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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Old News That Needs to be Fully Investigated - Timothy McVeigh was a Dupe for Islamic Terrorist

The Clinton Administration was more than happy to pin the Oklahoma City Bombing on "Right Wing" Terrorists emboldened by "Talk Radio". The entire investigation was cut off and there was a rush to judgement and execution before full in-depth detective work was completed into "The Third Terrorist". This possibility needs to be fully explored, but it one of the 'inconvenient truths" the Democrat administrations hoped would go away. It was best exposed Jayna Davis' book under that title.
The Obama administration continued to only focus on threats from phantom 'right-wing terrorists,' while ignoring and refusing to even name Islamic Terrorists. 
Now PBS may have unwittingly opened Pandora's Box by trying to make it's false implication. m/r

More “Fake News” From PBS: Tim McVeigh, The Oklahoma City Bombing, And—You’ll Never Guess! —Steve Bannon!

Spencer Davenport   February 11, 2017

See also   What McVeigh Meant and Timothy McVeigh`s Execution: Justice As Soap Opera, by the late Sam Francis
PBS just airedOklahoma City,” Director Barak Goodman’s expose of the “far-right” influences on Timothy McVeigh, the 26-year-old mass murderer who killed 168 people on April 19, 1995 by bombing the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Guess what? It was all Trump advisor Steve Bannon’s fault!
Of course, PBS NewsHour touted the documentary, interviewing Goodman, the film’s director. Explaining his interest in the subject, Goodman said:
While I think a lot of people remember this as a simple story of a lone terrorist committing an act, it actually has very deep roots. And when we pulled on those roots, a whole other story sort of appeared.
[Tracing the roots of the America’s biggest domestic terror attack, PBS, February 7, 2017. Emphasis added.]
Goodman’s film began with the devastation of the bombing, interviewing survivors, a mom who lost her lost her son in the nursery, individuals who made heroic attempts to rescue survivors including a doctor who amputated—on the scene—the leg of a woman who was pinned under the rubble).

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