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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gun Control Doesn't Work in France, or Anywhere Else!

By Jonathan F. Keiler July 17, 2016

The Islamist terror attack in Nice France, carried out by a jihadist in a heavy truck, should be yet another blow to the Democrat gun control movement in the U.S., and an indictment of the Euro-socialist model of government that the left adores.   

First and most obviously, the attacker used a commonly available, useful, but potentially dangerous tool to slaughter many more people than his fellow jihadist in Orlando managed with firearms.  Are we to ban heavy trucks now?  It is probable that some Islamist nutcase in America will try to imitate his French co-religionist.  When that occurs will President Obama bewail the availability of heavy trucks—easier to rent from U-Haul than buying a book?

There is another aspect of this tragedy that undercuts the gun controllers as well.  France is one of the world’s most restrictive nations when it comes to ownership of firearms, yet saw its people helplessly victimized by an armed (the driver also apparently carried a pistol though seemingly without effect) and brutal attacker without effective recourse, despite enhanced security efforts in the country.  If such an event happened in some parts of America, particularly in a state that doesn’t unreasonably restrict the right to carry, there at least would be a significant possibility that a civilian on the scene could stop or at least mitigate the attack.

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