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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lost the Bet, Obama and/or Biden are not going to Castro's Funeral - But the Guardian had its own Walter Durant as a Soviet Shill

Here he is, Richard Gott, now a Castro apologist. m/r

Make Kellogg's Gr-rr-rr-rr-rreat Again

by Mark Steyn   Steyn on Culture   
Last weekend's Castro droologies reminded us that, for Justin Trudeau and too many others, mass-murdering dictators are kind of a turn-on, a geopolitical S&M fetish - as long as it's millions of distant, disposable Third World types making up the M end of the deal. The Spectator's Douglas Murray found himself booked to discuss the monster with his apologist Richard Gott, and got to the nub of the matter:
But really all it is is that Castro himself provided a rallying point for everybody who was anti-American. Of course there are people who hate America — hated America in the Cold War and still hate it today - who have to extol this man, despite the grotesque human rights abuses he carried out, and make excuses for him.
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But perhaps the most revealing aspect of this discussion is the person put up to defend Castro - former Guardian literary editor Richard Gott. As Douglas remarks:
I don't remember the Vietnam war, but I do remember that you had to leave your job at The Guardian because you were outed as an agent of influence at the KGB. So it's not like listening to a normal critic is it? It's like listening to somebody who worked for the SS talking about the Nazi rule in Germany in the Forties.
That's correct. Mr Gott was recruited by the KGB in the Seventies and served as a Soviet "agent of influence" until the USSR imploded in the Nineties.
You'll notice that the Sky News hostess then cautions Douglas not to get "too personal" - as if pointing out that your fellow panelist spent two decades as a paid agent of his nation's enemies is somehow ad hominem, and indeed faintly vulgar even to bring up.
As always, you wonder what a man of the left has to do to put himself beyond the pale.

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