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Friday, August 22, 2014

Black Muslim charged in 4 murders sought revenge for US role in Mideast, prosecutors say

While the press spends it time chasing a phony "Civil Rights" case ignited by lies, race pimps and the "Community Agitator" administration.

Man charged in 4 murders sought revenge for US role in Mideast, prosecutors say | Fox News


A man described by prosecutors as a devout Muslim and who is accused of a murder spree that left four people dead  in two states, told police that the killings were part of a "bloody crusade" to exact vengeance for actions by the United States in the Middle East, according to court documents.
Prosecutors in Washington charged Ali Muhammad Brown, 29, on Wednesday with first-degree aggravated murder in the April 27 shooting of Leroy Henderson, 30, in Skyway, south of Seattle. Brown was previously charged with aggravated murder in the June 1 shooting deaths of two men in Seattle, Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young.
In early August, Brown pleaded not guilty to killing a college student Brendan Tevlin, 19, on June 25 in New Jersey. His public defender had no comment at that appearance. Brown allegedly told police that his mission was "vengeance" for the "millions of lives lost every day" in countries like Iraq and Syria.
"All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life," he told detectives, reported, citing court documents.
The paper reported that Brown allegedly confessed to killing the men. 
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All this Mess based on Lies - Star Witness In Michael Brown Shooting Charged With Theft, Filing False Police Report

All for naught!

That's what Community Organizing is all about, supporting the scum of the earth! 

Riot, Looting, Mayhem and a probable trumped-up, false indictment by a Racist Attorney General against a Cop who was doing his job and had his life threatened. Go home Holder, you worthless so-and-so! m/r

Star Witness In Michael Brown Shooting Charged With Theft, Filing False Police Report

By Larry O'Connor  8-21-14

Dorian Johnson, the primary witness to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, has an outstanding warrant for a 2011 theft in Jefferson City and pleaded guilty for filing a false police report related to that theft.
St. Louis ABC affiliate ABC 17 cross referenced Johnson’s name against several records and discovered the warrant.
Johnson will be the star witness for any potential prosecution proceedings against Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Brown. Johnson was walking with Brown when the shooting occurred.
He has already done multiple media appearances where he falsely claimedBrown was shot by Wilson in the back.  He also has claimed that Brown never reached for Wilson’s gun, was “shot like an animal” and that Brown had his hands up and told Wilson he was unarmed. …
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Holder is the Contemptible Criminal - Judge Orders DOJ To Turn Over Documents On Fast & Furious

He should indicted! m/r

Judge Orders DOJ To Turn Over Documents On Fast & Furious - Obama Admin Blames Rouge Agents - YouTube

 Aug 21, 2014
Judge Orders DOJ To Turn Over Documents On Fast & Furious - Obama Admin Blames Rouge Agents - Happening Now
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Pelosi’s home city exempted from water restrictions imposed on rural farmers

Those Laws are just meant for those "little people." m/r

Lawsuit asks San Francisco to share pain on green regulations - Washington Times

Sharpton Is Right: Racism Is Rampant and he will make it up where he can't find it

"… By contrast, the number of white-on-black incidents of the same description were so infinitesimal that, in each of those five years, whites were estimated to have accounted for 0.0% of all sexual assaults—actual or threatened—against black victims in the United States."
Sharpton Is Right: Racism Is Rampant | FrontPage Magazine

By John Perazzo On August 21, 2014 In Daily Mailer,FrontPage 
Perhaps it’s time for conservatives to finally concede the undeniable truth: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their fellow civil-rights crusaders have apparently been correct all along: There is indeed a whole lot of racism in America that just won’t go away. Thus it’s wholly understandable that Sharpton—emphasizing that “We have had enough!”—has so passionately condemned the recent police “execution” of Michael Brown in Missouri. It’s likewise understandable that he calls this a “defining moment” for our country, a moment where the nation itself—with all its weighty, racist baggage—“is on trial.”

The numbers, after all, don’t lie. During the most recent five-year period for which single-offender, interracial crime statistics are available, whites committed, on average, 65,923 assaults annually against black victims.[1] To frame it another way, 33.5 of every 100,000 whites in the U.S. assaulted a black victim at some point during each of those five years.

Oh, sure, the nitpickers will point out that during the same five-year period, blacks in the U.S. committed, on average, some 327,900 assaults annually against whites—meaning that about 898 of every 100,000 blacks nationwide assaulted a white victim at some point each year. In other words, statistically the average black was nearly 27 times more likely to assault a white, than vice versa—898 versus 33.5 (out of every 100,000).

But therein is heart of the problem, though you may have missed it. The white-on-black assault rate may be low, but it isn’t zero. And in the calculus of modern-day civil rights crusaders, anything more than zero means, ultimately, that “we still have a long way to go” before we can finally get past our country’s “troubled racial past.” Any incident—however rare it may be—becomes the exception that proves the rule.

We find similar evidence of white racism in other statistics as well. During the same five-year period, whites committed, on average, 2,738 robberies annually against black victims. In other words, about 1.4 out of every 100,000 whites in the U.S. robbed a black victim each year.

Meanwhile, 70,302 blacks annually robbed white victims—a rate of 192.4 per 100,000. Statistically the average black was 137 times more likely to rob interracially than the average white—192.4 versus 1.4 (out of every 100,000).[2]

Once again, any white-on-black crime total above zero means that the hearts of too many whites still percolate secretly with racist longings to return to “the good-ol’ days” of lynchings and Jim Crow.

But if you really want your blood to boil, consider the stats on interracial sex crimes. During the same five-year period, black offenders were responsible for about 22,980 actual and threatened sexual assaults annually against white victims. By contrast, the number of white-on-black incidents of the same description were so infinitesimal that, in each of those five years, whites were estimated to have accounted for 0.0% of all sexual assaults—actual or threatened—against black victims in the United States.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A 'Religion of Peace and Surrealism' - Obama blasts terrorists, returns to golf

Obama's "Manmade Disasters" was the problem, not terrorists. m/r

Obama blasts terrorists, returns to golf | New York Post

Surreal: Just Playing Through

... Obama lashed out on Wednesday at the terrorists who beheaded a US journalist [James Wright Foley] and pledged to stop the militants — and then he darted off to a Martha’a Vineyard golf course with some of his buddies.
“A group like ISIL has no place in the 21st century,” Obama said, using the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
He added that the international community should work together to “extract this cancer so that it does not spread.”
After declaring the “entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of James Foley,” a tie-free Obama’s motorcade took him to the Vineyard Golf Club to play a round with ex-NBAer Alonzo Mourning and businessmen Glenn Hutchins and Cy Walker.
Across the pond, UK Prime Minister David Cameron cut his vacation short and was headed to a London meeting with his top officials to discuss the worsening situation in Syria and Iraq. …
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Michael Brown, the "Gentle Giant" of Ferguson Mo., beat the Cop so badly before shooting, the Cop's eye socket was fractured

Maybe someone can channel the ghost of the "Gentle Giant" to add another part to this 'Rashômon' Story. m/r

Missouri cop was badly beaten before shooting Michael Brown, says source | Fox News

Published August 20, 2014
Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department's top brass told
“The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.” 
According to the well-placed source, Wilson was coming off another case in the neighborhood on Aug. 9 when he ordered Michael Brown and his friend Dorain Johnson to stop walking in the middle of the road because they were obstructing traffic. However, the confrontation quickly escalated into physical violence, the source said..
“They ignored him and the officer started to get out of the car to tell them to move," the source said. "They shoved him right back in, that’s when Michael Brown leans in and starts beating Officer Wilson in the head and the face.
The source claims that there is "solid proof" that there was a struggle between Brown and Wilson for the policeman’s firearm, resulting in the gun going off – although it still remains unclear at this stage who pulled the trigger. Brown started to walk away according to the account, prompting Wilson to draw his gun and order him to freeze. Brown, the source said, raised his hands in the air, and turned around saying, "What, you're going to shoot me?"
At that point, the source told, the 6 foot, 4 inch, 292-pound Brown charged Wilson, prompting the officer to fire at least six shots at him, including the fatal bullet that penetrated the top of Brown's skull, according to an independent autopsy conducted at the request of Brown's family.
Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket in the fracas, and was left dazed by the initial confrontation, the source said. He is now "traumatized, scared for his life and his family, injured and terrified" that a grand jury, which began hearing evidence on Wednesday, will "make some kind of example out of him," the source said. …
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some of my best friends are Liberal Journalist, but ...

Was there a minimum token quota requirement?
Do you want evidence that some Liberal Journalists (the one who made this proposal) think as Hitler and Stalin thought. m/r

Liberal Journalist: Make Judges Prove They Have Minority Friends | National Review Online

By AUGUST 19, 2014 

Keli Goff suggests that judges’ social circles be vetted “before putting them on the bench.” 

A prominent liberal journalist has suggested that potential judges should have to “prove” they have close friends who are minorities before they are placed “on the bench.”
Keli Goff’s column on the subject, titled “Before Putting Judges on the Bench, Make Them Prove They Have a Diverse Set of Friends,” appeared in the Root.
Goff said that a vetting potential judges’ friend groups would be a better way to determine eligibility than vetting past writings.
“So instead of trying to decode what someone meant when she made a comment about a particular civil rights case, perhaps we should ask more pointed questions, like, ‘How many people of color do you know and know well; how do you know them; and, perhaps most important, are your opinions of them generally positive or negative?’” Goff wrote. …
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Obama Can't Quite Condemn Looters and Rioters - Ferguson MO

The Community Organizer can't go so far as to call his community wrong. Obama is a disgrace to US. m/r

Rioters Open Fire Two People Shot In The Crowd - Ferguson MO - Fox & Friends - YouTube

Aug 19, 2014
Rioters Open Fire Two People Shot In The Crowd - Ferguson MO - Fox & Friends
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Mendacious Race Hucksters - A Grotesque Pantomime of Repression and Redemption

A Grotesque Pantomime of Repression and Redemption by Fred Siegel, City Journal 18 August 2014

Activists and journalists are stuck in the racial resentments of the 1960s.

The American understanding of riots and racial violence was shaped a half-century ago, during the insurrections of the 1960s. To judge by the responses to the current rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, little has changed since then. After riots have wrought their physical and psychic damage, some invariably declare that the unrest was constructive. Patricia Bynes, a Democratic committeewoman for Ferguson, rationalized that the events in Ferguson would benefit the entire metropolitan area because, she said, “St. Louis never has had its true race moment, where they had to confront this.” She was topped by Missouri Highway Patrol captain Ron Johnson, who has been leading the police response in Ferguson. Speaking to a unity rally at a local church, Johnson suggested that, somehow, Brown’s death was “going to make it better for our sons to be better black men.” One rioter, who wouldn’t give his name, admitted that “If it wasn’t for the looting, we wouldn’t get the attention.” The virtue of disruption, academics and observers argue, is that it gives African-Americans a crisis with which to bargain. But after 50 years, what has this bargain achieved, except to cultivate a community that excels in resentment?
It’s not just African-Americans who are stuck in the sixties. Reporters are still seeking out the Kerner Commission’s white racists, who are ultimately to blame for all racial problems. Historians and sociologists are offering structural explanations for the violence; whites in general, and small businesses in particular, have little to say but simply flee to safer climes. In Ferguson, after a week of unrest that included looting and rioting, we know very little about the incident that resulted in Michael Brown’s death, despite the release of the first pathology report. The officer involved is in seclusion and has given no public statements. The Grand Jury, should one be convened, will likely have only a vague picture of what happened.
When Trayvon Martin was killed in 2012, the media constructed a racial narrative around the case—especially NBC news, which doctored tapes of George Zimmerman’s 911 call. It wasn’t until much later that pictures were shown of Zimmerman’s dark-skinned, Peruvian mother. Had those pictures been publicized earlier, the public might have understood that Trayvon Martin’s tragic death was not an example of a Klan-like murder.
In Ferguson, the media’s preferred narrative—a “gentle giant” of a young black man gunned down for no reason by a racist cop—was short-circuited by a videotape, taken minutes before his death, depicting Michael Brown strong-arming a diminutive store clerk who’d caught him stealing a box of cigarillos. Deflated, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer described the video as a “smear.”  …
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