The Spanish language use by our government was an insult to every other person who spoke a language other than Spanish and it was the biggest insult to those who speak Spanish because it was immensely patronizing. It treated Spanish speaking people as if they, of all immigrants, were too weak intellectually to learn English as all other nationalities have. m/r

'Maybe if they're going to do it in Spanish, they should also use all 323 languages spoken in the United States, right?' asked Mauro Mujica. 'Why just one and not the other 322?'

'¡No, no puede!': New White House begins with English-only website as Team Trump breaks with Obama by nixing all Spanish-language content

  • New website has only English-language content
  • Obama administration made a point of including Spanish on its main website
  • President Trump made a point during his campaign of urging Spanish-speaking immigrants to 'assimilate' by learning to speak English
  • Chairman & CEO of advocacy group 'U.S. English' says there are 323 languages spoken in the U.S. and Spanish shouldn't get special treatment
  • It's unclear whether the English-only site is temporary or final but White House press secretary Sean Spicer hinted that Spanish content could be coming