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Monday, April 3, 2017

Dumb Rich Celebrity Tricks

How dumb can they get. They have been taken in by the "global warming" hoax that says their Malibu Beach will be gone in the year 2100. Someone should tell them, so will they! Natural erosion and earthquakes are going to change the beaches along all coastlines long before the interglacial period. 
What a bunch of dopes, but they're rich. m/r

Global Warming Fears Are Driving Malibu Home Buyers to Higher Ground

         Beach buyers including Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga are moving on up (literally) and over to the once-unimaginable side of the PCH for not only more privacy but rising sea level fears: "The smaller the beach gets at Broad Beach, the bigger the numbers are going to get" on the bluffs.

Pacific Coast Highway was once the ultimate dividing line between prime and simply passable Malibu real estate. The beachside nabe, which recently joined the ranks of so-called sanctuary cities by a 3-2 vote of its City Council, remains a hot market (median home value is $2.9 million, up 5.7 percent during the past year). But these days, certain sections of inland real estate are luring buyers to migrate to the once-unimaginable side of the highway.
Nowhere is that land-side boom felt more than in Malibu Park, the gently sloping, bluff-side enclave perched above Zuma Beach and bracketed by Bonsall Drive and Guernsey Avenue. Originally developed in the late 1950s, the area was called Horizon Hills for its jaw-dropping coastal views from Palos Verdes to Leo Cabrillo beach. In the 1980s and '90s, the area, which has equestrian facilities and easy access to some of the best hiking trails in Malibu, attracted such high-profile types as Nick Nolte and Michael Landon, who purchased a 5-acre property and built a hacienda-style home with a stained-glass aviary, lilypond and stables. In recent years, however, Malibu Park has been luring a new wave of high-profile buyers and renters, drawn by large lot size, the potential for 180-degree beach views and the promise of paparazzi-proof coastal living.

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