"Fascism and communism both promise "social welfare," "social justice," and "fairness" to justify authoritarian means and extensive arbitrary and discretionary governmental powers." - F. A. Hayek"

"Life is a Bungling process and in no way educational." in James M. Cain

Jean Giraudoux who first said, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law. Sir Winston Churchill

"summum ius summa iniuria" ("More laws, more injustice.") Cicero

As Christopher Hitchens once put it, “The essence of tyranny is not iron law; it is capricious law.”

"Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Ronald Reagan

"Law is where you buy it." Raymond Chandler

"Why did God make so many damn fools and Democrats?" Clarence Day

"If I feel like feeding squirrels to the nuts, this is the place for it." - Cluny Brown

"Oh, pshaw! When yu' can't have what you choose, yu' just choose what you have." Owen Wister "The Virginian"

Oscar Wilde said about the death scene in Little Nell, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” ~ Jonathon Swift

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Fraud of Obama-the-Liar-Land - Propaganda Media Unbelievable! - Saving us from Substandard American

You have no rights to be an individual and make your own decisions now! 
Obama tells us to go Felix Unger ourselves. m/r

▶ Propaganda Media Unbelievable! - Americans Have Crappy Insurance - Media Mash - Wake Up America - YouTube
Oct 31, 2013
You May Laugh Or Get Angry!
Propaganda Media Unbelievable! - Americans Have Crappy Insurance- Media Mash

Now we are engaged in a COLD civil war - Obama chickens out, skips Gettysburg ceremony - commentary

He is about as relevant to Gettysburg as Doris Kearns Godwin was with her disastrous speech. m/r

Obama chickens out, skips Gettysburg ceremony - commentary | PennLive.com
By Donald Gilliland | dgilliland@pennlive.com  10-31-13

Sally Jewell.
John Usher.
Ring any bells?
Didn't think so.
They're both nobodies - well, actually, they're both Secretaries of the Interior.
The difference is when Usher travelled to Gettysburg, he went with his President.
When Jewell goes this November, she'll be the headliner - her President is taking a pass.
Obama will be a no-show at the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
For a president who has so demonstrably associated himself with Lincoln - the heir of Lincoln's policies who announced his candidacy from the steps of the Old State Capitol in Springfield and used the Lincoln Bible (twice) at his inauguration - this is nothing less than a profile in cowardice.
In the end, Barack Obama simply didn't have the stones.
It's sad.
And telling.
History will note that Lincoln's legacy did not live up to the challenge.


Griffin to Pascrell: GOP health care reform plan protects individuals with pre-existing conditions

Pascrell is full of Bull. He was formerly the Mayor of Paterson, NJ. He left it with one the highest crime rates in the Country, high unemployment and high taxes. He did his best to remove Joe Clark from the High School Clark had turned around. Pascrell was disgrace as mayor and now even a bigger disgrace as a Congressman. He is big part of the soiled fabric of lies that has been spewed forth by Democrats and Obama's Administration. m/r

Griffin to Pascrell: GOP health care reform plan protects individuals with pre-existing conditions - YouTube

-go to link-

Feds Threaten to Prosecute Merchant for Selling ‘Department of Homeland Stupidity’ Coffee Mugs

Erroneous prosecution is where the Feds are efficient. Also in ruining the lives of individuals, but not in running 'minor things' like health care! m/r

Feds Threaten to Prosecute Merchant for Selling ‘Department of Homeland Stupidity’ Coffee Mugs | CNS News
By Ali Meyer and Michael W. Chapman 1o-31-13

(CNSNews.com) – The Department of Justice, on behalf of the National Security Administration (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has threatened to criminally prosecute a novelty store owner for selling mugs and t-shirts that say, among other things, “Department of Homeland Stupidity” and “The NSA: The only part of government that actually listens.”

The novelty items are sold online at Zazzle.com, which is operated by merchant Dan McCall. The NSA and DHS sent “cease and desist” letters to Zazzle stating that the parody products violate statutes that protect their official seals from misuse.
The NSA and DHS, through the Department of Justice, are “threatening litigation and criminal prosecution if the parody designs weren’t immediately removed,” reported the government watchdog group Judicial Watch.
- See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/ali-meyer-and-michael-w-chapman/feds-threaten-prosecute-merchant-selling-department#sthash.m58EE4AI.dpuf

Forcing Extinction - You Are Substandard - The Anti-Individual Left

The unnatural selection of the Progressive's forced Extinction of the Individualist has been their collective long term goal. It is a government enforced anti-Darwinism that has survival of the least fit and less adaptable in its conformist mosh pit as its ultimate order for centrally planned reverse evolution.

Years ago, a Bay Area County employee derisively called me a Rugged Individualist. It was meant as the worst insult he could hurl on me without profanity. I still count it as high praise indeed! m/r

The American Spectator : The Anti-Individual Left
By  on 10.30.13

If you like your health insurance, tough. Progressives have long put their collectivist schemes ahead of individual liberty.

“If [you] already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance,” President Obama declared in his 2012 State of the Union address. The oft-repeated promise was one of the left’s central arguments in favor of Obamacare, a salve for the right’s painful warnings about the destructive effects of the law. And it was all a lie.
As NBC News reported, the Department of Health and Human Services tinkered with the regulations back in July 2010 so that insurance plans that were changed couldn’t be grandfathered in. HHS estimated that this would result in “40 to 67 percent” of customers in the individual insurance market being chucked off their policies. Earlier this year, the cancellation letters were finally mailed. Millions are expected to lose their insurance. More people have had their plans axed in three states than have signed up in the exchanges nationwide.
On Monday, professional sock puppet Jay Carney admitted this, but added that the only policyholders who would lose coverage were those on plans that don’t meet “minimum standards” and are “substandard.” Those buying insurance might have to pay confiscatory premiums, but at least they would know, according to Carney, “that maternity care is covered, that preventive services are covered, that mental health services are covered.” Don’t want those things on your plan? That doesn’t matter because the government does want those things on your plan.
It sounds creepily coercive, and it hints at a knotty dilemma that’s faced progressive thinkers since the dawn of their movement in the 1870s. What happens when, in implementing one of your collectivist schemes, something backfires, some unintended consequence surfaces, and individuals get hurt? …
-go to the link-

Goldman Sachs Rules the World, yet pays the Bitch of Benghazi to Say Nothing!

If you have ever heard her speak, you will understand. The unhygienic Hillary drones on and on in run-on sentences. She speaks in platitudes and socialisti-fascist slogans that will please the biggest of cronies. In the end, she is terrible and unremarkable, unless she loses it, as she did in the Senate Benghazi Hearings. Then the true Hillary Clinton emerges. m/r

Hillary Clinton's Lucrative Goldman Sachs Speaking Gigs | National Review Online

Hillary Clinton spoke at two separate Goldman Sachs events on the evenings of Thursday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 29. As both Politico and the New York Times report, Clinton’s fee is about $200,000 per speech, meaning she likely netted around $400,000 for her paid gigs at Goldman over the course of six days.
Last Thursday, Clinton spoke for the AIMS Alternative Investment Conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, a closed event exclusively for Goldman clients. AIMS is an annual conference that explores the latest strategies and products available to financial advisers. At the event, Clinton offered what one attendee described to me as “prepared remarks followed by questions.”
On Tuesday, Clinton spoke at the Builders and Innovators Summit, devoted to discussing entrepreneurship and how to help innovators expand and grow their businesses. According to Politico, Clinton conducted a question-and-answer session with Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Goldman Sachs declined to comment on the subject of her remarks or why Mrs. Clinton in particular was invited to the events.
Keeping close to the investment world, Clinton also made visits to private-equity firms KKR in July and the Carlyle Group in September. At KKR’s annual investor meeting in California, Clinton answered questions from firm co-founder Henry Kravis on the Middle East, Washington, and politics. At Carlyle Group, Clinton made a speech to shareholders moderated by Carlyle founder David Rubenstein.
Clinton’s office did not respond to a request for comment.-
-full short post, go to link-

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Doesn't this loser ever take responsibility for anything? Obama blames ‘bad apple insurers’ for canceled insurance plans

Is this the outcome training from affirmative action? m/r

Obama blames ‘bad apple insurers’ for canceled insurance plans

Fact-checkers and journalists have ruled that Obama wasn't being truthful when he claimed that people who liked their insurance could keep it. Obama during a speech in Boston sought to cast the issue Wednesday as trying to weed out "bad apple insurers" who don't provide enough coverage.
"One of the things health reform was designed to do was to help not only the uninsured but also the under-insured," Obama said. "And there are a number of Americans, fewer than 5 percent of Americans, who've got cut-rate plans that don't offer real financial protection in the event of a serious illness or an accident.
"Remember, before the Affordable Care Act, these bad apple insurers had free rein every single year to limit the care that you received or used minor pre-existing conditions to jack up your premiums or bill you into bankruptcy."
Obama also said that he is responsible for fixing the HealthCare.gov Web site -- even as Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said earlier in the day that Obama isn't responsible for the botched Obamacare exchanges rollout.
-go to link-

Lies, Lies, Lies and Sebelius, impossible to separate - CNN: Sebelius Falsely Claimed She's Not Eligible for ObamaCare

CNN: Sebelius Falsely Claimed She's Not Eligible for ObamaCare
 30 Oct 2013,

Under intense grilling from two Republican Representatives, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius claimed that it would be "illegal" for her to get insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges. Her claim is that, since she is eligible for insurance through her federal employer, she cannot opt-out of that insurance to sign on to ObamaCare. As CNN points out, that is simply false:

Sebelius is actually legally allowed to get insurance over the exchange but she would have to forego the employer contribution to her premiums.
In the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan, that employer contribution accounts for a majority of her premiums. In order to get a private health insurance plan through Obamacare, Sebelius would have to pass up what surely amounts to more than $10,000 in annual compensation.
It is not unreasonable to request that the architect of the ObamaCare exchange submit herself to her own creation.
Are we supposed to believe that the creator of ObamaCare is unaware of the fact that she could join the rest of us in these exchanges, if she wanted to? And if she is not aware, is that not worse?
-full short post, go to link-

And Now for the New Obama Scandal and this one's Toxic! Bankrupt solar panel firm took stimulus money, left a toxic mess, says report

Mr. Green Obama left us with a new scandal that is bankrupt after stimulus tax dollars and left us with a toxic mess. m/r

Bankrupt solar panel firm took stimulus money, left a toxic mess, says report | Fox News

I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you! Happy Halloween! ObamaCare screw up sends callers to cupcake shop

Tricks, but nary a treat. 
And they screwed up these innocent businesses to boot. 
However, these businesses are guaranteed to give better service than Obamacare and the Government! m/r

ObamaCare screw up sends callers to cupcake shop | New York Post

By Tara Palmeri and Beth DeFalco  October 30, 2013

Thanks to ObamaCare, New Yorkers can now get health insurance with rainbow sprinkles.
In yet another bungle for the botched government insurance rollout, the state Health Department has mistakenly listed numerous non-health-related business as enrollment sites — including a Brooklyn cupcake shop that has been besieged by callers.
New Yorkers shopping for medical coverage under ObamaCare are being directed by the state’s health-exchange Web site to 288 locations where so-called navigators can offer personal assistance. …
They are reaching places such as Rodriguez’s shop because the erroneous listings contain the businesses’ accurate addresses, phone numbers and even languages spoken.
The cupcake maker is at her wit’s end.
-go to link-

Pinocchio and the Toad

Obama-the-Liar with Jarrett-the-Cane-Toad
This is a funny, un-retouched photo with Obama looking like his nose is growing and Jarrett looking like a toad. m/r
Jarrett tweeted from @vj44: “FACT: Nothing in #Obamacare forces people out of their health plans. No change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans.” Taking up the challenge, intrepid Twitter users collected their own not-true facts at @ValerieJarrettFacts. We’ve illustrated some of the best.
from NRO

Government is the problem and will get to be more of a problem! De Blasio Getting Away With Lameness

Cronies at every level. 

NYS comptroller: 25 percent of real estate is untaxed

Read more: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/23824168/nys-comptroller-25-percent-of-real-estate-is-untaxed#ixzz2jEUtG49P

Article | De Blasio Getting Away With Lameness
October 16, 2013
By Nicole Gelinas

Some guys have all the luck. Bill de Blasio has run a lazy mayoral race based on stale ideas — but he floated to front-runner status because his primary opponents were weaker. General-election challenger Joe Lhota is New York’s last chance for a real race — or to at least make de Blasio say something interesting and new. But Lhota didn’t rise to the occasion in Tuesday night’s debate.
De Blasio, the city’s public advocate, was a weak performer. He coasted on his one main idea: hiking taxes on the wealthy to pay for pre-K, and thus magically make our "tale of two cities" into one.
De Blasio repeatedly called this trope "big and bold." Lhota should have said: Spending yet more money on education is the oldest vote-getter in the book. That’s how New York ended up with a $24.6 billion education budget, or $22,364 per student.
Sure, de Blasio said a few other things.
He wants to force private developers to build 200,000 "affordable" apartments. Small businesses are the "backbone" of the city. He’s for charter schools and against them: Charter schools that have money should pay rent to the city, but those that don’t, shouldn’t.
But mainly, de Blasio stuck to bromides. As in: "We have enough luxury condos in New York City."
When remotely challenged, he fell back on standbys. He attacked Mayor Bloomberg, insisting that "we need a clean break from the Bloomberg years." He absurdly said that Bloomberg is an example of "Republican ideology," although the mayor has hiked education spending and affordable housing subsidies, just as de Blasio wants to do.
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History Comes to Light - Norway Town Sees Winter Sun for 1st Time

Town near famed WWII commando raids to stop Hitler from getting "Heavy Water" needed for the NAZI A-Bomb gets a reflection planned a century ago. m/r

Norway Town Sees Winter Sun for 1st Time
Associated Press
Residents of the small Norwegian town of Rjukan have finally seen the light.

Tucked in between steep mountains, the town is normally shrouded in shadow for almost six months a year, with residents having to catch a cable car to the top of a nearby precipice to get a fix of midday vitamin D.

But on Wednesday faint rays from the winter sun for the first time reached the town's market square, thanks to three 183-square-foot (17-square-meter) mirrors placed on a mountain.

Cheering families, some on sun loungers, drinking cocktails and waving Norwegian flags, donned shades as the sun crept from behind a cloud to hit the mirrors and reflect down onto the faces of delighted children below.

Like much of Scandinavia, the town of Rjukan often is freezing throughout the winter, but on Wednesday it was 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius) there.

The Italian town of Viganella has a similar, but smaller, sun mirror.

The plan to illuminate Rjukan was cooked up 100 years ago by the Norwegian industrialist Sam Eyde, who built the town to provide workers for a hydroelectric plant he located at the foot of a nearby waterfall.

The renowned engineer never saw his plan become reality, but his plant and the Telemark town he founded developed a special affection in the Norwegian imagination as the site of the country's most famous wartime escapade.
-go to link-

The WAR by this Government on All of Us just Expands - Coal Miners Descend On DC to protest 'War on Coal'

Obama has set out to destroy America! m/r

Coal Miners Descend On DC to protest 'War on Coal' - The Kelly File - 10-29-13 - YouTube
Oct 30, 2013
The coal miners have come to Washington to protest the EPA "War On Coal" regulations that are crippling their industry and costing the existence countless jobs in the process. FNC's Trace Gallagher reports to Megyn Kelly on 'The Kelly File'.

Watch out for the Bitch of Benghazi: People Who 'Insisted' On Military Response 'Relieved Of Their Duty'

But even after the "Sixty Minutes" broadcast, still a big part of the Lefty Press is giving cover to Obama the Liar and the Bitch of Benghazi! 
Never let go, never forget the Four who Died! This needs to be exposed fully! m/r

Benghazi Attorney: People Who 'Insisted' On Military Response 'Relieved Of Their Duty' - YouTube

Didn't Anyone Listen? Obama's Campaign to Transition to Single Payer Health Care

Obama is like the old Twilight Zone "To Serve Man." He planned to feast on us all. m/r

Flashback: Obama's Campaign to Transition to Single Payer Health Care (VIDEO)

ObamaCare Site Crashes Minutes Before Sebelius Testimony

Sebelius "through the looking glass" moment: 

"The website never crashed. It is functional, but at a very slow speed and very low reliability.”

That about says it all in metaphor for the whole Obama Administration, Obamacare, Obama, Sebelius, et al! m/r

ObamaCare Site Crashes Minutes Before Sebelius Testimony
 30 Oct 2013,

ADDED: During her testimony before Congress Wednesday, Secretary Sebelius claimed, "The website never crashed. It is functional, but at a very slow speed and very low reliability.”

Just minutes before Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was set to testify on Capitol Hill, the Healthcare.gov site crashed. Spot checks verified that the State of North Carolina, Virginia, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Kentucky, Minnesota, and New Hampshire are all down - which likely means the entire federal site is down.
The site was still down thirty-minutes into Sebelius' testimony.
Sebelius testified before the  House Energy and Commerce Committee Wednesday as the focus of the ObamaCare rollout debacle shifted from the faulty website to the fact that millions are losing the health insurance President Obama repeatedly, and over two presidential elections, promised them they could keep. CNN also reported Tuesday night 
that the Obama Administration was warned a month in advance that the site was not ready to launch.
-full short post, go to link-

Their Law: Lies and Deceit! Sebelius Obamacare: This Is The Law - Healthcare.gov Website Never Crashed

Stop them! m/r

Sebelius Obamacare: This Is The Law - Healthcare.gov Website Never Crashed
- Stuart Varney - YouTube
Oct 30, 2013
Unconstitutional Changes To An Unconstitutional Law!
The Dismantling Of The United States Of American Constitution & America!!!
Sebelius Obamacare This Is The Law - Law Was Illegally Change By Obama & Sebelius
Sebelius Obamacare: This Is The Law - Healthcare.gov Website Never Crashed - Stuart Varney

Just Damn Arrogance, Top Dem Admits: 'We Knew'

These SOBs really regard Americans as those "little people." m/r

Top Dem Admits: 'We Knew' | National Review Online
October 29, 2013 - full short post-
House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer conceded to reporters today that Democrats knew people would not be able to keep their current health care plans under Obamacare and expressed qualified contrition for President Obama’s repeated vows to the contrary.
“We knew that there would be some policies that would not qualify and therefore people would be required to get more extensive coverage,” Hoyer said in response to a question from National Review.
Asked by another reporter how repeated statements by Obama to the contrary weren’t “misleading,” Hoyer said “I don’t think the message was wrong. I think the message was accurate. It was not precise enough…[it] should have been caveated with – ‘assuming you have a policy that in fact does do what the bill is designed to do.’”
Hoyer noted that people losing access to their current plans are mostly in the individual market, which is a small segment of the overall market. He also argued that requiring those plans to follow new mandates and regulations was important for ensuring those plans included “adequate coverage so the public would not have to be on the hook for serious illnesses or other illnesses.”

Pure Fascism - Insurers Oppose Obamacare Extension as Danger to Profits

Just plain crazy: Marilyn Tavenner, administrator
of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
After "through-the-looking-glass" answers from the HHS witness, Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Insurance Companies start complaining about their double dealing with the Administration.
Fascism is the shotgun marriage of Big Business under full direction of Big Government! m/r
Representative Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican, yesterday asked Marilyn Tavenner, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, if she would “guarantee no American will experience a gap” in insurance coverage.
“What I can guarantee is that we have a system that’s working,” Tavenner answered during a hearing on the health-care law before the House Ways and Means Committee.

Insurers Oppose Obamacare Extension as Danger to Profits - Bloomberg
by Shannon Pettypiece & Alex Wayne - Oct 30, 2013

Allowing Americans more time to enroll for health coverage under Obamacare may raise premiums and cut into profits, insurers are telling members of Congress in a bid to stop such a move.
Extending the enrollment period would have a “destabilizing effect on insurance markets,” said Robert Zirkelbach, a spokesman for the Washington-based lobbyist group American’s Health Insurance Plans. Allowing younger, healthy Americans to sign up later, as they probably would, means less revenue for insurers counting on those premiums to help defray the cost of sicker customers, threatening industry profits.
“If you can enroll at any point in the year, then you can just wait until you get sick,” Brian Wright, an analyst with Monness Crespi Hardt in New York, said in a telephone interview. “This isn’t the industry crying foul and exaggerating the issue, this is actually one of those issues where there is a well-grounded reason for the concerns.”

It’s a message the industry is taking to Congress after Republicans there, along with at least 10 Democrats, have suggested enrollment be extended beyond its current March 31 deadline because of issues with healthcare.gov, the federal health insurance website that’s been plagued by software miscues.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amnesty Is Republican Party Suicide

Amnesty Is Republican Party Suicide - Phyllis Schlafly - Page 1

And then there is McCain the Sneak: He'll wait to Screw America by Trying to Pass Immigration Changes After GOP Primaries

McCain is loyal to big government, big media and big business donators. He's one of oldest old boys in that old boys club called the Senate and he does't want to upset his cushy seat. What a putz! 
Aren't we all tired of these politicians working so hard to screw Americans for their own power, gain and government? m/r

McCain: We'll Try to Pass Immigration Changes After GOP Primaries

 29 Oct 2013,

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) gave the clearest indication that proponents of comprehensive immigration reform may make their final--and strongest--push to get legislation passed next year after House Republicans make it through their primaries. 

“I think conventional wisdom is that time is not on our side,” McCain told reporters on Monday after an event in Chicago. “But there are a number of members of Congress who have primaries and when those primaries are done, they may be more inclined to address the issue of comprehensive immigration reform.”
President Barack Obama has urged Congress to pass immigration reform legislation this year. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is reportedly going to bring legislation to the floor within the next month and other House Republican leaders have indicated support for piecemeal pieces of legislation that can make it to conference with the Senate, where proponents and opponents of immigration reform had said a pathway to citizenship will prevail. 

Though the Congressional Budget Office has determined the Senate's immigration bill would lower the wages of working class Americans, House Republicans are reportedly working on piecemeal pieces of legislation to eventually get to conference with the Senate. McCain also said on Monday that the House should just "pass something" to get to conference with the Senate. House Republicans like Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) are reportedly working on legislation that would grant a pathway to citizenship to all of the country's illegal immigrants.
-go to link-

Government ‘Mining’ Social Media for Information on Health Behavior

Government ‘Mining’ Social Media for Information on Health Behavior | Washington Free Beacon

You are Sub-Standard! - WH: 'It's True' Some Americans Won't Be Able to Keep Their Health Care Plan Under Obamacare

Obama-the-Liar by way his Toady Lying Twit, Jay Carney, admitted that "some" Americans will not be able to keep their healthcare plan under Obamacare. The crummy socialist law that take from everyone to bolster Government power over all.
Note the one term you keep hearing given as justification: SUB-STANDARD!
Those Americans (note again: not illegal aliens) are the ones who had health care plans that were SUB-STANDARD! or LESS THAN STANDARD! or "DO NOT MEET THE MINIMUM STANDARDS!" 


WH: 'It's True' Some Americans Won't Be Able to Keep Their Health Care Plan Under Obamacare | The Weekly Standard

White House spokesman Jay Carney explained at today's briefing that "it's true" some Americans will not be able to keep their health care plan under Obamacare: 
-go to link for videos-

The journalist Ed Henry asked, "The president, when he was trying to get the law passed, repeatedly said, if you currently have health insurance you will be able to keep your plan. This morning David Axelrod was pressed on that point and said, the majority -- the vast majority -- will be able to keep their plans. He no longer works at the White House. From the podium, will you admit that when president said, if you have a plan, you'll get to keep it, that that was not true?"
After some throat clearing, Carney said, "So it's true there are existing health care plans on the individual market that do not meet those minimum standards and therefore do not qualify for the Affordable Care Act."

Monday, October 28, 2013

From NBC News! Obama-the-Liar knew millions could not keep their health insurance

Even NBC is now exposing Obama-the Liar! m/r

Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance - Investigations
By Lisa Myers and Hannah Rappleye   10-28-13

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

Four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act tell NBC NEWS that 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a “cancellation” letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. One expert predicts that number could reach as high as 80 percent. And all say that many of those forced to buy pricier new policies will experience “sticker shock.”  
None of this should come as a shock to the Obama administration. The law states that policies in effect as of March 23, 2010 will be “grandfathered,” meaning consumers can keep those policies even though they don’t meet requirements of the new health care law. But the Department of Health and Human Services then wrote regulations that narrowed that provision, by saying that if any part of a policy was significantly changed since that date -- the deductible, co-pay, or benefits, for example -- the policy would not be grandfathered.
Buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that because of normal turnover in the individual insurance market, “40 to 67 percent” of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And because many policies will have been changed since the key date, “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40 to 67 percent range.”
-go to link- 

These "News Reporters" Do Not Know What the Hell They Are Talking About - 'Superstorm' Sandy Coverage

Dan Gainor Discusses a Year of 'Superstorm' Sandy Coverage with Stuart Varney | NewsBusters

Compelling! 60 Minutes on Benghazi

No more excuses! 
Remember Amb. Christopher Stevens; information management officer Sean Smith; and two security officers who were former Navy SEALs, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. m/r

60 Minutes on Benghazi | The Weekly Standard

60 Minutes - Benghazi (CBS - Oct 27, 2013) (Full)

In a couple unaired segments, Thomas Joscelyn explains who was behind the attack that killed 4 Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Website Can Never Be Saved?

Scrap the whole thing, dump the law, open the National Markets to Compete Nationwide without the State Commissions! m/r

“There’s no reason not to level with the public right now, unless the truth is so horrible and the website is so un-fixable that Obama administration officials can’t bring themselves to discuss the matter publicly.”

Can This Website Really Be Saved? | National Review Online

OCTOBER 28, 2013 By John Fund

Obama’s “tech surge” fixers say all will be well in five weeks, but IT experts are dubious. 

So we now have a date. “We’re confident by the end of November, Healthcare.gov will be smooth for a vast majority of users,” Jeff Zients, the point man in charge of the “tech surge” the White House is unleashing to fix the site’s problems, told reporters last week. “The Healthcare.gov site is fixable. It will take a lot of work, and there are a lot of problems that need to be addressed.”
But the commitments might hinge on what the word “fixable” really means. It could mean that the final product will be a stripped-down version that won’t have the functionality promised of the original website. But, in the meantime, the mainstream media will probably be placated by White House assurances that the “best and brightest” in the IT sector are working on the project.
But who are these geniuses? HHS won’t say which individuals, aside from Zients, are part of the “tech surge.” It recalls the moment inRaiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones and Brody ask Major Eaton about the fate of the ark.
-go to link-

Seattle uses eminent domain to turn a parking lot into a parking lot

Thanks to the 'Kelo Decision', we have no property right that is safe from the government gangsters. m/r

Seattle uses eminent domain to turn a parking lot into a parking lot « Watchdog.org
By   /   October 24, 2013
By Glen Morgan | Freedom Foundation
Seattle’s city council voted unanimously Monday to use eminent domain to take private property. They say they must seize the private property, which is currently being used as a parking lot, in order to turn it into … a parking lot. (Here is the link to the original notice). Local station Q13Foxnews discussed this story here.
In addition to eminent domain abuse, the City of Seattle has recently been in the news for hiding public records, and sinking the farm boat. The common thread among all three of these stories is that, in Seattle, central planning takes priority over people. In this case, they decided it was critically important to seize a parking lot from its 103-year-old owner so that it can be a parking lot. At least this is their stated justification.

While One-Sixth of our Economy Goes to Hell, Let us Not Forget the other Hell on Earth - Whose Islam?

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Whose Islam? :: SteynOnline
Mark Steyn - National Review's Happy Warrior
October 21, 2013

The "war" part of the war on terror is pretty much over, and we're now fighting it culturally, rhetorically. Which is not something we do well. Take the British prime minister and his traditional nothing-to-do-with-Islam statement, issued in the wake of the Kenyan shopping-mall carnage:
These appalling terrorist attacks that take place where the perpetrators claim they do it in the name of a religion: They don't. They do it in the name of terror, violence and extremism and their warped view of the world. They don't represent Islam, or Muslims in Britain or anywhere else in the world.
Same with the Muslims who beheaded a British soldier, Drummer Rigby, on a London street in broad daylight. On that occasion, David Cameron assured us that the unfortunate incident was "a betrayal of Islam. . . . There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act."
How does he know? Mr. Cameron is not (yet) a practicing Muslim. A self-described "vaguely practicing" Anglican, he becomes rather less vague and unusually forceful and emphatic when the subject turns to Islam. At the Westgate mall in Nairobi, the terrorists separated non-Muslim hostages from Muslims and permitted the latter to leave if they could recite a Muslim prayer—a test I doubt Mr. Cameron could have passed, for all his claims to authority on what is and isn't Islamic. So the perpetrators seem to think it's something to do with Islam—and, indeed, something to do with Muslims in the United Kingdom, given that the terrorists included British subjects (as well as U.S. citizens).
It was a busy weekend for Nothing to Do with Islam. Among the other events that were nothing to do with Islam were the murder of over 85 Pakistani Christians at All Saints' Church in Peshawar and the beheading of Ricardo Dionio in the Philippines by BIFF, the aggressively acronymic breakaway faction (the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters) from the more amusingly acronymic MILF (the Moro Islamic Liberation Front). Despite a body count higher than Kenya, the Pakistani slaughter received barely a mention in the Western media. You'd be hard put to find an Anglican church in England with a big enough congregation on a Sunday morning to kill 85 worshipers therein, but in Peshawar, a 99 percent Muslim city, the few remaining Christians are not of the "vaguely practicing" Cameron variety. Viewed from London, however, they've already lost: One day there will be no Christians in Peshawar and the city will be 100 percent Muslim. It may be "nothing to do with Islam," but it's just the way it is: We accept the confessional cleansing of Pakistan, as we do of Egypt, because it's part of "the Muslim world." Nairobi, on the other hand, is not, and a murderous assault on an upscale shopping mall patronized by Kenya's elite and wealthy secular expats gets far closer to the comfort zone wherein David Cameron "vaguely practices": In a "clash of civilizations" in which one side doesn't want to play, a shattered church has less symbolic resonance than a shattered frozen-yogurt eatery.