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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tom Brokaw is a Pompous Old Fool

I was listening to radio in my car, when I was assaulted by a 'psa'  by Tom Brokaw, telling me the Terror Killings in Orlando were caused by an "Assault Rifle."
As usual, you only get half a story from this smug media dinosaur. If you ever read Brokaw's banal books, if you can get through them that is, you sense they were written by his staff then cobbled together the match the title pages in the chapters he named.
His commentary about the Islamic Terrorist's Killing in the Orlando Gay Bar, gets the facts wrong, blames US (following Obama's lead from behind), and totally ignores the sick Muslim fundamentalism behind the terror killing.
Just a few points of fact. The gun used was not an "AR-14", which doesn't exist, nor was it a military AR-15. The gun used was a Sig Sauer semiautomatic carbine. The bar was a "Gun Free Zone." Ever notice how may of this type killing happen in "gun free zones." Wonder Why?
He points out "mass killings" in America. Those are where there are three or more victims, including the shooter. Nearly all of these are gang shootings, like the ones in Chicago, where almost all guns are banned!
The killer, Orlando Islam's Terrorist Omar Mateen, had been brought in three times for questioning by the FBI for his "responding to workplace Islamophobia.'  Mateen was working as armed security for a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security.
Lordy, we need to own guns just to protect ourselves from Obama's Muslim Fantasies, government's failure to have true Homeland Security, Muslim Terrorists and damn fools in the media as Tom Brokaw. m/r

NBC’s Brokaw Calls For Banning Gun That Doesn’t Exist

Steve Guest from 6-12-16

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, NBC’s Tom Brokaw called for a ban on the “AR-14” assault weapon, a gun that does not exist.
Appearing on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday, Brokaw commented on the mass shooting that took place at a nightclub Sunday morning, saying, “If this turns out to be connected to some kind of international group, all the politicians will jump all over that saying we’ve got to do something about that saying, ‘We’ve got to do something about them.'”(RELATED:50 Dead, 53 Injured In Orlando Shooting — FBI Investigating Terror Ties)
“But let’s say it’s a domestic shooting, we’ve got to do something about that. You know, I’m a gun owner, I’ve been saying this for months now. It’s time for people to come together and say ‘enough.’ If he had an assault weapon, an AR-14, Stan McCrystal has said [that it’s] not to be in civilian hands. It’s designed to do one thing, to kill people.” (RELATED: FBI: Suspect Bragged About Ties To ‘Terrorist Organizations’)
“We don’t have any dialogue going on in America about all these mass shootings that have occurred since San Bernardino and they’ve been going on around the country, three or more killed at a time. This absolutely belongs to a political debate and it ought to be a place where both parties can talk about it in a rational fashion to dial down.”

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