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Thursday, April 27, 2017

How Many Sportscasters Does It Take To Screw In a Lightbulb

How many superfluous Sportscasters can they shove behind a desk?
The same number of Sportscasters that sit around a curved desk on any idiotic Sports Show.
ESPN forgot it had a captive audience with forced cable packages. Those days are gone. Even people who like most pro-sports (I Don't) hate, really hate the Sportscasters. They say the obvious, they have ridiculous, meaningless arguments and they look stupid.
In early TV, at lease they had a sense of history and biography about the sports they worked in. Not anymore.
Now they have limo-liberal opinions. Only the sanitized PC lies about sports figures are allowed. Forget hearing the facts and stats about criminal acts committed by black and hispanic players, or their violence toward women, drugs and drunkenness and dual homosexual lives that result in murder.
People are sick of ESPN and the sports pablum they feed the cable-satellite captured fans. 
So the fans found alternatives. And they will keep finding better alternatives. Good-bye you worthless, overpaid, bloated, PC Liberal, mendacious Sportscasters. 
You are going the way of major media. m/r

How ESPN went from powerhouse to bloodbath

by Jeff Spross  4-27-17

There was a bloodbath at ESPN on Wednesday.
A dramatic round of layoffs had long been expected at the Worldwide Leader in Sports, but the numbers turned out much bigger than predicted: Roughly 100 on-air reporters and personalities were let go, plus some additional behind-the-camera crew members. By Wednesday afternoon, people like Ed Werder and Scott Burnside — who'd worked at ESPN for 17 and 13 years, respectively — had announced on Twitter that they were toast.
The network, which employs about 8,000 people around the world, actually let a whopping 300 go in October 2015. But this week was unusual for the deep cuts to on-air talent.  ...

... There's one other possible factor in ESPN's troubles worth mentioning: the general turn in sports reporting to a far more outspoken social liberalism. Setting aside the moral merits, it's certainly true that plenty of sports viewers don't share those liberal politics. That may have produced an extra shove for some customers: "When people begin realizing they can live without your business model, you can't give them more reasons to object to paying for it," as conservative columnist Steve Deace put it.
At the same time, parsing the degree of ESPN's liberalism, or how much it irked some portion of its viewership, is an impossibly subjective question to answer. 

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