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Thomas More's definition of government as "a conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of a commonwealth.” ~ Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Defeat the Democrats Completely - Shut It Down - 89% of the Gov't is Unnecessary Anyway

Rush has got it entirely RIGHT! 
Shut doen the government and screw the media.
The government will always have their shutdown signs ready. Gov't only shuts dow the things the people want. m/r

We need to be bludgeoning these people with our agenda; they lost! “Yes, Mr. Limbaugh, but we still don’t have 60 votes!” So use budget reconciliation! I’m just going on the president’s tweets today where he complained about that. Well, hell, veto it then, or use the budget reconciliation — you know, get rid of the 60 votes — or use the shutdown. I’m not one of these people thinks the shutdown hurts Republicans. It may in the media, but it’s never shown to hurt them with elections.
The biggest government shutdown, the biggest negative brouhaha ever regarding a government shutdown was 1995. That was the school lunch cut shutdown. Remember where Republicans were gonna starve kids with cuts to the school lunch program? It was a totally made-up thing, and the government did shut down. They shut the government down, and Larry King Live had some sleigh ride concessionaire from Jellystone Park on every night talking about how tough it was to get by because the Republicans had shut down the government, so there’s no money to pay for his sleigh ride concessions.
And then we got heart-tugging stories about how federal employees were gonna miss Thanksgiving because they weren’t going to get their turkeys free this year, because of the government shutdown. We just had a never ending, tear-laden strain of all of the misery and hurt and disaster that the Republicans had caused. And you know what happened in the next midterm election?
The Republicans gained seats. They didn’t lose anything. And it was a presidential year in 1996. The budget shutdown, it did not have any electoral damage. But it did have PR damage. It did have spin damage. After it was over the Republicans had to watch themselves be portrayed as Scrooges and starvers of children and what have you, but when it came time to vote, that’s not how people saw them.

My only point here is there’s only one option for Republicans if they’re going to continue to win elections here, and that is to defeat, literally defeat the Democrats. It ought not be that hard. The Democrats lost the election. I know, the media this or that, but at some point can’t the lesson be learned and you look past it?

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