing calves, vandalizing fences and gates, stealing trucks and breaking into his house. Some of his cattle died from ingesting the plastic bottles left behind.
“We’re still overrun, but not like it used to be,” Mr. Barnett told The Washington Times. “But it will get that way again, and rather quickly, as they pull U.S. Border Patrol agents off the line. I hate to see them go.”
Mr. Barnett, like a growing number of border residents and Border Patrol agents, is fearful that sequestration will result in a security setback in the government’s claim — made just last week in testimony by Border Patrol Chief Michael J. Fisher — that the border is “more secure than ever before.” [Just more lies!]

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/27/sequester-cuts-raising-fears-of-security-setback-n/#ixzz2OvZUJU18
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let us hope it doesn't stay secret too long! The Secret Republican Plan to Repeal 'Obamacare'

If only.... 
Just kill this ever growing cancerous beast! m/r

The Secret Republican Plan to Repeal 'Obamacare' - NationalJournal.com

Updated: March 28, 2013

And why the fight is far from over.

A few minutes after the Supreme Court issued its landmark decision upholding President Obama’s health care law last summer, a senior adviser to Mitch McConnell walked into the Senate Republican leader’s office to gauge his reaction.
McConnell was clearly disappointed, and for good reason. For many conservatives, the decision was the death knell in a three-year fight to defeat reforms that epitomized everything they thought was wrong with Obama’s governing philosophy. But where some saw finality, McConnell saw opportunity — and still does.
Sitting at his desk a stone’s throw from the Senate chamber, McConnell turned to the aide and, with characteristic directness, said: “This decision is too cute. But I think we got something with this tax issue.”
He was referring to the court’s ruling that the heart of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the so-called individual mandate that requires everyone in the country to buy health insurance or pay a penalty, was a tax. And while McConnell thought calling the mandate a tax was “a rather creative way” to uphold the law, it also opened a new front in his battle to repeal it.
McConnell, a master of byzantine Senate procedure, immediately realized that, as a tax, the individual mandate would be subject to the budget reconciliation process, which exempted it from the filibuster. In other words, McConnell had just struck upon how to repeal Obamacare with a simple majority vote.
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Maybe it was 'Injuns' - Berkeley, California girl hit by arrow

Berkeley, California girl Nadine Hairston recovering after being hit by arrow | wtsp.com

Obama called for Classic Totalitarian action to be taken on gun control

First your guns, then your money, then your life (thanks to Obamacare). This guy is trouble! m/r

Obama: 'Speeches Aren't Enough' | The Weekly Standard

"...Obama called for action to be taken on gun control measures in a speech today at the White House, and said that "speeches aren't enough."
"And that's my attitude," Obama said. "Tears aren't enough. Expressions of sympathy aren't enough. Speeches aren't enough. We've cried enough. We've known enough heartbreak. What we're proposing is not radical. It's not taking away anybody's gun rights. It's something that, if we are serious, we will do. And now's the time to turn that heartbreak into something real. It won't solve every problem, there will still be gun deaths, there will still be tragedies, there will still be violence, there will still be evil. But we can make a difference, if, not just the activists here on the stage, but the general public, including responsible gun owners say, you know what, we can do better than this. We can do better to make sure that fewer parents have to endure the pain of losing a child to an act of violence."
[What a pant load!] 
-go to link-

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ONLY $8,000?! Disabled man awarded $8000 after being stranded on Disneyland ride

A different small world ride.
"It's A Small World" ride could be used for "enhanced interrogation." It is akin to listening to congress or the UN during their open speech periods. The nicest thing about this ride (that has been around since it was moved from the last NY World's Fair) is getting out of it. m/r

Disabled man awarded $8000 after being stranded on Disneyland ride - U.S. News

A wheelchair-bound man was awarded $8,000 by Disneyland after the "It's A Small World" ride broke, stranding him for a half hour while the theme song played continuously, according to an attorney for the plaintiff.
Jose Martinez, who suffers from panic attacks and high blood pressure, did not medically stabilize for three hours after the ride broke down in 2009, attorney David Geffen said.
"He has panic disorder and that was really what started everything rolling," Geffen said. "What caused the court concern, as well, because Disney was alerted about his panic problem and didn't call for the fire department right away."
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Thanks for all your help! Sebelius: Yep, ObamaCare is raising insurance costs

The Affordable Healthcare Act, better named Obamacare, is Not Affordable, Not Healthy and Not Careful! All we get is the act, and bad acting at that. m/r

Sebelius: Yep, ObamaCare is raising insurance costs
by John Hayward, 3/27/13

A watershed moment in the ongoing disaster of ObamaCare, as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finally admits that health insurance premiums are rising because of the President’s health insurance takeover, per the Wall Street Journal:
Ms. Sebelius’s remarks come weeks before insurers are expected to begin releasing rates for plans that start on Jan. 1, 2014, when key provisions of the health law kick in. Premiums have been a sensitive subject for the Obama administration, which is counting on elements in the health law designed to increase competition among insurers to keep rates in check. The administration has pointed to subsidies that will be available for many lower-income Americans to help them with the cost of coverage.
The secretary’s remarks are among the first direct statements from federal officials that people who have skimpy health plans right now could face higher premiums for plans that are more generous. She noted that the law requires plans to provide better benefits and treat all customers equally regardless of their medical claims.
“These folks will be moving into a really fully insured product for the first time, and so there may be a higher cost associated with getting into that market,” she said. “But we feel pretty strongly that with subsidies available to a lot of that population that they are really going to see much better benefit for the money that they’re spending.
-more of this phony arrogance by Sebelius at the link-

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

True, "Liberal" would be too far to the Right! - Turner Broadcasting CEO: CNN 'Not a Liberal News Network'

Let us see what is typically on CCN:
"... turn on CNN right now -- this very second -- and what he'll see is what I've been seeing for over a week now: a network on a pro-same sex marriage crusade that gives zero time to anyone credible or thoughtful on the other side of the argument.When it comes to gay marriage, there is no difference between CNN and MSNBC.
Kent should tune into CNN during any hour of "Piers Morgan Live," because what he would see is a leftist demagogue feasting off a terrible tragedy and accusing anyone who stands for Second Amendment civil rights of hating children and being pro-murder."

Turner Broadcasting CEO: CNN 'Not a Liberal News Network'
 26 Mar 2013, 

In an interview this week with Broadcasting and Cable, Turner Broadcasting CEO, Phil Kent, talked at length about the future of CNN and what he expects from Jeff Zucker, the new CNN president. What's unsettling about the Kent interview, though, is that Kent doesn't appear to watch his own network. How else to explain this:

What’s the biggest misconception about CNN?
That it’s a liberal news network. It drives me crazy. It’s not.
So how do you change that?
I think [if] people watch it more critically and not just listen to what other people say about it-I won’t mention names-they’ll see that it [isn't], and I think one of the things we fix is make sure we have the right balance of voices on CNN. That we have good conservatives, good liberals, experts in all areas. It’s a serious news network.
-go to link-

Ich bin ein Israeli - "peace is never the issue - annihilation of the Jews was"

Nothing New

"Mr. Obama, did you know that in "2000, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to withdraw from 97 percent of the West Bank and 100 percent of the Gaza Strip? In addition, he agreed to dismantle 63 isolated settlements. In exchange for the 3 percent annexation of the West Bank, Israel said it would give up territory in the Negev that would increase the size of the Gaza territory by roughly a third."  Arafat refused, because peace is never the issue - annihilation of the Jews was and has always been the raison d'ĂȘtre of the Palestinian cause, be it under Hamas, Hezb'allah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Fatah, or the myriad slate of other terrorist organizations."

Articles: Ich bin ein Israeli
March 26, 2013   By Eileen F. Toplansky

I have no illusions about Obama, master of manipulation and deceit.  His latest affront to Israelis and Americans when he stood under Yasser Arafat's picture while mouthing pious words about peace should surprise no one.
It behooves every freedom-loving individual to remember the legacy of master terrorist Yasser Arafat.  Mentored under his uncle the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafat wreaked global terror.  Husseini openly supported Hitler and was known as the "Arab Fuhrer."  He used his "program on Radio Berlin to exhort the Arabs in the Middle East to murder the Jews in a holy war that pleased Allah."  A famous meeting with Hitler and Husseini resulted in the latter traveling to Bosnia, where he recruited Bosnian Muslims for the SS.  Even though the Muslims clearly did not fit the Aryan profile, their desire to exterminate Jews in the Final Solutionmelded the groups together.  In return, Husseini demanded that after Hitler won the war, all the Jews in Palestine be murdered.  At the site Tell Children the Truth, the unvarnished evidence of Husseini's and Arafat's perfidy is further explained.
Continuing in this murderous vein, Yasser Arafat is responsible for the most heinous of deeds.  At the site for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), Arafat's "Timeline of Terror" is laid out.  Furthermore, "groups under Arafat's direct or indirect command - including Fatah, Black September, Tanzim and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade - were responsible for hundreds of bombings, hijackings, assassinations and other attacks, including the 1972 murder of 11 of Israel's Olympic athletes in Munich, the 1973 murder of the American ambassador to Sudan, Cleo Noel, and the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruiseship (resulting in the murder of wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer)." 
Not only was Arafat responsible for attacks on Jews, but for "30 years he ordered and condoned the murder of American citizens including U.S. diplomats."  What does it say about a president of the United States who would see nothing wrong about standing under this man's picture?  But then again, considering the continuing cover-up regarding the murder in Benghazi of ambassador Chris Stevens, this seems to fall right in line with our troubling president.  Thus, Art Moore at WND asserts:
Similarly, when U.S. Ambassador Cleo Noel Jr., U.S. Charges d'affaires George Curtis Moore and Belgian Guy Eid were murdered March 2, 1973, after being taken hostage, U.S. officials immediately knew who was to blame.
And like the Benghazi affair Sept. 11, 2012, politics got in the way of justice.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/03/ich_bin_ein_israeli.html#ixzz2OghRPZ6f
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This is so sad on many levels. Jim Carrey mocks gun enthusiasts

Unfortunately, many Canadians, as is Carrey, are brought up to consider themselves subjects of the Crown and subservient to the Sovereign. This has change noticeably in many, but apparently not here. That is not the worst of it though.

Jim Carrey mocks gun enthusiasts in 'Funny or Die' 'Hee-Haw' spoof - TODAY Entertainment

Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Impartial Press! POLITICO Reporter: LaPierre Is ‘Tired, Old White Guy That Is Clinging on to Something of the Past’

POLITICO Reporter: LaPierre Is ‘Tired, Old White Guy That Is Clinging on to Something of the Past’ | Washington Free Beacon

China’s Soup du Jour: Peking Duck

Why do I suspect Al Gore has something to do with this? m/r

China’s Soup du Jour: Duck | Via Meadia
March 25, 2013

First pigs, now ducks. Why can’t China keep dead animals out of its rivers? About 1,000 dead ducks were discovered in a river in southwest China, just two weeks after thousands of dead pigs showed up in a different river.
The pigs floated along a river that bisects Shanghai and provides around 22 percent of its drinking water. Nearly 11,000 pigs have been fished out so far, attracting international attention to Chinese water pollution. Even Jay Leno got in on the act. But the ducks’ appearance makes the story even more absurd, as the FT reports:
News of the latest dead animal flotilla comes from Pengshan county in China’s Sichuan province, where a local government official told state radio at the weekend that partially decomposed ducks had been found in 50 to 60 woven plastic bags floating in the Nanhe river.
Like the Shanghai authorities, he said the ducks posed no danger to the local water supply. And like the dead pigs that have been found floating in Shanghai’s Huangpu river over the past fortnight, the cause of death of the ducks remains unknown.
-go to link-

Who is the biggest gun running criminal? The DHS and DOJ in 'Fast & Furious'

More Government "help" from which we need to save ourselves! m/r

Katie Pavlich Shares Update on DHS IG Report in 'Fast & Furious' - Fox & Friends - 3-25-13 - YouTube

Don't Go Back! Amanda Knox “anxious” as Italy’s high court weighs her acquittal of roommate murder

Trials are Inquisitions in Italy. They are political theatre with little or no basis or pretense in justice. The EU is following this pattern, a Medieval tradition. We, unfortunately, are also heading headlong, backwards. m/r

Amanda Knox “anxious” as Italy’s high court weighs her acquittal of roommate murder - The Washington Post

Bloomberg thinks he's the Gov't, so: Government has right to 'infringe on your freedom'

This little twerp thinks he is the one to decide on what rights the Government can infringe. m/r

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Government has right to 'infringe on your freedom' - Washington Times

Just what we need! Apple can now track you indoors

Now I can find out what room I'm in. m/r

Apple can now track you indoors | Fox News

By Mark Spoonauer
Published March 25, 2013

Still recovering from the backlash to its flawed Maps app, Apple is looking to beef up the iPhone’s indoor location capabilities by acquiring WiFiSlam. According to The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the deal, Apple paid $20 million to scoop up the two-year-old startup based in Silicon Valley.
As per usual for Apple, which made a splash when it bought Siri back in 2010, the company didn’t provide any details as to why the company made this acquisition. A spokesperson told the Journal only that Apple “buys smaller technology companies from time to time.” But there are plenty of reasons why this small investment could prove to be a big deal in the stage of the location-based services war.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/03/25/apple-can-now-track-indoors/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+foxnews%2Fscitech+%28Internal+-+SciTech+-+Mixed%29#ixzz2OYjwzOCr

It can happen here! Seizing Assets is NOW out of the Money Bag. Cyprus "Salvaged" After EU Deal Shuts Bank to Get $13B

Layers and layers of worthless bureaucracies spending their time (and your money) figuring out new ways to acquire your money! We are considered as subjects by the government and it considers all money as theirs. m/r

Cyprus Salvaged After EU Deal Shuts Bank to Get $13B - Bloomberg
By Rebecca ChristieJames G. Neuger & Svenja O’Donnell - Mar 25, 2013

... Cyprus’s leaders engineered another way of shrinking the island’s financial system.
The revised accord spares bank accounts below the insured limit of 100,000 euros. It imposes losses that two EU officials said would be no more than 40 percent on uninsured depositors at Bank of Cyprus Plc, the largest bank, which will take over the viable assets of Cyprus Popular Bank Pcl (CPB), the second biggest.
Cyprus Popular Bank, 84 percent owned by the government, will be wound down. Those who will be largely wiped out include uninsured depositors and bondholders, including senior creditors. Senior bondholders will also contribute to the recapitalization of Bank of Cyprus. ...
-go to link-

SunDunce Loves Bringing Down America with the Company You Keep

SunDunce Redford, always mediocrity
The Radical Chic has more meaning to the well-healed left. Lies fit SunDunce Redford's lack of talent and delusional reading of "history." m/r

Bringing Down America with the Company You Keep
By Larissa Atbashian On March 25, 2013

My husband, Oleg Atbashian, was recently given a 24-hour deadline by Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival to design a new book cover for the re-release of Bringing Down America: An FBI Informer with the Weathermen, a 1976 fact-based story by Larry Grathwohl.
Set in 1970, this riveting narrative chronicles one year of life on the lam with leaders of America’s most infamous domestic terrorist organization, as seen through the eyes of an FBI infiltrator posing as a radical communist. Prior to the publication, Larry Grathwohl testified before several federal Grand Juries, the U.S. Senate, and at the Mark Felt/Ed Miller FBI Trial.  Today he is still an active participant in the national debate on issues related to national security and terrorism.
Kincaid’s project was urgent because of the upcoming (April 5, 2013) domestic release of Robert Redford’s motion picture, The Company You Keep, which negates Grathwohl’s documented testimony and engages in historical revisionism.
While the artistic qualities of Redford’s yet unreleased independent film are being challenged by even liberal critics, Variety magazine has already created sympathetic buzz with a barrage of articlescalling the movie an “unabashedly heartfelt but competent tribute to 1960s idealism,” adding that “[t]here is something undeniably compelling, perhaps even romantic, about America’s ’60s radicals and the compromises they did or didn’t make.”
Redford’s film is based on the eponymous 2004 novel by Neil Gordon, the literary editor of The Boston Review and a frequent book reviewer for The New York TimesThe Washington Post, and The Boston Globe. Predictably, Penguin Books has just reprinted his overt romantization of leftist terrorism as a movie tie-in, with a sexy new cover featuring Robert Redford himself.
-go to link-

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rinos by any name stink: McCain emerges as key senator in expanding background checks

Can't these meddlesome "do-gooders" get the hell out of our lives!? m/r 

McCain emerges as key senator in expanding background checks - The Hill

He Never Understands the Constitution: Bloomberg says he will spend millions more to defeat the National Rifle Association and pro-gun pols

This weenie cretin needs to have his armed security detail (that travels with him world-wde on his private plane) removed, then make him wander around in East New York some summer night. It would serve this pompous little troll up a big piece of reality! m/r

Mayor Bloomberg says he will spend millions more to defeat the National Rifle Association and pro-gun pols  - NY Daily News

A Cautionary Tale - The Railroaded Not Taken

This is the waste, corruption and deadly planning the Democrats and the ruinous administration has set its cap to follow. m/r

The Railroaded Not Taken | The Antiplanner
This entry was posted in Transportation and tagged  on .
China’s high-speed rail fail.
Reeling from a scandal in which ministry employees allegedly embezzled at least $28.5 million, China has dismantled the Ministry of Railways and replaced it with a state-owned company. Managers of the new China Railway Co. had hoped that they would be given the Ministry’s assets but not its debt. However, the government says they will have to deal with its debt as well–all $428 billion of it (2.66 trillion yuan).

Restructuring will not save China from that debt, which either taxpayers or creditors will have to cover–it certainly won’t be repaid out of rail fares. The debt is roughly $73 million for each of the 5,840 miles of high-speed rail lines built by the Ministry. This suggests that China got off cheap considering that California is planning to spend close to $300 million per mile for its high-speed rail, while Amtrak wants to spend $345 million per mile ($151 billion divided by 438 miles) building a new Boston-to-Washington high-speed rail line.
Still, that $428 billion debt could prove crippling for China’s growing economy. It happened in Japan, which in the late 1980s was much more prosperous than China is today. But an extensive high-speed rail construction program had left the state-owned Japanese National Railways in debt to the tune of 28 trillion yen–about $300 billion in today’s money.
Japan responded by privatizing the rail lines but the government took over most of the debt. ...
-go to link-

If We Must Pay Taxes, What is the Least Bad Way To Do That?

... redistribution also damages the development of new businesses. Entrepreneurs are restricted because they must spend so much time sheltering their wealth; and the whole system contradicts the American dedication to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all Americans.
How much time and added expense on discerning, maintaining, gathering, keeping records, then hiring professional accounting and legal services are inflicted on us and added to the out and out waste and theft confiscation from us through taxation? m/r

If We Must Pay Taxes, What is the Least Bad Way To Do That?

by BURT Folsom  on MARCH 21, 2013
Ben Franklin once observed that nothing is as certain as death and taxes. He might have added that nothing is as certain to put readers to sleep as a lengthy discussion of taxes. Thus, I have only a short discussion of taxes to keep people alert as we near the month of April, when taxes are due.
First, Franklin was right; we must pay some of our earnings in taxes. Even Adam Smith admitted that national defense and administrative upkeep are legitimate functions of government. And that takes some revenue. But how should that revenue be raised?
Ever since FDR and the 1930s, we have been locked into the income tax (and corporate taxes) as the prime raisers of revenue. The Founders of our country did not agree with that approach, in part because it put the tax controls in the hands of politicians, not people. Politicians, under the income tax system, have incentives to raise taxes on the rich because the rich are few in number and large in income. That revenue from the rich can then be redistributed to voters in other income brackets in the form of government programs. The politicians thus win more votes than they lose, and some Americans gain federal taxdollars at the expense of the wealthy. ...

... Under the current income tax system, liberty is always precarious. We do not choose what taxes we pay by what we consume; politicians choose what taxes we pay depending on political conditions at the moment. As a nation, we should think of returning to consumption taxes as the least of evils.
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President Barack Isuzu

President Barack Isuzu
 in Burt Prelutsky

Back in the 1980s, a fictional pitchman named Joe Isuzu made a series of TV commercials promoting Isuzu cars and trucks. A fast-talking, smarmy-looking guy, would make outrageous claims along the lines of “It has more seats than the Astrodome” and “It goes faster than a speeding bullet,” and everyone knew it was a takeoff on every overly zealous, ethically-challenged, salesman who had ever tried to sell you a lemon.
Today, it seems to me that we have his cousin living in the White House. I mean, is there anything our commander-in-chief says or does that doesn’t remind you of the cheapest sort of huckster? Instead of being the leader of the greatest nation on earth, this guy was born to work a carnival midway. He would clearly be right at home trying to con you into trying to knock iron ten-pins off a pedestal or blow several dollars trying to win a ten cent Kewpie doll by shooting at mechanical ducks.
You only have to look at the scare tactics Obama has employed in his attempt to use sequestration as an excuse to once again hike taxes to understand what a truly mendacious creep he is. Still, even I, who am always seeking the silver lining, have to acknowledge that Obama has surrounded himself with so many ignoramuses that rarely a day goes by that his stooges don’t provide me with a few good laughs. For instance, while standing in front of the other female members of the Congressional Black Caucus, a group that could have as its theme song It Pays to Be Ignorant, Maxine Waters warned that “ the Sequester could cost the nation 170 million jobs.” That’s roughly 50 million more people than presently have jobs.
It reminds me that in 2009, Obama, allegedly the smartest person in the universe not named Hillary Clinton, promised that the Affordable Care Act would save employers 400% on their insurance costs. Most people, that is most conservative people, understand that you can’t save more than 100% in the cost of anything even if you give it away for free.
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Search For Answers On Benghazi - Obama's Cover-Up

And Obama's case of Manslaughter! m/r

Search For Answers On Benghazi - GOP Lawmakers Keep Up Pressure For Info - Judge Jeanine Pirro - YouTube

Published on Mar 23, 2013
Search For Answers On Benghazi - GOP Lawmakers Keep Up Pressure For Info - Judge Jeanine Pirro

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Obamacare = The Tower of Red Tape! The Ugly Duckling

Obamacare, the Ugly Duckling - Andrew Stiles - National Review Online
At 20,000-plus pages — and growing — the bill has become a towering monstrosity.
By Andrew Stiles - March 21, 2013
They sure do grow up fast.
In the three years since Obamacare — the legislative darling of the president’s first term — was signed into law, it has grown from an adorable 2,700-page binder full of rules and kickbacks into a towering 7-foot-3-inch, 300-pound behemoth totaling more than 20,000 pages of byzantine mandates and regulations. When House speaker Nancy Pelosi infamously said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it,” she wasn’t kidding.  
Obama's Ever Rising Tower of Red Tape
Now, thanks to some enterprising staffers in the office of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, the American people can finally see what their elected officials created. The so-called Red-Tape Tower became an instant hit on social-media sites after McConnell’s press office tweeted a photo on March 12 (hashtag:#redtapetower) of all 20,000-plus pages of regulations that the administration has released since Obamacare became law. The tower was stacked neatly in a corner of the Capitol building and adorned with a red satin bow that a staff member found at a stationary shop in nearby Union Station. The photo has been shared by tens of thousands on Facebook and Twitter.
“It’s a very effective visual way of dramatizing the impact of this bill and what we’ve been predicting would happen for three years,” explains one McConnell aide. “We can talk about it all we want, but actually showing people all the regulations printed out is very powerful.”
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Felix Unger Al - So he can scam us with his phony Carbon Credits scheme - "Time has come" for a carbon tax

Al Gore's Green
The biggest crooked climate hoax flim-flammer around  wants us to make him richer. We should laugh in this lying bastard's face! m/r

Al's Journal : "Time has come" for a carbon tax
-don't bother reading his crap!-

MSNBC's Toure even "I have lots of white friends" [who are my tokens]

Who wants you as a friend?? You are bad enough here! m/r

MSNBC's Toure: Republicans only like Ben Carson because he makes them feel "not racist" - YouTube
Mar 22, 2013

It needs Less Platitudes! Does the GOP have a Jack Kemp today? Let us Hope Not!

But much of the its House "Leadership" are sad aspirants. The Republican Party needs less slogans and platitudes. Jack Kemp kept up the ruse of trying to get along with Democrats. He allowed more compromise and in turn more government. He may have believed he was empowering poor people with his programs and slogans, but he was taken down the path of the Socialist-progressive's dialectic. They took two steps deeper into the black hole of bigger government, then compromised a small step back to throw Kemp a bone. Kemp was dupe. He was full of empty political slogans. He proved it in his lame performance in the Vice Presidential debate against the likes of Al Gore (of all people). 
No, the Republicans need to stand hard against the Democrats and work for ever less Government in out lives! 
The following article misses the mark! m/r

Does the GOP have a Jack Kemp today? « Hot Air


After the election, I wrote that what the Republican Party needs to expand its appeal isn’t a dramatic shift in policy as much as a concrete, practical set of policies that matter to voters who have historically shunned Republicans.  They have a model to follow — Jack Kemp, who set out to make conservatism practical and meaningful in core urban areas, in order to head off the disasters he knew would come, and which has already arrived in Detroit, for instance.  Rich Lowry wonders whether the Republican Party even has someone of Kemp’s vision on the bench these days:
And so much depends on substance. No “rebranding” will make a difference if Republican policy is not relevant to people’s lives. What the party desperately needs more than different marketing or new political consultants are a few Jack Kemps, political entrepreneurs willing to ignore orthodoxies and evangelize for new ideas.